Friday, January 30, 2015

Office Furniture Reviews: Lesro Lenox Series

Lesro Lenox Furniture
If you're in search of high quality furniture for your office reception area, the Lesro Industries Lenox collection is a must see. This line of professional seating and accent furnishings offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. In today's post we'll review the Lenox lineup and it's outstanding features. Enjoy!

In terms of style, the Lesro Industries Lenox collection offers a little something for everyone. The sleek curves offer a contemporary look while the wood accents keep things classy. Lenox looks great in modern, retro, and traditional waiting environments with it's versatile appeal. 

Whether you're in search of stand alone guest chairs or multi user bench seating for your space, the Lenox series has you covered. The wood side chairs can be used to compliment executive office environments as well as professional waiting rooms and lobby areas. The group seating solutions available within the Lenox collection includes options ready to seat up to 4 guests. Backless benches are also offered to compliment interiors.

In addition to seating, the Lenox reception furniture collection also includes stunning wood coffee tables and matching end tables. Available in 6 popular wood finish options, Lenox can be easily integrated into your office waiting areas in a color combination designed to suit your specific decor needs.

If you're looking for unique upholstery options, Lenox has you covered! While traditional options like black, blue, red, and gray are available, Lenox offers attractive patterns to help you create one of a kind interiors designed to show your personality. Graded leather, vinyl, and fabric options ideal for healthcare, school, and professional businesses applications are available. Popular Lesro Lenox series upholstery collections like Axis, Castillo, and City Part are must see options available on the express quick ship program for those in need of new furnishings in a hurry.

As budget is always a primary concern when taking on an office makeover project, it's important to note that Lenox furniture and seating is quite affordable. With stand alone Lenox chair options available starting at $240.10, outfitting your space without breaking the bank is more achievable than ever before. Lenox two person guest chair solutions like the L2101G5 are offered starting at $453.70 in express grade 3 fabrics.

Lesro has earned themselves an A+ with this super cool collection. Lenox offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional design characteristics needed to appeal to a wide range of office guests. When paired with it's durability, color options, and price point, this best selling line does it all. We highly recommend giving the Lenox furniture line a look today. This collection will no doubt enhance your corporate appeal and earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Power Up Your Waiting Room with OFM Serenity Seating!

OFM Serenity Chair
OFM never fails to impress, and their new Serenity seating collection is no exception. This innovative line of professional lounge chairs offers cutting edge power features that are sure to take your office waiting areas to the next level. Check out the features and benefits of this awesome new line in today's post!

At first glance you'll notice the out of this world contemporary appeal of OFM's new Serenity chairs. The single arm design will have any office guest ready to lean in and get comfortable during their wait. Upon closer inspection you'll catch the shining chrome legs and durable upholstery. Serenity chairs are easy to keep clean and looking great for your valued clientele.

Powered Lounge Chair
Looking for a heavy duty seating solution to accommodate larger office guests? The Serenity is premier option for your needs. These cutting edge chairs support users up to 500 pounds effectively. You read that right, 500 pounds! Ready for the needs of big and tall visitors, with the top notch appeal needed to boost your corporate decor, Serenity chairs are set to take waiting rooms by storm in 2015.

Lounge Chair with USB PortBy now you're probably wondering what makes these chairs so high tech. While they look great and stand up to the demands of the modern waiting area, they are also available with cutting edge power options to improve your guests waiting experience. The 5000RE and 5000LE Serenity chair models come with factory installed power modules that feature 1 AC input and 2 USB inputs. Now guests can work and charge devices during their waits without draining the all important battery life!

Available in both black and taupe upholstery options, Serenity chairs can be easily utilized to meet nearly any decor theme. We expect OFM to release several more color options in the coming months to take this collection to the next level. The chrome feet make the upholsteries pop while the modular design makes coming up with unique configurations a breeze.

Modern Lounge ChairPriced at at $525.15 for the non powered version and just $599.00 for the powered lounge chair variation, you'll be hard pressed to find more attractive seating at nearly twice the price. The look of leather, combined with durability of vinyl, and the style of chairs nearly three times the price, Serenity is an absolute value.

Need new lounge and waiting room furniture in a hurry? Serenity is here to help! This new OFM line ships within 2 business days of order. Meeting your project deadlines just got easier and more effective than ever! Why settle for sub par waiting room seating when you can enjoy the benefits of these powerful chairs and impress your guests! Rest assured, Serenity seating will make a lasting impression on your visitors while earning your waiting room the daily compliments it deserves.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Ways To Avoid A Frustrating Office Makeover

Professional Office Interior DesignWhile we all like the idea of a stunning new workspace, many are a bit scared of the frustrations commonly associated with the project itself. In today's post we'll share how to avoid 5 of the top issues encountered during the process to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience. Put these tips into action and create the office interior of your dreams!

1.) Proper Space Planning

All professional office makeover projects start with proper space planning. Those who avoid this essential step are almost always met with frustrations that can derail a project from the get go. Take the time to effectively obtain the dimensions of your space. Make note of all power outlets, entry ways, windows, and room obstructions that will effect the way your furniture fits. Be sure to make a few practice sketches on drafting paper to find out what layout styles will work best for your specific needs. Proper space planning will always help you start your project on the right foot. Avoid purchasing office furniture only to find it doesn't fit properly in your space. This headache is completely avoidable!

2.) Don't Mix And Match

Unless you are a professional interior designer, avoid mixing and matching furniture from a variety of lines. While most all manufacturers offer cherry, mahogany, maple, and walnut finish options, these tones seldom match from line to line. Keep your project simple and choose a full service furniture collection from a reputable brand like Mayline or Cherryman Industries. These two leaders offer the full service lines needed all of your office interiors with cohesive furniture. Mix and matched office interiors rarely come out the way you envision them and will often leave you frustrated and looking for more. Mixing and matching components can also drive the cost of your project up and cause budget frustrations that you need not struggle with!

3.) Limit Options

While it's always helpful to get insight from your coworkers on what furniture they find appealing, too many opinions can leave you overloaded and frustrated. Limit the number of teammates you ask for advice and be sure to trust the advice of your dealer as to what lines are trending and best of your interiors. In addition, shopping to many office furniture and seating collections will leave you feeling overwhelmed with options. There are thousands of lines available for every office area imaginable. Take note of a few top options available in 2015 like the Medina collection from Mayline and Verde collection by Cherryman Industries. These modern furniture collections are on the cutting edge and will have your interiors looking up to date for years to come.

4.) Schedule Shipping

Once your furniture is purchased, get in touch with your dealer to schedule shipping. This will avoid the all too common frustration of having new office desks and furniture arrive at your doorstep when you are unprepared. Call your dealer on the day of shipment to obtain tracking information as well. This will provide you with a more exact delivery date and window of arrival.

5.) Prep For Install

So you've purchased new furniture from a full service furniture collection, scheduled delivery, and obtained tracking information? If so, the process is nearly complete and you're on the right track to office makeover success! During the final stages of the process you'll want to prepare your space for assembly and installation. While professional installation services are available, most choose to tackle this task independently. If this sounds like you, you'll want to prepare your space for the upcoming job before your furniture is delivered. Remove old furniture, patch and paint walls, and create a staging area to place your new items when they arrive. Have basic tools like a screwdrivers, measuring tape, and of course a first aid kit incase of emergency. Taking these prep steps will ensure you are ready to install your new products effectively. Most furniture installations can be handled effectively with 2 to 4 individuals. That being said, be sure to schedule the needed at a time that works for your coworkers. In the long run, if installation seems like something you'd rather avoid, contact your dealer prior to the shipment of your furniture and inquire about professional assembly companies in your area. They should have a list of certified installers ready to handle your project from start to finish!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What's New in 2015? Modern Lounge and Reception Furniture by OFM!

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, OFM has introduced some hot new lounge furniture solutions that you have to see in 2015! These super cool sofas, chairs, and stools offer high end modern appeal that's sure to impress. In today's post we'll showcase all of OFM's new products and their respective benefits. Enjoy!

OFM Jupiter StoolIt doesn't take a big product to make a big impression! OFM's new Jupiter stool offers the perfect accent to any modern guest waiting area. Available in 5 trending color options that include green, black, red, blue, and gray, the Jupiter stool is easy to incorporate into any lounge, lobby, or reception space. Use the Jupiter stool as a side table, foot stool, or guest chair and you'll instantly improve your corporate decor. Priced at just $156.77, the Jupiter is an excellent value that should be considered for any office interior in need of a style boost.

OFM Contour ChairNext up, an OFM reception chair that does it all! The all new Contour will wow you at first glance in any of it's 5 colors. Contour chairs feature curved backs that comfort guests when sitting along with mobilized bases that make for easy reconfiguring and room cleaning when needed. Perhaps the coolest feature of the Contour is the lower level shelf. No need to leave those scattered magazines across your coffee and end tables anymore! The Contour's storage compartment is sturdy and out of the way. Now office guests can simply reach underneath their personal seat to enjoy good reading material while waiting in your lobby!

InterPlay Sofa
The OFM InterPlay furniture collection has been around for some time now. In months past, this best selling line has been exclusively available with tablet arms. Upon request of dealers, designers, and consumers alike OFM has now expanded the InterPlay collection to include cool seating solutions like the 822-NT sofa available in a variety of unique solid and two tone upholstery options. These non tablet sofas offer a classic contemporary vibe that's hard to top. The 822-NT sofa features a built in rear handle to make situating a breeze along with the generous seated area dimensions capable of keeping multiple guests comfortable at any time.

InterPlay Chair
Designed to compliment the 822-NT sofa, the InterPlay series 821-NT non tablet lounge chair makes the perfect addition to any swanky modern waiting space. Designed with excellent padding, sleek surges, and a high arm design, the InterPlay series chair provides a welcoming feel that your guests will no doubt appreciate. Priced at $414.99, the InterPlay chair is far more appealing and less costly than most of the competitive seating solutions on the market. Use a combination of tablet and non tablet InterPlay furniture in your space to create versatile user friendly waiting environments!

OFM Triumph SeatingModular lounge and reception seating is trending in 2015. More often than ever, businesses are looking to design unique guest waiting areas that can be reconfigured quickly at a moments notice to create a variety of differing interior looks. That being said, OFM's all new Triumph collection is amongst the hottest new options on the market! Triumph includes a variety of interchangeable components that work in harmony to form seating configurations both small and large. With armless, single arm, and dual arm chairs available, along with side tables and wedge seating, this ever expanding collection is easy to utilize for lounge and lobby applications. Triumph seating is available in 3 color options and features polished metal legs that really pop in the office!

OFM Serenity ChairWe've saved our favorite new OFM collection for last! The Serenity line of powered lounge furniture is amongst the most cutting edge products to ever hit the waiting area. These ultra modern chairs feature electrical panels that include 2 USB ports and a single AC outlet. Now guests can charge their phones and use devices more effectively during their waits. The Serenity offers far more than a tech savvy arm design! These innovative chairs are also extremely comfortable. Designed to accommodate users up to 500 lbs. Serenity seating is also very heavy duty. To compliment the modern design, Serenity chairs feature shiny chrome legs to compliment your choice of black or taupe upholstery options.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Create An Office Space That Works for You!

Office InteriorsDon't settle for a subpar office interior that lacks the appeal and features you deserve. Create a space that works for you by utilizing the tips and advice highlighted in today's article. From integrating a functional furniture layout to showing off your finished space, we've got your every office makeover need covered!

Use A Functional Layout:

A functional furniture layout will ensure efficiency and productivity in the workplace. When starting your project, take accurate dimensions and be sure to take note of power outlets, entry ways, and room obstructions that may affect your workflow. A well thought out office furniture layout designed around professionalism will make your guests feel right at home while simultaneously keeping you operating at the highest levels of comfort. Consider U shaped, L shaped, and corner office desks for your space and weight the pros and cons of each.

Follow The Trends:

When taking on an office makeover project, you'll want to follow the latest design trends to ensure your space is up to date with the industry standards. A swanky office interior will boost your corporate appeal and earn your space the compliments it deserves. Trends like the use of gray office chairs, tech savvy furniture, and LED lighting will show your business ingenuity and attention to detail. By follow the latest trends your guests will feel welcomed by a state of the art interior that's ready for their business needs.

Show Your Style:

Following the industries latest trends is important, but you'll also want to add your personal style to yours space. Creating a work environment that works for you also means being visitor friendly. You'll want your guests to get a sense of who you are when they enter your space. Wether you're modern, traditional, contemporary, or retro, you'll want to categorize your personal style into one of these main categories and conduct your office makeover accordingly. Incorporate your favorite colors and room accents that reflect your personal business style. Letting your personality show will make your guests feel more in touch with you, and more likely to provide you their valued business opportunities.

Get Organized:

Creating a well organized space will help you lay the foundation for a quality office interior that works for you. Cluttered and messy work environments are seldom productive and breed stress as well as frustration on a daily basis. Utilizing the right combination of office storage products like filing cabinets, wall credenzas, hutch units, and pedestals will help you ensure a productive space ready to work for your specific needs. Avoid those pesky searches around the office for items and documents that should be right at your finger tips! Create a well organized space with versatile storage products. You'll be glad you did!

Go Ergo:

Integrating high quality ergonomic office accessories will make you a more comfortable and efficient while simultaneously improving your health. Popular ergonomic accessories like adjustable monitor arms and retractable keyboard trays will help you improve the rate at which you compute. A comfy ergonomic chair will ensure correct body posture while helping you make it through those long days in the office. When designing your space, be sure to research the top rated ergonomic products and allot some of your office makeover budget to this vital field.

Get Comfortable:

If you're not comfortable at work, the odds are your space is working against you! That being said, if you want your space to work for you and your specific needs, it's absolutely essential to find the right amount of comfort. Once your initial office makeover is complete, assess your areas of discomfort. As yourself what areas could be improved upon and act accordingly. Rest assured, their are products out there to help. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Symmetry office products offer the helpful workplace accessories needed to help you reach your highest levels of productivity.

Modularity Matters:

Modular work environments allow room for growth as your business needs increase. Integrating modular furniture into your private office space will help you avoid the cost of all new furniture when additional storage or workspace is needed. A space that works for you, should not work against your budget! Best selling modular office furniture lines like the Zira and Princeton collections from Global Total Office allow shoppers to create out of this work work environments with the storage components, desk configurations, and accessories needed to adapt to any situation.

Show It Off:

So you created a workspace that's ready to work for you. Now what? It's time to show it off and let it work it's magic. Share pics and news of your recent makeover via your favorite social media outlets. Sharing your office design success with your friends, family, and clients will allow your work to shine. A well thought out and properly executed makeover will earn you plenty of compliments and maybe even a few sales to help offset the furniture costs. Outlets like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram will all help you brag about your no doubt incredible design work!

Office Chair Reviews: Mayline Valore Seating

Looking for a cohesive office seating line to work in multiple areas of your business? The Mayline Valore collection may be the the perfect option! These versatile chairs are the topic of today's post. Here we will review this popular line and it's benefits. Enjoy!


Mayline Valore Chair

Mayline Valore chairs offer the perfect blend of modern and contemporary style characteristics. The slim line design saves space and looks great in nearly every office environment. Valore chairs feature breathable mesh backs, comfortably padded seats, and sleek accents to make them amongst the most highly recommended solutions on the market by industry professionals. If you're looking for seating that's not too over the top but still makes a statement, Valore chairs by Mayline should definitely be considered for your various office applications.


Armless Nesting Chair

The Mayline Valore Seating collection includes four main models. The TSH3 Valore chair is designed for office tasking and computing applications. The TSH3's full size frame and polished base make it the largest of the collection. The TSH1 Valore chair features a flip seat design for nesting applications. The TSH1 and it's armless sister chair the TSH2 work great in training, classroom, and conference room settings. Last but not least, the TSM2 Valore chair is a hybrid of the collection's other models. The TSM2 features a nesting design, contoured mesh back, and thick padded seat. The TSM2 is an office workhorse ready for nearly any application you want to throw at it!


Nesting Chairs for Training Room

Don't be fooled by the simplified sleek design of the Valore seating collection. These chairs offer excellent ergonomic features designed to help users reach optimal comfort in the workplace. The TSH3 combines a wide polished base for stability and a naturally contoured mesh back for support. The TSHI and TSH2 Valore chairs offer compact design characteristics and flip up seats mentioned above. These to Valore models are the least lacking in terms of adjustable ergonomic benefits but still offer plenty of comfort. The TSM2 Valore chair really does it all, with thick padded arms, a padded seat, contoured mesh back, and flip seat design, the TSM2 is amongst the best training and educational seating models available on the market in 2015.


Mesh Back Nesting Chair

You'll be hard pressed to find better seating at a lower price point for your business. The TSH3 is the most expensive as it's the largest. Priced at just $290.99 in your choice of three color options. The TSH1 and TSH2 flip seat training chairs are both sold in packs of 2 for $417.99 and $403.99 respectively. Finally, the TSM2 flip seat training chair models are also sold in affordable 2 pack sets for $279.99, making the most affordable option from the Valore line.

Final Thoughts:

TSH1 Valore Chair

Whether you're outfitting private offices, training areas, boardrooms, or classrooms, Mayline offers a Valore chair for your needs. We find it refreshing from a design standpoint to find a seating collection able to do so much without varying lines. Valore chairs are reasonably priced, ship quick, and look great in the workplace. We think there is definitely room for some ergo improvements like adjustable arms and a few other small details that would really take these chairs over the top. We give the Valore  computer and training chair line an overall grade of B+. For the money, these chars are really hard to beat and offer a ton of stylish features that will no doubt boost your office appeal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Office Ergonomics: Fact or Fiction

Office Ergonomics

The world of office ergonomics is ever expanding. More than ever, business professionals are in search of ways to improve functionality, efficiency, and comfort in the workplace. In today's post, we'll take a look at modern ergonomics and it's benefits, as well as some misconceived notions that will help take life in the office to the next level. Enjoy!

1.) All Ergonomic Chairs Are Created Equal

Fiction! While all office chairs available today are no doubt equipped with some form of ergonomic feature, not all chairs are created equal. When selecting a new ergonomic office chair important factors such as brand, upholstery, and adjustable features all play key roles in determining the life and effectiveness of your chair. Even though two chairs may claim to have the same features, they may be designed with differing dimensions that will affect the way the chair sits. Be sure to read reviews, test chairs, and do your due diligence when selecting a chair for your personal needs.

2.)  Ergonomic Products Make A Noticeable Difference

Fact! The right combination of ergonomic office add-ons will make a noticeable difference in the rate at which you compute, your effectiveness, and overall comfort throughout the work day. While some products will make a far more noticeable difference than others, most all help to improve posture, blood flow, and much more. When sitting down in an office chair you may say "wow this chair is comfortable". That doesn't mean you are reaping noticeable ergonomic benefits. However, when you use the chair and it's adjustable features correctly throughout the workday, you certainly are! A monitor arm may appear to just be a cool addition to your desk top, however the noticeable amount of regained workspace created and it's adjustability will certainly be appreciated. In the long run, all ergonomic products will make a noticeable difference in your work day when used correctly! Those that say, ergo-schmergo have probably not been effectively utilizing their office products to reap the highest rewards. Therefore, the differences they see will be far less noticeable than coworkers who take the time to properly utilize theirs.

3.) More Expensive Means Better

Fiction! Spending thousands of dollars on ergonomic products for your office space does not mean that you will be more comfortable than those who spend a few hundred. While expensive ergo products certainly have their benefits, those who take the time to master them will find far better results than those who don't. Many of the most affordable ergonomic products on the market are in fact the most useful. Simple foot rests, retractable keyboard trays, and monitor arms can be purchased for under $200 and will no doubt improve your work environment. If you don't have a huge amount of money to spend on ergofication, there's no need to worry! Expensive does not necessarily mean better. The right combination of affordable products, and more importantly, knowledge of how to use said products will no doubt improve your comfort and workplace effectiveness far more than those who spend thousands with 0 product education. In turn, several of the industries ergo chairs priced under $500 offer more office friendly features than those with fancy designs and high end upholstery that cost thousands.

4.) Ergonomic Products Work for Everyone

Fact! While certain individuals will find products more helpful than others, the RIGHT ergonomic products will work for everyone. For example, taller individuals may find high back office chairs far more effective than shorter individuals. In the long run, it's important to note that while a certain ergonomic product may work for you, it may not be the perfect fit for another individual. Proper ergonomics means utilizing products that are designed for your body type and to solve specific functions. That being said, if you take the time to select the correct ergonomic products for your office needs, benefits will no doubt be found. All to often, shoppers by a new chair at the advice of a friend and find it doesn't support them in the ways they truly needed. This will often result in the feeling that "ergonomic products don't work for me". In actuality, they just have the wrong chair. Rest assured, their is a chair and cohesive accessories that will no doubt work for you! Contact an ergonomic specialist to cover your specific needs and workplace ailments. They will be happy to assist in your quest of office comfort!

5.) Ergonomic Products Improve Health

Fact! Ergonomic products can definitely improve your health. Foot rests will improve blood flow while the right ergonomic chair will help prevent back pain and fatigue. In the long run, ergonomic products are intended to reduce common body stressors throughout the work day. These stressors cause health problems that result in a lot of paint and frustration in the workplace. While you won't necessarily live a longer and more fruitful life because of a foot rest, you will certainly be more comfortable and computing in a more healthy position. Don't think that because you have an awesome office chair, you can go eat cheeseburgers all day! However, a great office chair can definitely improve your posture and eliminate many of the factors that lead to poor health in the workplace. Ergonomic products should be used to solve, eliminate, or aid in the quest for improved office health and functionality.

6.) The More The Merrier

Both! If you are finding additional health and comfort benefits with each product you incorporate into your work environment, more power to ya! However, over cluttering your space can often result in the opposite of what your looking to achieve. To clarify, an ergonomic office chair, monitor arm, and keyboard tray when used correctly together will provide more benefits than adding 15 additional products that only serve to overcrowd the workspace. If you are using all the ergonomic products you've purchased effectively, the more the merrier. If your products are serving as oversized paper weights that are seldom used, it may be time to re-evaluate your office environment. Eliminate products you don't use, or educate yourself on them to reap the most rewards.

Monday, January 19, 2015

What's New? CSII Lateral File Cabinets from Mayline!

CSII File Cabinet
Mayline has revamped their collection of CSII series lateral file cabinets to kick off 2015! Now with enhanced features and improved qualities, CSII file cabinets are now better equipped for the demands of your workplace. In today's post we'll highlight the new CSII lateral files and their organizational benefits. Enjoy!

Mayline's new CSII lateral file cabinets offer a sleek design with full drawer extensions situated on steel ball bearing telescoping slides. CSII file drawer retract and pull out smoothly to avoid those pesky hangups that slow down the work day. All of these awesome new file cabinets feature anti-tipping drawer interlock systems that allow only one drawer to open at a time for safety. Incredible stable and durable, CSII files are now amongst the most reliable filing solutions on the market.

4 Drawer File CabinetThe stylish modern look of the updated CSII file cabinets offer a full length width recessed designer drawer pulls. The full metal construction adds a bit of industrial flair that's sure to highlight your workplace far better than the traditional and clunky file cabinets of years past. To improve versatility, CSII file cabinets boast side to side rails support letter, legal, and A4 filing.

Maylines' updated CSII storage products collection includes two, three, four, and five drawer units. The top drawer of 5 high models include a roll out shelf that comes in quite handy. The five drawer file cabinet models also offer an extendable posting shelf between the third and fourth drawers. A 30" wide, 36" wide, and 42" wide variation is available for all models to meet your specific space requirements.

3 Drawer File Cabinet
Tired of the same old taupe file cabinets taking away from your office appeal? The new Mayline CSII files are available in 5 cool colors to boost your space. As an added bonus, these stylish new file cabinets ship within two business days of order.

For office security, all CSII file cabinets are keyed randomly. For stability, all models feature adjustable floor leveling glides. For those in search of sustainable storage solutions for the workplace, CSII files are UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Is there anything these cabinets don't do?

2 Drawer File Cabinet
To take your office organizing to the next level, optional front to back filing rails and divider kits are available from Mayline. In addition to the new CSII files, Mayline is offering a ton of trending new desk configurations from this best selling collection to help give any office a face lift. From executive desks, to multi-user workstations, to awesome new storage collections, the CSII collection has it all! Look for this line to be amongst the to sellers for 2015.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lobby Life 2015: 5 Cool Products Guaranteed To Boost Appeal!

Looking to take your office lobby decor to the next level? If so, we've got you covered! In today's post, we'll be showcasing 5 super cool products designed to boost appeal without breaking your budget. From hot new seating from Global Total Office to swanky tables from OFM, the products highlighted in today's post will rock your guest waiting area!

Sirena Tablet Arm Lounge Chair
First up, the Sirena series tablet arm lounge chair with lower storage shelf. This hot seating solution from Global Total Office offers the perfect blend of retro and modern style characteristics. The 3372LCMLTM model chair is available in a variety of cool fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options to compliment your decor. The swiveling tablet provides the perfect resting place for your guests phone and tablet while waiting. The lower storage shelf is the ideal place to keep magazines neatly organized and out of the way. As an added bonus, the Sirena chair features a mobilized base for easy reconfiguring.
Contemporary Lobby Table
Next on the list is the Newport series contemporary coffee table with metal legs from Lesro Industries. Available in 6 cool finish options and 3 leg finish options, the N1485T5 table is customizable to your lobby decor needs. Priced at just $265.40, the Newport coffee table is also an excellent value. In addition, matching end tables are also available from this trending collection to compliment your lobby seating to perfection.

Almond Leather SofaMayline is considered to be one of the absolute best office furniture and seating manufacturers in the country. Highly regarded by interior design teams and industry professional alike, Mayline's Santa Cruz collection has put their lounge and lobby offerings on the map. The Santa Cruz VCC3 almond leather sofa is comfortable and downright stylish! The luscious upholstery will draw you in for a sit while the clean curves provide a touch of sophistication that's sure to make your lobby pop. Matching Santa Cruz lounge chairs and Settee options are also available.

Beam SeatingWhen it comes to cool products for the lobby, perhaps no modern furniture manufacturer offers better solutions than our friends at OFM. Those looking to avoid the traditional furniture and seating route will love OFM's innovative NET beam chair collection. With two, three, four, and five seat models available, the NET series can be used in applications both small and large. The steel construction offers durability that's sure to keep your lobby looking great for years. NET series beam chairs can even be used in outdoor applications! Choose from 7 cool colors with wow factor including blue, red, black, yellow, and orange.

OFM Profile TableLast but certainly not least, those looking to take their office lobbies to the next level will love the Profile table collection from OFM. With a selection of cocktail, wedge, and end tables available, the Profile series can be used to compliment OFM's NET series beam chairs, Recoil lounge chairs, and UNO seating to perfection. The classy yet affordable accent tables feature a combination of laminate surfaces with metal legs to create a uber modern look. Profile series wedge tables can be utilized to create one of a kind curved seating configurations while the cocktail and end tables work well for classic layout designs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

6 Cool Desk Sets For The Modern Business Man

Are you a modern business man looking to keep your office space on the cutting edge? If so, you're in the right place! Today's post showcases 6 of the coolest office desks on the market from the industries hottest brands. Enjoy!

Zira WorkstationFirst up, this swanky along-the-wall desk configuration from the Global Total Office Zira collection! At first glance you'll notice the swanky glass hutch doors and unique desk shape. Upon closer inspection the versatile storage components of this Zira workstation become more and more apparent. This space saving desk configuration is built for the needs of the modern business man and offers all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a cutting edge collection like Zira. Interior design teams and industry professionals alike love the Zira collection as it offers unmatched versatility and a wide range of customizable options to help any business man customize his work environment.

Cherryman Furniture
Both white and espresso finishes are trending for modern work environments in 2015. That being said, our next configuration capitalizes on both! This Cherryman Industries Verde series executive furniture set is sure to provide any office interior with wow factor to spare. The VL-707N desk set offers a unique table style writing desk with swiveling side table. On the rear wall you'll notice the white hutch and wardrobe cabinet doors. The mobile file pedestal with cushion top is also included at no additional charge. Simply add an office chair to meet your specific needs and you're on your way to workplace success!

Modern Office FurnitureIf you love modern office furniture, Mayline's e5 collection is a must see! This line of contemporary modular workstations incorporates glass and metal elements with laminate surfaces to form one of the most cutting edge lines on the market. This custom e5 workstation utilizes a space saving wall design with side extended table desk. The set is complete with cutting edge storage components and a matching Commute series mesh chair that can be purchased separately from Mayline in your choice of color.

Luxury Office Furniture
Next up, we have another hot furniture set from our friends at Mayline. For those looking for the perfect blend of modern and traditional style characteristics, this Sorrento series wood veneer package is the perfect option. Complete with a stunning espresso finished bow front desk, this luxury configuration is sure to earn any modern business professional an abundance of daily compliments. Brushed silver handle pulls, glass accents, and storage to spare make this package an absolute winner.

Executive Furniture SetFifth on the list is a multi piece package from Offices To Go. Highly respected for their awesome office chairs, Offices To Go has busted onto the professional furniture scene in a major way with their Superior Laminate Casegoods Collection. Packages like this that include small meeting tables, wall credenzas, and plenty of work surface space have become the preferred option for modern CEO's. This set is available in a choice of 5 popular finish options and ships quick for those in need of new furnishings in a hurry!

Last but certainly not least, our article on cool desk sets for the modern business man would not be complete without showcasing a hot configuration from our friends at OFM! This gorgeous furniture package features an elegant contemporary design that fits perfectly with almost any office decor theme. The thermofused melamine finish in either cherry or walnut make a professional statement that's easy to appreciate. The 36" x 72" main desk give users plenty of room to operate effectively and efficiently. Priced at just 1899.00, this package is an absolute bargain! Those a bit weary of office furniture installation and assembly will also love that this set requires no tools for the job! OFM's quick connect furniture assembly system makes this layout one of the most user friendly on the market today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

6 Task Chairs Engineered for Excellence

If you want to find the ultimate comfort in your office space and reach your highest levels of productivity, you'll need the right office chair for the job! In today's post, we'll showcase 6 high quality task chairs engineered for just that! These versatile ergonomic seating solutions will help any user achieve excellence in the workplace.

Spree Task Chair
First up, the Global Total Office Spree series chair. Released just a few short months ago, the Spree chair became an instant hit with interior design teams and industry professionals alike for it's awesome modern design characteristics. The Spree offers far more than just good looks however! These ergonomic task chairs feature innovative backs designed to avoid restricting upper body movement. The chairs lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling and excellent support. The seat slides to the rear and reclines while tilting to provide smooth transitions throughout the work day. Spree chairs feature a unique seat depth mechanism and adjustments at your fingertips. Rest assured, these best selling office chairs mean business! Choose from a variety of cool color options to match your office decor to perfection.

Wau High Back Chair
Next up, the Wau series high back mesh chair with headrest. This comfy seating option from Eurotech finds itself amongst the industries top rated models year after year. With a breathable mesh back and seat, the Wau helps to keep users from overheating in the office. Standard ergonomic features like adjustable arms, tilt tension control, knee tilt, tilt lock, and much more are integrated into the Wau line to provide users with superior functionality. These superb office chairs are available in a choice of all mesh and fully upholstered variations. Wau task seating works great in both home and professional business settings and are available in 2015 for just $464.00.

Oroblanco Chair
When we decided to write an article on office task chairs engineered for excellence, Cherryman's new iDesk Oroblanco was a must include. These new mesh back chairs are innovative, comfortable, and down right cool! The variety of seat color options will make your workspace pop while the standard ergonomic features are easy to operate. Oroblanco task chairs work great for everyday computing applications and will help any user get through those stressful days at the office. Available for just $321.50, the Oroblanco is no doubt one of the best value buys on the market in 2015.

Commute ChairAsk any industry professional about Mayline, and they'll give you stellar reviews. This reputable furniture manufacturer offers high quality office solutions for every application. With the introduction of the popular new Commute chair line, they now offer the task seating solutions to match! Mayline Commute series task chairs are super supportive and feature awesome ergo attributes sure to set you on a course for workplace success. Choose from a variety of unique color options and add on features to create a Commute chair personalized for your specific needs.

Adjustable Task Chair
Those looking to avoid the overly modern office chairs of 2015 will love popular seating options like the 11710 from Offices To Go. Simple curves, colors, and advanced features make the 11710 a well rounded option for nearly every office application. Priced at just $257.99, it's a joy to find features like an infinite seat tilt lock and adjustable arms standard on the 11710. The heavy duty frame and wide structure make the 11710 an excellent task chair option for larger users. The multi functional paddle mechanism is easy to operate and helps users achieve customized comfort settings in no time.

Carmel Chair by RFMLast but certainly not least, the RFM Preferred Seating 8235 model Carmel task chair is a must consider for any chair shopper looking for innovative design characteristics with the features to match. The 8235 is available in an extensive lineup of quick shipping upholstery options. RFM's ergonomics first initiative is readily apparent in the Carmel collection. The unique design with narrow upper back shell encourages a "shoulders back" posture, which is the way the body was naturally designed to sit. Body cradling thoracic support is created by adding a special thoracic ridge for optimal comfort. With tractor seats included as standard options, Your body will feel the difference Carmel's ergonomic seating provides. Priced at just $499.99, the Carmel 8235 is a well rounded ergonomic chair designed to keep you operating efficiently and effectively.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Office Life 101: Creating Comfort

Modern Office Design
Working in a comfortable office space will help to ensure you're productive and efficient. In today's article, we'll highlight the factors you need to focus on to reach your peak performance levels in the workplace. Enjoy!

Before you add new office furniture to your space, you'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to paint. In 2015, soothing paint tones are the way to go. Trending finishes like turquoise and teal provide high end appeal and will you remain focused while working. Additional tones like gray and soft yellows blend well together and will no doubt have you operating in a more relaxed state of mind.

Once your space is painted and prepped, it's time to add furnishings that will showcase your personal style while boosting your everyday comfort. This year, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries have bolstered their modern office furniture lines to include user friendly solutions designed specifically for more enjoyable work days. Choose a functional office desk layout that fits the layout of your office. Take advantage of your rooms natural shape and avoid over furnishing. A cluttered office is far from comfortable and sure to have you working below your potential!

Modern office technologies can be incorporated into any space to improve daily comfort. Uitlizing power modules in desk configurations and in the boardroom will expedite your operations and save you time. Plug and play office furniture is easy to use and prevents those pesky trips under the desk to turn on devices. The use of modern technology will make all your daily functions a breeze, and thus help you to create a more comfortable work day.

The word "ergonomic" can be heard daily in nearly every office on the planet, and for good reason! Office ergonomics are perhaps the most important factor in determining your functionality and comfort. The right combination of ergonomic office accessories will help you maximize your work day by increasing the rate at which you compute. A quality ergonomic office chair designed for your specific needs and body type should also be incorporated to provide you with the adjustability you need to stay posture perfect. While once thought of as overly expensive want items, some of the industries most cutting edge ergonomic office chairs are now available for under three hundred bucks. Consider investing in a user friendly chair recommended by your seating dealer of choice. You'll be glad you did!

In addition to ergonomic accessories, the right visual accents can help to boost your office comfort. Attractive wall art that speaks to your personality, cool area rugs, and lighting fixtures can make your space more welcoming. Utilize round shapes and industrial fixtures to fall inline with the latest trends and make your office a more relaxing, home type atmosphere.

The vibes picked up in a cluttered office are never positive. Properly organize your space and you'll no doubt be more comfortable. Consider adding modern lateral file cabinets to keep your important documents properly categorized. Wall credenzas and desk pedestals provide excellent storage for office stationary that often overcrowds the desk surface. If you're limited on space, go with a wall mount hutch unit. Hutches provide awesome visual appeal and won't take up your prized floor space.

In the long run, a comfortable office is based on your personal preferences and individual needs. Strive to incorporate your personality into your office design and create a space you can be proud of. Comfort, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Don't be afraid to experiment with a variety of ergonomic accessories. Take your time and work to improve your comfort on a monthly basis. By setting testable productivity goals you'll be able to determine what items and features of your space are making you the most efficient!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Home Office Makeover Trends 2015

A well designed home office is ready for the needs of your business, and your families projects. In today's post we'll highlight 2015's hottest home office makeover trends to help you create a stylish and functional space ready to do just that.

Trending Collections

Mayline Medina Office Furniture

Before you start your home office makeover project, you'll want to research the latest furniture collections trending for your space and decor needs. In 2015, brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, OFM, and Global Total Office are providing awesome solutions that will help take your space to the next level.

  1. Mayline's Medina collection offers modern appeal that's hard to top. This line of versatile desks is available in 3 attractive finish options and won't break your budget. 
  2. The Cherryman Emerald collection is perfect for traditional home office makeover projects and offers a luxurious look that's quite classy and sophisticated. 
  3. OFM's Venice line is the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal and offers plenty of storage solutions to help keep any home office well organized. 
  4. Last but not least, the Global Total Office Zira collection includes modular desking components that allow shoppers to create one of a kind furniture configurations designed for their specific needs.

Commercial Appeal

Global Zira Furniture

If you want to kick your home office makeover up a notch in 2015, you'll need to incorporate commercial appeal. Using glass home office furniture with glass accents will help you achieve a commercial look. However, if you want to take this design trend a step further, try incorporating metal accents to your space. This contemporary commercial quality will make your home office pop!

Hot Finishes

Trending Furniture Finishes

This year gray and mocha wood finish options are the most popular options for home office makeover projects. Collections like the Medina from Mayline mentioned above offer swanky gray finish options that will no doubt wow your office guests while making your home interior shine to perfection. Home office furniture collections with mocha finish options like the Aberdeen by Mayline are affordable and show minimal wear due to the dark color scheme. These trending finishes are the way to go in 2015!

Industrial Accents

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Using industrial lighting fixtures in your home office is just plain cool! Try visiting antique shops and salvage yards to pick up a few fixtures to highlight your space. The sophistication and design ingenuity shown with the use of industrial lighting fixtures is in high demand by the industries top interior designers.

Storage Versatility

Wall Mount Hutch

A well organized home office space will help you operate effectively and efficiently! That being said, you've got to have the right products for the job. Using wall mount hutch units will help you maximize your office square footage and provide a ton of storage space. Mobile file pedestals can be moved out of the way when not in use and house office stationary as well as important documents. You can also get rid of those old metal file cabinets you've had for years. Consider incorporating wood lateral file cabinets to match your furniture. These units will help accent your space and provide  a far more efficient style of organizing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7 Modern Lobby Furniture Solutions of 2015

Considering an office lobby makeover in 2015? You'll no doubt want to keep your guest welcoming area up to date with the latest trends. That being said, in today's post we'll be highlighting the coolest modern furniture solutions for guest waiting areas in today's post. Enjoy!

1.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Tablet arm lounge chairs offer a comfortable sit with an added element of versatility not found on the seating solutions of years past. Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM are steadily introducing adjustable tablet arm lounge chairs in leather, vinyl, and fabric upholstery options sure to take your lobby to the next level. Provide your guests with the ultimate waiting experience and utilize tablet arm seating for your makeover project!

2.) Beam Seating

Lobby Beam Seating

Beam seating saves space, looks great, and won't break your lobby makeover budget. Beam seating lines like the Sonic and Duet collections from Global Total Office are easy to spec and configure for lobbies both small and large. The wide stance base design of beam seating makes vacuuming under your seating a breeze. No more sliding heavy furniture around to clean up those pesky crumbs clogging your carpets. Modern beam seating solutions like those from OFM's net series can even be used in outdoor waiting areas with ease. The metal mesh seating surfaces offer excellent durability and come in a ton of cool color options that will make your waiting areas pop!

3.) Frosted Glass Tables

Frosted Glass Table

Frosted glass tables boast a cutting edge contemporary feel that's trending in 2015. Tables like the NGT-1 from the OFM Net series are a must consider for any modern lobby. These affordable solutions will make your space stand apart from the competition while simultaneously earning your lobby the design compliments it deserves.

4.) Gray Leather Furniture

Gray Leather Lounge Chair

Last year white was the top choice for lobby, lounge, and waiting room makeover projects. This year, gray leather has taken over! Gray leather lobby furniture offers a sophisticated look that provides a modern alternative to traditional black tones commonly used in years past. Gray leather is perfect for matching metal and glass room accents to perfection. Use Gray leather furniture for your 2015 lobby makeover and create the swanky waiting space your business deserves.

5.) Wedge Tables

Wedge Table

Wedge tables provide excellent transitions between chairs. If you're looking to utilize a curved seating configuration, wedge tables are a must in 2015. Hot new wedge style tables are now available from many of the industries top lobby furniture providers in a variety of attractive laminate, wood, and metal finish options.

6.) Two Tone Furniture

Two Tone Lobby Chair

Using two tone furniture and seating will showcase your lobby design ingenuity. Brands like OFM and Global offer both custom and in stock lobby seating solutions that can be ordered in a variety of two tone blends that really pop. Combine fabric and leather for comfort and elegance, or incorporate your businesses logo colors for a more personalized feel.

7.) Mobilized Seating

Mobile Lounge Furniture

Incorporate mobilized seating solutions into your lobby design and provide your guests with the ability to easily sit together without dragging chairs loudly across your lobby floors. Mobilized lounge chairs and sofas have become readily available this year and should be taken advantage of if possible. While the addition of wheels on the bottom of your seating won't get noticed by your visitors at first glance, if they need to move a chair to get more comfortable, they will additional appreciate this additional element of service.