Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Mayline Valore Seating

Looking for a cohesive office seating line to work in multiple areas of your business? The Mayline Valore collection may be the the perfect option! These versatile chairs are the topic of today's post. Here we will review this popular line and it's benefits. Enjoy!


Mayline Valore Chair

Mayline Valore chairs offer the perfect blend of modern and contemporary style characteristics. The slim line design saves space and looks great in nearly every office environment. Valore chairs feature breathable mesh backs, comfortably padded seats, and sleek accents to make them amongst the most highly recommended solutions on the market by industry professionals. If you're looking for seating that's not too over the top but still makes a statement, Valore chairs by Mayline should definitely be considered for your various office applications.


Armless Nesting Chair

The Mayline Valore Seating collection includes four main models. The TSH3 Valore chair is designed for office tasking and computing applications. The TSH3's full size frame and polished base make it the largest of the collection. The TSH1 Valore chair features a flip seat design for nesting applications. The TSH1 and it's armless sister chair the TSH2 work great in training, classroom, and conference room settings. Last but not least, the TSM2 Valore chair is a hybrid of the collection's other models. The TSM2 features a nesting design, contoured mesh back, and thick padded seat. The TSM2 is an office workhorse ready for nearly any application you want to throw at it!


Nesting Chairs for Training Room

Don't be fooled by the simplified sleek design of the Valore seating collection. These chairs offer excellent ergonomic features designed to help users reach optimal comfort in the workplace. The TSH3 combines a wide polished base for stability and a naturally contoured mesh back for support. The TSHI and TSH2 Valore chairs offer compact design characteristics and flip up seats mentioned above. These to Valore models are the least lacking in terms of adjustable ergonomic benefits but still offer plenty of comfort. The TSM2 Valore chair really does it all, with thick padded arms, a padded seat, contoured mesh back, and flip seat design, the TSM2 is amongst the best training and educational seating models available on the market in 2015.


Mesh Back Nesting Chair

You'll be hard pressed to find better seating at a lower price point for your business. The TSH3 is the most expensive as it's the largest. Priced at just $290.99 in your choice of three color options. The TSH1 and TSH2 flip seat training chairs are both sold in packs of 2 for $417.99 and $403.99 respectively. Finally, the TSM2 flip seat training chair models are also sold in affordable 2 pack sets for $279.99, making the most affordable option from the Valore line.

Final Thoughts:

TSH1 Valore Chair

Whether you're outfitting private offices, training areas, boardrooms, or classrooms, Mayline offers a Valore chair for your needs. We find it refreshing from a design standpoint to find a seating collection able to do so much without varying lines. Valore chairs are reasonably priced, ship quick, and look great in the workplace. We think there is definitely room for some ergo improvements like adjustable arms and a few other small details that would really take these chairs over the top. We give the Valore  computer and training chair line an overall grade of B+. For the money, these chars are really hard to beat and offer a ton of stylish features that will no doubt boost your office appeal.

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