Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Ways To Avoid A Frustrating Office Makeover

Professional Office Interior DesignWhile we all like the idea of a stunning new workspace, many are a bit scared of the frustrations commonly associated with the project itself. In today's post we'll share how to avoid 5 of the top issues encountered during the process to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience. Put these tips into action and create the office interior of your dreams!

1.) Proper Space Planning

All professional office makeover projects start with proper space planning. Those who avoid this essential step are almost always met with frustrations that can derail a project from the get go. Take the time to effectively obtain the dimensions of your space. Make note of all power outlets, entry ways, windows, and room obstructions that will effect the way your furniture fits. Be sure to make a few practice sketches on drafting paper to find out what layout styles will work best for your specific needs. Proper space planning will always help you start your project on the right foot. Avoid purchasing office furniture only to find it doesn't fit properly in your space. This headache is completely avoidable!

2.) Don't Mix And Match

Unless you are a professional interior designer, avoid mixing and matching furniture from a variety of lines. While most all manufacturers offer cherry, mahogany, maple, and walnut finish options, these tones seldom match from line to line. Keep your project simple and choose a full service furniture collection from a reputable brand like Mayline or Cherryman Industries. These two leaders offer the full service lines needed all of your office interiors with cohesive furniture. Mix and matched office interiors rarely come out the way you envision them and will often leave you frustrated and looking for more. Mixing and matching components can also drive the cost of your project up and cause budget frustrations that you need not struggle with!

3.) Limit Options

While it's always helpful to get insight from your coworkers on what furniture they find appealing, too many opinions can leave you overloaded and frustrated. Limit the number of teammates you ask for advice and be sure to trust the advice of your dealer as to what lines are trending and best of your interiors. In addition, shopping to many office furniture and seating collections will leave you feeling overwhelmed with options. There are thousands of lines available for every office area imaginable. Take note of a few top options available in 2015 like the Medina collection from Mayline and Verde collection by Cherryman Industries. These modern furniture collections are on the cutting edge and will have your interiors looking up to date for years to come.

4.) Schedule Shipping

Once your furniture is purchased, get in touch with your dealer to schedule shipping. This will avoid the all too common frustration of having new office desks and furniture arrive at your doorstep when you are unprepared. Call your dealer on the day of shipment to obtain tracking information as well. This will provide you with a more exact delivery date and window of arrival.

5.) Prep For Install

So you've purchased new furniture from a full service furniture collection, scheduled delivery, and obtained tracking information? If so, the process is nearly complete and you're on the right track to office makeover success! During the final stages of the process you'll want to prepare your space for assembly and installation. While professional installation services are available, most choose to tackle this task independently. If this sounds like you, you'll want to prepare your space for the upcoming job before your furniture is delivered. Remove old furniture, patch and paint walls, and create a staging area to place your new items when they arrive. Have basic tools like a screwdrivers, measuring tape, and of course a first aid kit incase of emergency. Taking these prep steps will ensure you are ready to install your new products effectively. Most furniture installations can be handled effectively with 2 to 4 individuals. That being said, be sure to schedule the needed at a time that works for your coworkers. In the long run, if installation seems like something you'd rather avoid, contact your dealer prior to the shipment of your furniture and inquire about professional assembly companies in your area. They should have a list of certified installers ready to handle your project from start to finish!

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