Thursday, February 5, 2015

Follow These 7 Office Design Trends To Boost Corporate Appeal In 2015!

To make the best impression on your office guests and operate at the highest performance levels, it's important to keep your work interiors up to date with the latest trends. That being said, we've got 7 hot new trends to highlight that will boost your corporate appeal in 2015. Enjoy!

1.) Retro Seating

The retro look is booming in 2015! More than ever, businesses are looking to incorporate retro appeal in the their work environments. Brands like Global Total Office, Flash Furniture, and Woodstock Marketing have all introduced super cool retro seating solutions that are sure to help you join in on this trending movement. Add a retro chair to your space, kick back, and enjoy the positive compliments!

2.) Gray Leather

Gray Leather Office Chair

Last years most popular color option was white. This year, gray leather has taken over. The perfect option for contemporary work environments, gray leather offers an upscale look that's sure to impress. Gray leather office chairs, lounge chairs, and sofas are all trending this year and should be highly considered for your respective office interiors.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Citi Tablet Chairs

Add a touch of versatility to your lounge, waiting room, and private office interiors with tablet arm chairs! A tablet lounge chair like the Citi from Global Total Office will provide guests with that extra touch they'll surely appreciate when waiting for their appointments. In private office applications, Tablet arm chairs like the OFM ORO100 provide the perfect place to rest your tablet while computing. That little bit of extra work surface space can really come in handy! Tablet chairs are the way of the future and should be integrated into any interior when possible.

4.) Power Modules

Powered Conference Table

Power modules are utilized to improve conference room and private office performance. In the conference room, powered tables are a huge benefit. These high tech conference tables offer plug and play capabilities that will take your meetings to the next level. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are leading the way in this growing field. In addition, power modules integrated into desk configurations help users prevent those pesky trips under the desk to plug in devices and route cords. Power modules are super handy, versatile, and will certainly save you time throughout the work day.

5.) Open Desking

Modular Open Desking

While cubicles will always have their place in business, open desking configurations have become the  premier choice for open work floor environments. Open desking configurations like those from the e5 collection by Mayline promote creativity and collaboration in the workplace. The open look is far less bulk than high wall panel furniture systems and is sure to kick your corporate appeal up a notch!

6.) Dual Monitor Arms

Mayline Monitor Arm

Dual screen monitor arms help to provide a futuristic look in professional workspaces. These swanky ergo tools also offer a ton of benefits! A dual screen monitor arm like the new EZKC2 from Mayline will help you maximize your work surface space while no doubt saving you time when computing. No more flipping back and forth between tabs! Dual monitor arms install via a clamp or grommet mount system that's very user friendly. These high tech units are incredibly user friendly. Once you add a dual monitor arm into your space, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one!

7.) Industrial Decor

OFM Endure Table

Much like retro seating, the industrial look has been trending in a major way in 2015. This growing office movement involves the use of metal, glass, and wood tones to create heavy duty work environments. Industrial tables, desks, and accents offer a vintage look that's full of sophistication. Tables like the Endure from OFM will give you an awesome idea of the look we're talking about. In addition to OFM, shopping salvage and antique stores will also help you to find industrial room accents to take your interiors to the next level.

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