Monday, February 23, 2015

Design Like The Pros: 5 Key Rules To Follow for Office Makeover Success

Professional Office Interior
Creating a stylish, functional, and effective workspace doesn't have to be a hassle! By following the 5 key rules highlighted in today's post you'll be ready to start your project with confidence and design like the pros. Enjoy!

1.) Measure Twice, Cut Once

Any design professional will tell you that the key to a successful makeover project is effective space planning. Before you rush out and start purchasing cool modern office desks and chairs for your interiors, take the time to measure properly. Obtain the dimensions of your room with a simple tape measurer and be sure to take note of all power outlets, windows, and entry ways. Once you've got your dimensions, do a double check to ensure you've made no mistakes. Plot your dimensions out on a sheet of scale paper and you'll be ready to start the design process. Always remember, measure twice and cut once!

2.) Comfort Comes First

You may have the most stylish office space on the planet, but if it's uncomfortable you won't be able to operate at your peak performance levels. Good designers put a primary emphasis on comfort as it's the key to workplace success. When designing your space, don't just shop for style! Be sure to test out different ergonomic computer chairs and desk designs to determine what will work best for your specific needs. Style is important and will help you make a lasting impression on your guests, but if you can't operate comfortably your space will surely be lacking!

3.) Evolve with The Trends

When designing your office space you'll want to research the industries latest trends. This year gray wood tones, white leather office chairs, and plug and play furniture have all been incredibly popular. During the design process, do your best to integrate trends you feel best represent your business personality. Following the trends will ensure you space looks up to date and ready to impress your valued clientele. As trends in the office world are always evolving, don't be afraid to contact your dealer of choice to inquire about what product lines are hot!

4.) Inspiration Counts

You can't design the space of your dreams if you're not inspired! That being said, finding inspiration for your project is much easier than you're probably thinking. Take a day to visit a couple furniture showrooms in your local area, browse the web for cool office interiors, and go out to visit surrounding business. Create a folder on your computer to house all the pics and notes you take for your project. Once you've done your inspiration homework, review all the awesome ideas you've come up with in your folder and you'll be ready to roll!

5.) The Difference Is In The Details

All good designers know that the little details make the biggest difference. Adding room accents like area rugs, cool lighting fixtures, and ergonomic accessories will take your interiors to the next level. Boost your appeal and functionality simultaneously by adding accents that serve multiple purposes. Dual screen monitor arms will add a techy look and also create more usable desk space for you to operate with. You don't have to add all your room accents and accessories at once! Build your space and improve it over time. This will help you maximize your budget and will also allow you the time needed to properly assess areas where comfort and functionality can be improved.

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