Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Office Ergonomics: Fact or Fiction

Office Ergonomics

The world of office ergonomics is ever expanding. More than ever, business professionals are in search of ways to improve functionality, efficiency, and comfort in the workplace. In today's post, we'll take a look at modern ergonomics and it's benefits, as well as some misconceived notions that will help take life in the office to the next level. Enjoy!

1.) All Ergonomic Chairs Are Created Equal

Fiction! While all office chairs available today are no doubt equipped with some form of ergonomic feature, not all chairs are created equal. When selecting a new ergonomic office chair important factors such as brand, upholstery, and adjustable features all play key roles in determining the life and effectiveness of your chair. Even though two chairs may claim to have the same features, they may be designed with differing dimensions that will affect the way the chair sits. Be sure to read reviews, test chairs, and do your due diligence when selecting a chair for your personal needs.

2.)  Ergonomic Products Make A Noticeable Difference

Fact! The right combination of ergonomic office add-ons will make a noticeable difference in the rate at which you compute, your effectiveness, and overall comfort throughout the work day. While some products will make a far more noticeable difference than others, most all help to improve posture, blood flow, and much more. When sitting down in an office chair you may say "wow this chair is comfortable". That doesn't mean you are reaping noticeable ergonomic benefits. However, when you use the chair and it's adjustable features correctly throughout the workday, you certainly are! A monitor arm may appear to just be a cool addition to your desk top, however the noticeable amount of regained workspace created and it's adjustability will certainly be appreciated. In the long run, all ergonomic products will make a noticeable difference in your work day when used correctly! Those that say, ergo-schmergo have probably not been effectively utilizing their office products to reap the highest rewards. Therefore, the differences they see will be far less noticeable than coworkers who take the time to properly utilize theirs.

3.) More Expensive Means Better

Fiction! Spending thousands of dollars on ergonomic products for your office space does not mean that you will be more comfortable than those who spend a few hundred. While expensive ergo products certainly have their benefits, those who take the time to master them will find far better results than those who don't. Many of the most affordable ergonomic products on the market are in fact the most useful. Simple foot rests, retractable keyboard trays, and monitor arms can be purchased for under $200 and will no doubt improve your work environment. If you don't have a huge amount of money to spend on ergofication, there's no need to worry! Expensive does not necessarily mean better. The right combination of affordable products, and more importantly, knowledge of how to use said products will no doubt improve your comfort and workplace effectiveness far more than those who spend thousands with 0 product education. In turn, several of the industries ergo chairs priced under $500 offer more office friendly features than those with fancy designs and high end upholstery that cost thousands.

4.) Ergonomic Products Work for Everyone

Fact! While certain individuals will find products more helpful than others, the RIGHT ergonomic products will work for everyone. For example, taller individuals may find high back office chairs far more effective than shorter individuals. In the long run, it's important to note that while a certain ergonomic product may work for you, it may not be the perfect fit for another individual. Proper ergonomics means utilizing products that are designed for your body type and to solve specific functions. That being said, if you take the time to select the correct ergonomic products for your office needs, benefits will no doubt be found. All to often, shoppers by a new chair at the advice of a friend and find it doesn't support them in the ways they truly needed. This will often result in the feeling that "ergonomic products don't work for me". In actuality, they just have the wrong chair. Rest assured, their is a chair and cohesive accessories that will no doubt work for you! Contact an ergonomic specialist to cover your specific needs and workplace ailments. They will be happy to assist in your quest of office comfort!

5.) Ergonomic Products Improve Health

Fact! Ergonomic products can definitely improve your health. Foot rests will improve blood flow while the right ergonomic chair will help prevent back pain and fatigue. In the long run, ergonomic products are intended to reduce common body stressors throughout the work day. These stressors cause health problems that result in a lot of paint and frustration in the workplace. While you won't necessarily live a longer and more fruitful life because of a foot rest, you will certainly be more comfortable and computing in a more healthy position. Don't think that because you have an awesome office chair, you can go eat cheeseburgers all day! However, a great office chair can definitely improve your posture and eliminate many of the factors that lead to poor health in the workplace. Ergonomic products should be used to solve, eliminate, or aid in the quest for improved office health and functionality.

6.) The More The Merrier

Both! If you are finding additional health and comfort benefits with each product you incorporate into your work environment, more power to ya! However, over cluttering your space can often result in the opposite of what your looking to achieve. To clarify, an ergonomic office chair, monitor arm, and keyboard tray when used correctly together will provide more benefits than adding 15 additional products that only serve to overcrowd the workspace. If you are using all the ergonomic products you've purchased effectively, the more the merrier. If your products are serving as oversized paper weights that are seldom used, it may be time to re-evaluate your office environment. Eliminate products you don't use, or educate yourself on them to reap the most rewards.

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