Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 Ergonomic Chairs So Comfortable You Won't Want To Leave Work!

Tired of being uncomfortable in your office chair? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll showcase 6 super cool ergonomic chairs that are so comfortable you won't want to leave work. From the Oroblanco by Cherryman Industries to the Gist by Mayline, these top notch seating solutions are the best in the biz!

iDesk Oroblanco Chair by Cherryman IndustriesFirst up, the iDesk Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries. This revolutionary mesh back office chair combines modern ergonomic technology and high end appeal to form one of the best new seating solutions available on the market. The Oroblanco offers standard features that include adjustable arms, 4 locking tilt positions, and a built in user guide designed to help you reach your preferred sitting position with ease. Sit in the Oroblanco once and you'll never turn back. The quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and emphasis on ergonomic efficiency makes this chair an absolute value at just $321.50.

Concorde Presidential Chair by GlobalBusiness executives demand high quality office chairs built for comfort to help them make it through those long days at the office. That being said, if you want the absolute best, there's no better option than the Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office. With it's $2495.99 price tag, the Concorde Presidential model is amongst the most luxurious chairs on the market. At first glance you'll notice the stunning design characteristics that have made this chair the preferred choice of several United States Presidents. When you first take a seat in the Concorde you'll be greeted by the most advanced button controlled adjustment system available. The Presidential Concorde chair is smooth during operation and a real head turner in the workplace. If you can swing the hefty price tag, this is one chair you'll be happy to see behind your desk for years and years.

ORO100 Body Bolster Chair by OFMThe ORO100 Big and Tall office chair by OFM is durable, comfortable, and down right versatile! This executive style seating solution is outfitted with an adjustable tablet arm that really comes in handy in the workplace. ORO100 chairs support users up to 350 pounds with ease. The supple bonded leather upholstery is carefully stitched and tufted for plush comfort. The high back design of the ORO100 tablet arm chair provides full body support that's so good you'll be ready to work overtime for free.

RFM Multi-Shift ChairNext on today's list of comfortable ergonomic chairs is the 98950 Multi-Shift from our friends at RFM. Known for their best selling designs and commitment to ergonomics, RFM's multi-shift chair was a must for today's post. The contoured foam back cushions cradle the back while sitting and support he lumbar area effectively. The easy to use ergonomic functions and tractor style seat allow users to work at peak performance levels day in and day out. The Multi-Shift is constructed of top quality materials and provides the structural integrity needed to provide stability and top notch operation, even in 24 hour work environments.

Mesh Back Task ChairAdjustable, affordable, and comfortable! The Offices To Go 11860B mesh back task chair offers unmatchable benefits at it's $178.99 price point. This ergonomic seating solution is perfect for active work environments and home applications alike. The 11860B's supportive mesh back structure is durable and attractive behind the desk. The adjustable arms allow users to find posture perfect computing positions quickly and easily. Needless to say, you'll hard pressed to find a more user friendly, comfortable, and well built office chair for under two hundred bucks! Just because you can't spend thousands on a new chair, doesn't mean you don't deserve to work in comfort. Give the 11860B a try today, you'll be glad you did!
Mayline Gist Chair
Last but certainly not least, the all new Gist chair by Mayline is taking offices near you by storm! Released just a few short weeks ago, the Gist has hit the ground running. These innovative, stylish, and ergo friendly chairs boasts standard features that include tilt tension, tilt lock, adjustable arms, and much more for the everyday low price of $327.99. Mayline never fails to impress and the Gist chair is set to be one of the years hottest models. The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of this  seating collection. Choose from a variety of cool color options to compliment your workplace decor and sit in unmatched comfort that will have you ready to roll through your work days with ease.

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