Thursday, February 12, 2015

Office Decor: The Cool, The Classy, and The Down Right Wacky!

The world of office furniture and seating is hotter than ever! This year the industries top brands have brought to market a ton of stylish new desks, workstations, and chairs that will no doubt take your interiors to the next level. In today's post we'll highlight the cool, classy, and down right wacky furniture solutions of 2015. Enjoy!

The Cool!

Cool Office FurnitureMayline is the king of cool. With innovative furniture lines like Medina and e5, this industry favorite is charging into 2015 with a head of steam. Mayline's pre configured desk configurations are easy to spec and integrate into both home and professional work environments. Both the Medina and e5 collections are available with unique power modules that will no doubt boost appeal and functionality.

If you're looking for cool new office furniture to highlight your professional interiors, Global Total Office has you covered. With trending lines like Zira, creating modular work environments ready for your collaborative initiatives is easier than ever. This year the Zira collection was expanded to include high tech modern conference tables and contemporary reception desks you absolutely have to see!

The Classy!

Classy Office FurnitureTraditional office furniture collections like the Cherryman Industries Emerald collection offer a look of sophistication that's simply unmatched. The luxury conference tables, desks, and accent furnishings available from the Emerald line are constructed using high quality wood veneers, elegant drawer pulls, and an attention to detail every consumer will appreciate. Interior design teams and industry professionals alike love the Emerald line as it's price point, style, and variety of products is truly impressive. If you want to class up your interiors, check out the Emerald collection in 2015!

How about some classy office chairs to boost your corporate appeal? If this sounds right up your alley, check out RFM Preferred Seating. This highly respected ergonomic chair provider takes great pride in creating comfortable, functional, and stylish seating solutions designed to help users get through those long days at the office. Trending chairs like the Verte and Ranier models are available in a wide range of fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options to match the sophistication of your decor. Combine modern ergonomics with traditional class by using RFM chairs in 2015.

The Down Right Wacky!

Strange Office FurnitureIf the standard furniture collections available in 2015 just don't showcase your business personality, consider going custom! This year we have seen some out of this world custom desks configured using airplane parts, salvaged wood, and even old cars. Custom conference room tables are also available for professional boardroom settings. These one of a kind boardroom solutions will cost a small fortune, but will also make your space stand apart from the competition!

When it comes to wacky office chairs, you'll be at no shortage of options in 2015. It's almost as if seating manufacturers have found that the crazier chair designs sell better! Chairs like the Chakra from Eurotech Seating offer a totally cool modern look that's actually quite functional. These high tech chairs focus on the body's power center to provide a comfortable sit that will have users operating at their highest productivity levels!

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