Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 6 Key Elements of A Fantastic Boardroom

If you want to take your office boardroom to the next level, today's post is a must read. Here we'll share the 6 key elements you'll need to create a productive, efficient, and professional meeting environment. Enjoy!

Visual Appeal

Boardroom Design

When guests walk into your boardroom, first impressions are made about your space. That being said it's absolutely vital to make a good one! When designing your boardroom you'll want to choose a decor theme that showcases your business personality. If you're business is technology based and on the cutting edge, a modern boardroom table and decor theme will work best for you. If you are with a high end law firm, traditional wood furniture will be ideal for your space. No matter the theme you choose to go with for your boardroom, be sure maximize visual appeal. If done correctly, you'll be earning plenty of design compliments when guests walk into your space.


Powered Conference Table

These days it's all about technology in the boardroom. The industries best conference room furniture manufacturers are in an ongoing race to provide businesses with the latest and greatest boardroom gadgets for improved meeting efficiency. This year it was all about plug and plan power modules for conference and boardroom tables. The ability to plug laptops, projectors, televisions and smart phones directly into table surfaces is in high demand. Far gone are the days of chasing wires and plugs across the table surface. These are nothing more than eye sores and tripping hazards these days!  New boardroom tables like the Zira from Global Total Office and Mystic from Lesro Industries are available with the factory installed power modules needed to help you create a well rounded meeting area.


Modular Conference Table

Can your boardroom adapt quickly at a moments notice? If not, it may the right time to consider going modular! Modular boardrooms are easy to reconfigure and help businesses create multi purpose work areas designed for a variety of applications. These space saving benefits will help you maximize your square footage and make the most of your furniture investment. Any industry professional will tell you that modular boardroom table sets and accent furnishings are the way to go! Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have plenty of solutions to shop if you're ready to take your space to the next level.

Comfy Chairs

Ribbed Conference Chair

You can't very well have a fantastic boardroom with uncomfortable seating. The addition of comfortable conference chairs is a must for any fantastic boardroom as the right chairs will enhance your decor while keeping your guest operating at peak performance levels. If you notice your meeting guests fidgeting throughout meetings, it may be time to consider new seating. This year sleek  ribbed back conference room chairs have been the most popular. These styles save space, look great, and will no doubt keep your boardroom up to date with the latest trends.

Presentation Aids

Presentation Board

The right combination of presentation aids will transform your boardroom into a fully functional work area designed for the needs of any situation. Lecterns, marker boards, projector stands, and televisions are all great accessories to have on hand. These useful workplace tools will give your business a more professional feel and a leg up on the competition. In the long run, if you want a fantastic boardroom, you can't skip the little details. They tend to make the biggest difference!


Medina Low Wall Cabinet

A messy boardroom isn't doing your business any favors! It's time to clean up that cluttered space by adding some simple storage solutions. Boardroom wall cabinets offer excellent aesthetic appeal and will help to keep your stationary and reading materials well organized. A nice wall cabinet can also service as a beverage and snack station for your guests. In addition to wall cabinets, a laptop cart can be added to house and charge computers needed for multi media meetings. As a rule of thumb, you never want to start a boardroom meeting with evidence of the last one still present. Be sure to do a walk through of your space in advance to ensure your space is well organized.

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