Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6 Ergonomic Products We Can't Live Without

There are tools of the trade for every profession, and thankfully, for the office associate, these tools are all about comfort! Finding the right ergonomic furniture to suit your needs can seem like a daunting challenge, but by following our hit-list of must have ergonomic office products, you'll be prepared and primed to get the job done. Enjoy!

1.) Chair

The chair is the powerhouse of office comfort. As the central place where office associates work from, chairs need to be comfortable, maneuverable, and flexible to their owners' individual needs. Adding affordable ergonomic office chairs to the workplace is often the best decision a boss can make. By choosing chairs with low-cost upholsteries like mesh, adding adjustable comfort to the workplace is more lucrative. Some ergonomic chairs allow users to adjust head rests, arm rests, tension, and even lumbar height. All these traits and more combine to create an indispensable piece of equipment no office should be without.

2.) Foot Rest

When considering the needs of the average office worker, the feet are too often taken for granted. However, if you're one of the thousands wondering why you have leg pain when you've been sitting at a desk all day, the feet are the most likely culprit. In an office chair, when the feet don't touch the floor, it puts stress on the backs of the legs. This cuts off circulation to the lower extremities and contributes to that aching feeling at the end of the day. Shorter individuals often suffer from this dilemma, but with a quality ergonomic foot rest, like the affordable FR-1 Symmetry, to promote comfort, improved posture is only a step away!
* Some high end office foot rests even have massage features to promote movement and blood flow that reduces blood clots.

3.) Monitor Arm

Can't get rid of that knot in your neck muscles? Well, the culprit may be simpler than you think. Often, office worker who complain of neck or upper back pain don't realize it's due to the placement of their computer screen. Ergonomic experts agree that twisting one's head around multiple times a day to look at a computer is terrible for posture and health. Repeated head turning and staring over the shoulder at a computer can cause uneven muscle strength in the neck and shoulders, causing terrible pain.

By adding an adjustable monitor arm to the office, moving the computer screen to the right place - about arm's length away from the face - is a snap. Monitor arms give computers adjustability so users can move them where they are needed. As an added plus, the arms keep the computer off the desk, providing a clean, high tech feel!

4.) Mobile Computer Station

For office workers on the move, nothing is a better gift than a mobile computer station! Traveling office associates, professors, and even school teachers can all stand to gain from a mobile computer station. Adjustable heights and casters make presentations a cinch. They can even serve as makeshift lecterns in a time of need. Models like the WOW01 ESI mobile computer station help to maximize office space through compact design, making it a perfect choice for educational and healthcare settings.

5.) Height Adjustable Desk

It's no secret that health experts have taken a degrading view of office chairs in recent years. Some even go so far as to accuse office chairs of being "the new cigarettes," because they promote a lifestyle with poor health benefits. Unfortunately, many who have tried to battle the seated office lifestyle by standing  have discovered that being on one's feet all day is not the best decision. While continuously seated office work can result in poor posture, weight gain, and poor blood flow, continuously standing at work can cause terrible leg pain, varicose veins, and makes the blood work harder to pump itself up from the legs.

That is why height adjustable desks are the new office health trend! By choosing an affordable sit-to-stand desk, office workers can alternate their time between sitting and standing to achieve the most health benefits from both activities, resulting in better focus, reduced pain, toned muscles, and better posture!

6.) Keyboard Tray

Arthritis, wrist pain, carpal tunnel… all these things can be worsened by improper typing. Sure, you might not be making any grammatical errors, but the placement of one's wrists while writing can be detrimental to health and productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic experts tend to agree that the proper way to type in an office setting is by keeping the arms at right angles, with elbows, wrists, and hands parallel. Typing with one's hands curled over a desk or keyboard, higher or lower than the elbow can cause poor circulation and pain. For many, shopping discount keyboard trays for sale is the perfect solution. These simple pieces of equipment mount under desks on sliding arms to stay arm-level with the user. Some are even equipped with mouse pads and tilting capabilities to maximize ergonomic quality.

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