Monday, December 15, 2014

Office Tech: e5 Powered Workstations by Mayline

Open Desking
If you're looking to create a cutting edge work environment for your team, it doesn't get much better than the Mayline e5 collection! This line of powered workstations offers impeccable style and modular benefits. As the traditional cubicles of the past make way for open desking solutions of the future, e5 is paving the way!

The e5 collection combines form and function in an easy to spec package. The wide selection of work surface sizes, finish options, and storage components makes this best selling collection an absolute winner in the workplace. 

Popular work surface shapes like rectangular, hatchet, and tapered designs make for professional versatility that is simply unmatched. Both individual e5 desks and larger configurations can be configured with all the plug and play power options you'll ever need!
Powered Office Furniture
If you're looking to prevent those pesky trips under the desk to plug in devices and turn on your computer, you'll love e5. Mayline has integrated power capabilities into the storage hutch and desk stations that make for efficient operation throughout the work day. Options like 3 prong outlets, USB inputs, HDMI inputs, and more can all be specified to make your day a breeze!

The e5 collection is making traditional office cubicles a thing of the past. The industrial yet modernized feel is what businesses have been craving for years. These cubicle alternatives work circles around most of the best selling panel furniture collections on the market. Competing furniture manufacturers across the country are working hard to come up with comparable solutions to e5 but we haven't seen anything quite like it just yet!

Mayline e5 Power StationsPerhaps the one downside of the e5 collection is the lead time. Those in need of new furniture in a hurry will not love the 30 day manufacturing time. That being said, Mayline does offer a new collection of in stock e5 desk configurations that may work for you. In the long run, if you're looking to take your workspace to the next level, plan out your project in advance and reap the rewards of e5.

In the long run, e5's array of privacy workstations, executive office solutions, and open desking puts it in a league of it's own. With plenty of high tech power options and storage components available to kick things up a notch, look for e5 to be one of the hottest lines on the market in 2015 and beyond.

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