Friday, February 20, 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Productive Office Worker

How To Be Productive At Work
Looking to become more productive and efficient around the office? Today's post is just for you! Here we'll review a well rounded work day and all of it's key elements. From getting a good nights rest to finishing the day out strong, we'll walk you through the tips and good habits necessary to reach your peak potential.

Every solid work day starts with a good nights rest. If you don't get your full 8 hours, the odds are you're feeling groggy and possibly even irritable. That being said, a day in the life of a productive office worker actually kicks off with a solid bed time the night before. You can't be at your best if you've stayed up eating snacks and watching late night movies!

Once a productive worker wakes up, they make breakfast priority one. As a solid breakfast is the foundation for a quality day, this step is an absolute must. Eating a healthy breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to start your day on the right foot. While coffee is no doubt the life blood of the office, pounding back multiple cups is not a recipe for good health. Try eating some yogurt, tasty breakfast shake, or even a piece of fruit. You'll be far more productive if you do!

When any productive worker hits the office, they know it's time to make a plan for the day. They take the time to outline goals to accomplish at various times of the day. They strategize and prioritize tasks to remain focused. A day in the life of a productive office worker means minimizing distractions, sticking to a game plan, and being ready for the curve balls any given day may throw their way. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly goals list and start knocking them off one by one!

You simply can't be productive in the office if your uncomfortable. Any truly productive office worker will tell you that a commitment to good ergonomic habits is a must. The most productive workers adjust their ergonomic task chairs regularly in order to maintain good posture and operate efficiently. The productive worker makes use of valuable ergonomic tools like foot rests, monitor arms, articulating keyboard trays and more to help reduce fatigue and body strain. Educate yourself on the benefits of your ergonomics and asses your personal workplace needs. Integrate the products you feel will best aid your top areas of discomfort and become more productive as a result!

When it's time for lunch, the productive worker doesn't chow down on a greasy burger and fries. They eat healthy and provide their bodies with the energy needed to get through the home stretch. As salads and low cal lunches can become boring over time, the productive worker takes the time to research healthy meals they can make in advance to avoid expensive lunches at local restaurants. Eating healthy at lunch will also help you to avoid the dreaded mid day nap you'll no doubt want to take after 4 slices of pizza, a coke, and too many breadsticks!

Once the productive worker is back behind the desk after eating a healthy lunch, they commit to a strong finish. They review their daily plan and tackle the tasks left on the days list. Before leaving the office they make sure to organize their computer desk and put files back in order. The productive worker knows that being productive on a daily basis means coming into a workspace that's ready to rock and roll the next day. As the productive worker has made good habits a priority, they head home, enjoy time with family, decompress, and prepare to start the routine over effectively the following day!

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