Thursday, January 1, 2015

When It Comes To Office Chairs...

Selecting An Office Chair

When it comes to office chairs there's definitely a lot to know! With so many brands, models and features to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect chair for your specific needs. That being said, in today's post we'll be highlighting some interesting factoids every shopper should keep in mind when selecting their new chair. Enjoy!

1.) More Expensive Doesn't Mean Better

Spending thousands on a chair will no doubt get you a top of the line model, but plenty of fantastic seating solutions are available on the market for well under two hundred bucks. Brands like Eurotech Seating ad Offices To Go offer cutting edge ergonomic chairs with awesome features at affordable prices any budget will appreciate. In the long run, those who take the time to understand their chair features will be far more comfortable than those who spend thousands and don't. It's just that simple!

2.) Trends Are Always Changing

This year we've seen a ton of hot new trends emerge in the world of office chairs. Integrated lumbar supports, width adjustable arms, gray leather, and ribbed back models have all been incredibly popular. When it comes to purchasing the perfect office chair for your specific needs, take the time to research the latest trends for shopping inspiration, but don't get too hung up on the minor details. It's all about your personal style preferences, body type, and the features you need to work efficiently all day.

3.) Upholstery Matters

The upholstery of your office chair will be graded on a scale based on it's durability. When comparing chairs for your office space, be sure to inquire with your dealer of choice about the grade of upholstery used on your chair. In some cases, high grade fabrics can actually be more durable than leather and vinyl models. In addition, you might want take the time to inquire about lower fabric grade options in order to maximize your budget.

4.) There Are Plenty Of Ways To Save

When shopping for new office chairs online you'll be rewarded with plenty of ways to save. Popular coupon sites like and highlight many of the industries top seating providers. You should also shop for brands that offer free shipping promotions. As office chairs are large, shipping can be expensive and the cost should be avoided if at all possible. If your business is purchasing 5 or more office chairs, contact your dealer of choice about quantity discounts. As dealers get a break for larger orders, they'll typically be happy to pass those savings along to you if asked.

5.) It Helps To Know The Lingo

These days we hear terms like "ergonomic" get thrown around left and right when discussing office chairs. While ergonomics is definitely a key factor to consider when selecting an office chair, it will also help you to understand a few of the other key industry terms. During your search you'll no doubt hear some foreign phrases like syncro-tilt, multi-tilter, and more. These are used to describe the type of mechanism a chair features. The mechanism is your chairs central nervous system and controls the majority of functions.

6.) Comfort Is Dependent On The User

While one chair may be exceptionally comfortable for me, you may not find it as supportive. When it comes to office chairs it's always helpful to visit a showroom to determine what size and style of chair will work best for you. Many users love mesh back chairs while others find them uncomfortable. Some prefer the comfort of fabric to leather. While reviews are certainly helpful when shopping for a new chair, there's no substitute for a good old fashioned sit test! Testing a variety of office chairs will ensure you find the perfect model suitable for your specific needs.

7.) Back Height Matters

Low back, mid back, and high back office chairs are all used for specific users and applications. The taller the user the higher the back should be. For computing applications, low back and mid back chairs are the most common, In executive office settings high back chairs are the typical preference. It's important to consider the back height of the chairs you're shopping as it will reflect your space's appeal and your personal comfort.

8.) Ship Times Vary

If you're ordering your office chair online, it's important to inquire with your dealer of choice about lead times. As some chairs are in stock and ship within a few business days, many of the industries best office chairs are made to order and take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacture. If you're in a time crunch, be sure to leave a window for manufacturing to ensure to can purchase the office chars you really want and avoid settling.

9.) Brand Matters

While the price of the office chair doesn't determine it's comfort, knowing the most quality brands will certainly ensure your personal satisfaction. Industry leaders like Mayline, Global Total Office, Offices To Go, and Eurotech all offer excellent customer service and provide high quality chairs you can rely on. Overall, It's always best to go with a brand name provider that specializes in professional grade seating designed around quality craftsmanship.

10.) Assembly Shouldn't Be Feared

When your chair arrives, some basic assembly steps will most likely be required. While this process is typically feared, there's really no reason to panic. Office chair installation is quite simple and most brands provide easy to follow instructions that will have your chair complete in less than 30 minutes. If you have trouble assembling your office chair, call your dealer of choice. Most will be happy to walk you through the process while providing helpful tips to get you off and working in no time!

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