Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The 6 Foundations Of A Happy Work Day

Be Happy At Work
They say happiness is the key to life, and we tend to agree. That being said, too be productive and efficient in the workplace, you've got to be happy! In today's post we'll share the 6 essential foundations you need to follow to find happiness at the office. Enjoy!

1.) Quality Rest

A happy day at the office starts with a good nights rest. You can't operate a peak performance levels if you're groggy and tired. Don't stay up all night zoning out on TV and movies. Instead, set a reasonable bed time for yourself to ensure you capitalize on a full 8 hours of sleep. Doing so will have you ready to kick off your work day on the right foot.

2.) Breakfast

Kick off your day with a good breakfast. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it lays the foundation for productivity and happiness in the workplace. If you've got the time, sit down and have a full meal at the house before heading out the door. If you're limited on time, be sure to take a piece of fruit to work to put a little something in your stomach. No matter what, don't wait to lunch to have your first bite of food! Awesome breakfast ideas for workers on the go include smoothies, oatmeal, grits, and yogurt. Put these on your grocery list and start enjoying a happier work life.

3.) Productivity

With a good nights rest and solid breakfast you'll be ready to work. That being said, another essential key to happiness in the workplace is productivity. While enjoying your breakfast sitting, outline a plan for your day. Write down goals and tasks at your desk for your morning, mid day, and afternoon schedules. By staying on task you'll ensure productivity and a bit more happiness. When we tackle our work days with no plan, frustration and headaches are bound to follow. Outline your day, stay on task, remain productive, and most importantly, stay happy!

4.) Focus

Happiness and focus go hand in hand in the workplace. If you're focused and working productively, there's really not much to be unhappy about! That being said, if you're constantly battling distractions and getting off task, it's hard to maximize your day. When this happens, you're sure to leave work unhappy, unfocused, and behind on your important duties. To remain focused, stick to a daily plan. Achieve your daily goals, minimize distractions, and a happy day is right around the corner.

5.) Healthy Lunch

Ever come back from lunch and feel like all you want to kick back at your office desk and take a nap? You're not alone! To beat the afternoon groggies, try eating healthier. Skip the burger and fries and try something a bit more healthy. Brining your lunch into work will ensure you don't give in to your cravings when looking over the menu at your favorite lunch spot. To reward yourself for eating healthy lunches all week, have that burger on Friday. You've earned it! By eating healthy you'll be more energized and ready to tackle the remainder of your day without feeling conquered by the dreaded french fries. In turn, you'll be able to focus better on tasks, remain productive, and end you day with a smile on your face.

6.) Ergonomics

If you're working in discomfort throughout the work day, the odds are you're not to happy. Make a list of the areas where comfort can be improved around your workstation. With your list in hand, research products designed to specifically relieve these areas of their related stress. Consider switching to a modern ergonomic office chair or adding popular office accessories like monitor arms, articulating keyboard trays, CPU holders, and other key tools designed to keep your comfy. If kick office discomfort in the butt, you'll no doubt be happier and more efficient at the same time!

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