Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are Cubicles History?

4 Person Open Desking LayoutFor decades cubicles ruled the office work floor. However, it's seems these days that a new trend is taking over in a major way. Open desking collections are rapidly becoming the industry standard for open floor furnishings and are replacing the cubicles of the past. In today's post we'll take an up close look at open desking configurations to determine if cubicles are really gone for good.

Open Desking ConfigurationOpen desking configurations offer a lot of benefits not obtainable through the use of traditional panel furniture configurations. The ability to collaborate and operate in groups is much more effective with open desking as it's naturally open feel encourages team interaction.

e5 Open DeskingIn addition to the collaboration aspect, open desking configurations also offer a wide range of cutting edge power options not typically seen in today's best selling cubicle lines. The plug and play power capabilities at work surface height prevent those pesky trips under the desk that used to be necessary to plug in devices.

Open desking configurations also offer a ton of modular benefits. These simple to spec multi user work station designs can be grown easily with the needs of your business and offer a wide range of super cool storage components that can be integrated in to keep your team well organized. Going modular is just plain smart and will definitely save your business money in the long run. This makes open desking a premier option for businesses on the rise!

Bridges II Open DeskingIn terms of style, it's hard to beat the modern appeal achieved through the use of a cutting edge open desking configuration. As the modern office furniture trend is in full swing, open workstations provide a high tech look that's sure to earn your work floor and abundance of positive compliments. As cubicles tend to make office areas look overcrowded and bulky, open desking is far more appealing and will no doubt make your space look far larger.

Modern Office FurnitureIt appears the industries top manufacturers have also begun the shift from cubicles to open workstations as well. Brands like Mayline have introduced popular new lines like Transaction and e5 while Global Total Office is enjoying ample success with lines like their new Bridges collection. This major momentum swing is not good news for panel furniture.

All things considered, there are definitely some draw backs and limitations when it comes to open desking. For starters, noise is a major concern. With the open layout style, panel walls that reduce sound are no more. Additionally, open desking configurations lack privacy. When computing at your station, you'll definitely be hearing and seeing what your teammates are doing. While this could be considered a good thing by some, most value their privacy in the workplace and this could be viewed as a major draw back.

Transaction Open DeskingIn the long run, open desking configurations are the wave of the future. While cubicles will always have their place in business, we do believe that niche will become smaller and smaller. The sophisticated power options, open feel, modularity, and overall appeal of open desk configurations is certainly winning the race.

So, are cubicles history? We think they are an awesome part of history with a place in the future. Cubicles have served us well, but more effective solutions for modern businesses are coming fast. The industries top office furniture manufacturers know that in business, if you're not ahead of the curve your falling behind. That being said, open desking configurations will be the big winner of the workplace for years to come.

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