Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Create A Fashionable & Functional Executive Office Space

When designing your executive office two main goals should be on your list, functionality and fashion. Creating a functional and fashionable space that's up date with the latest trends will help you operate more effectively and productively. In today's post we'll share how to just that!

Executive OfficeThe first step of any executive office makeover project is space planning. You'll want to start by carefully obtaining your rooms dimensions. When measuring your space, be sure to take note of your entry ways, windows, power outlets, and any room obstructions of importance.

Once you've obtained your measurements, plot them out in a sketch on some drawing paper. As you'll be drawing in a few layout ideas it's probably a good idea to make a few quick scans and copies. Drawing executive office layout ideas will give you a great perspective on what will fit in your space, as well as what designs will look best.

Now that you have a general idea on how you want your space to look, it's time to start researching the current workplace design trends. This year the most fashionable executive office environments are incorporating industrial elements like metal, as well as gray wood finishes, glass accents, and white office chairs for wow factor. No matter the current trends, you'll want to let your own personal style shine through! Creating a fashionable space is a wonderful thing, but if it doesn't represent your work style you won't be fully happy!

Office Design TipsWhen you've decided what industry trends and design themes will work best for your project, you'll next want to research popular office furniture lines and manufacturers. This year brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries have big winners in the executive world. These three manufacturers are always a favorite of interior design teams and industry professional alike as they offer affordable, stylish and functional full service furniture lines.

Now that you've found the perfect office furniture collection to use for your space, it's time to focus on functionality. Creating a functional work environment to conduct your managerial duties from starts with storage and organization. Mobile file pedestals, wall cabinets, and lateral file cabinets will all help you keep your important belongings and documents safe. Those looking to maximize office square footage will want to consider an overhead hutch unit as they provide space saving storage that's simply too great to ignore.

Executive Furniture
In addition to storage you'll also want to put a primary emphasis on ergonomics. The most functional executive work environments incorporate helpful ergonomic accessories designed to improve efficiency and comfort throughout the work day. That being said, executive office ergonomics starts with the chair. You'll want to shop chairs for the executive office that fall in line with the theme of your furniture collection and top brands like Eurotech Seating, Offices To Go, and Flash Furniture offer plenty of options to choose from. When selecting an office chair, be sure to read reviews online to provide helpful insight as to what models are preferred and rated for your type of work. You can also ask the professional for suggestions. A ton of great new office chairs have hit the market in the post few months that offer high end features at wallet friendly prices!

Once you've selected a chair to run your command center from, it's time to search for a few ergo accessories to take your space to the next level. Products like monitor arms will provide you with additional workspace that's always beneficial, along with a wide range of adjustment capabilities for improved computing. Articulating keyboard trays, CPU holders, foot rests, and under-mount task lighting are also welcome additions to any executive space. These helpful tools will no doubt help you create a fashionable and functional executive space to be proud of!

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