Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7 Modern Lobby Furniture Solutions of 2015

Considering an office lobby makeover in 2015? You'll no doubt want to keep your guest welcoming area up to date with the latest trends. That being said, in today's post we'll be highlighting the coolest modern furniture solutions for guest waiting areas in today's post. Enjoy!

1.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Tablet arm lounge chairs offer a comfortable sit with an added element of versatility not found on the seating solutions of years past. Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM are steadily introducing adjustable tablet arm lounge chairs in leather, vinyl, and fabric upholstery options sure to take your lobby to the next level. Provide your guests with the ultimate waiting experience and utilize tablet arm seating for your makeover project!

2.) Beam Seating

Lobby Beam Seating

Beam seating saves space, looks great, and won't break your lobby makeover budget. Beam seating lines like the Sonic and Duet collections from Global Total Office are easy to spec and configure for lobbies both small and large. The wide stance base design of beam seating makes vacuuming under your seating a breeze. No more sliding heavy furniture around to clean up those pesky crumbs clogging your carpets. Modern beam seating solutions like those from OFM's net series can even be used in outdoor waiting areas with ease. The metal mesh seating surfaces offer excellent durability and come in a ton of cool color options that will make your waiting areas pop!

3.) Frosted Glass Tables

Frosted Glass Table

Frosted glass tables boast a cutting edge contemporary feel that's trending in 2015. Tables like the NGT-1 from the OFM Net series are a must consider for any modern lobby. These affordable solutions will make your space stand apart from the competition while simultaneously earning your lobby the design compliments it deserves.

4.) Gray Leather Furniture

Gray Leather Lounge Chair

Last year white was the top choice for lobby, lounge, and waiting room makeover projects. This year, gray leather has taken over! Gray leather lobby furniture offers a sophisticated look that provides a modern alternative to traditional black tones commonly used in years past. Gray leather is perfect for matching metal and glass room accents to perfection. Use Gray leather furniture for your 2015 lobby makeover and create the swanky waiting space your business deserves.

5.) Wedge Tables

Wedge Table

Wedge tables provide excellent transitions between chairs. If you're looking to utilize a curved seating configuration, wedge tables are a must in 2015. Hot new wedge style tables are now available from many of the industries top lobby furniture providers in a variety of attractive laminate, wood, and metal finish options.

6.) Two Tone Furniture

Two Tone Lobby Chair

Using two tone furniture and seating will showcase your lobby design ingenuity. Brands like OFM and Global offer both custom and in stock lobby seating solutions that can be ordered in a variety of two tone blends that really pop. Combine fabric and leather for comfort and elegance, or incorporate your businesses logo colors for a more personalized feel.

7.) Mobilized Seating

Mobile Lounge Furniture

Incorporate mobilized seating solutions into your lobby design and provide your guests with the ability to easily sit together without dragging chairs loudly across your lobby floors. Mobilized lounge chairs and sofas have become readily available this year and should be taken advantage of if possible. While the addition of wheels on the bottom of your seating won't get noticed by your visitors at first glance, if they need to move a chair to get more comfortable, they will additional appreciate this additional element of service.

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