Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Apollo Seating

Looking for a versatile seat to go anywhere in your office? Look no further than Eurotech. This brand has churned out some amazing ergonomic seating solutions over the years, with chairs to fit in every environment, from the executive desk to the training room. In today's article, we'll explore one of their more popular models, the Apollo series. Find out why these stylish mesh chairs may be the best for your office!


Framed in clean-cut, industrial strength plastic and stretched over with a sultry black mesh for breathable comfort, Apollo chairs by Eurotech boast lightweight materials for a lightweight feel. The Apollo line offers seating in a variety of stylings to go all over the office, from the waiting area to the training room. Clad in black, the chairs will blend easily into the backdrop of most offices, so as to not draw attention away from interior design. Modesty, versatility, and comfort are the Apollo line's greatest assets. It's no surprise to find this line of best selling office chairs in every corner of the workplace!


If there's one thing Eurotech has become an expert in, it's ergonomic comfort. Every one of Eurotech's chairs has been designed with years of study on how the human body performs in office-related environments. The Apollo series is no different. Models like the MTHB94 Apollo mesh ergonomic chair, users can enjoy tilt tension, synchro-tilt control, a waterfall seat, and adjustability. When adjusted according to the body's individual needs, these ergonomic controls offer extensive health benefits, including better back health and improved circulation!


Whether you're looking for high back or mid back seating solutions, the Apollo line has got you covered. This series boasts a multitude of shapes, sizes, and seating styles to ensure your office can exude a uniform feel. Although most models in the Apollo series are designed for conventional office use, they also work extremely well around other home office furniture applications. Dress up your office waiting area with the MTG9900 Apollo reception chair for sale. Even drafting experts and artists can benefit from the DFT9800 Apollo drafting chair. With so many uses, the Apollo series can go anywhere. Talk about versatile style!


Perhaps one of the reasons the Apollo series is so popular is because of the line's competitive pricing. Compared to similar seating styles, the Apollo series by Eurotech offers an excellent bargain. Here, users can enjoy the benefits of ergonomic comfort for far less than they could with other brands. Thanks to strong, breathable mesh fabric, rather than expensive leather, Eurotech is able to offer these chairs for an incredible price. The most expensive chair in the lineup, offering a high back design with a headrest and plenty of ergonomic capabilities, is the MFHB9SL-HRAP99 Apollo chair, which is currently priced at just $296.00 - far lower than the competition!

Final Grades

Thanks to a combination of high quality design, smart styling, and versatility, we proudly award the Apollo Series by Eurotech a five star rating! This line of chairs not only makes stiff competition for other brands, but even for other Eurotech seating collections for sale. Affordable quality materials and ergonomic design has helped skyrocket the Apollo series to popularity. With a pocket friendly price tag, this deal could not be sweeter!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Use These 6 Design Tips To Avoid A Boardroom Blunder!

Boardroom Makeover Tips
There's not much worse than a botched boardroom makeover project! That being said, creating a new boardroom for your business can be a fun and rewarding process. By following the 6 simple tips and ticks highlighted in today's post, you'll be equipped to avoid a boardroom blunder and design the perfect meeting area for your business.

1.) Measure, Plan, Execute

You'll wan't to kick your boardroom makeover off with a simple 3 step process. Start by measuring your space effectively and take notes of entry ways, power outlets, and windows. With dimensions in hand, plan your layout accordingly. Sketch out a few ideas of what you feel will work best for your space. During the planning stage, create a list of tasks that will need to be completed during the makeover process. Check out our example below!

  • Shop and Purchase Furniture & Seating
  • Select An Installation Service
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Prep Space (Removal of Old Furniture, Painting, Etc.)
  • Installation

Now it's time to start executing. Follow your to-do list and check items off one by one. By following your plan, you'll be far less likely to veer of course and fall prey to a boardroom blunder!

2.) Provide Elbow Room

The "how many chairs will fit around my conference table" question is asked pretty regularly in the office furniture world. On average, you'll want to provide about 3 feet of table space for each visitor you wish to accommodate. So this means that on a standard 10 ft. conference table you'll be able to sit 3 guests per side. You can also add a chair on each end of the table if you need more seating. To maximize the elbow room for your boardroom visitors, you'll want to select sleek conference room chairs for your business. Bulky chairs will minimize the seating potential of your space, thus making your room feel more crowded. Consider ribbed back chairs like the 11730B from Offices To Go and the 9826M from Flash Furniture.

3.) Storage Is A Must

Adding a simple wall cabinet to your boardroom will provide you with much needed storage. At first, you'll probably be thinking that storage is not that important in the conference room. But trust us, it really comes in handy! As you'll want to present a clean and well organized boardroom environment, having a place to store stationary and presentation materials is a must. Using wall cabinets that match your boardroom table will also accent your space and enhance visual appeal.

4.) Powered Tables Are The Way To Go

When selecting a boardroom table for your space, shop for models available with power options! In 2015, brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are the premier brands to consider for high tech boardroom tables that won't break your budget. Global's Zira tables can be outfitted with plug and play power modules with input options that include HDMI, Audio, Phone, and USB inputs. Mayline's new Medina tables can be enhanced with affordable modules that will allow you to add power to your boardroom without costing you a fortune. The days of running extension cords across the boardroom to plug in laptops and show presentations are over. If you want to create a truly professional meeting environments, you'll need a table with power. The additional investment required when purchasing your table will pay for itself with streamlined meeting efficiency and improved functionality.

5.) Provide Visual Aids

Showing is knowing! Simply explaining the important points of your boardroom presentations won't cut it these days. Visitors are far more likely to retain the info provided during your meetings if they see it as well as hear it. Incorporate a dry erase presentation board or even a Smart TV to your space. You'll be glad you did!

6.) The Difference Is In The Details

Any designer will tell you that the little details tend to make the biggest differences. While a fancy table, comfy chairs, storage, and visual aids will all help your space, if you truly want to take your boardroom to the next level, accents are a must. Consider paining your space before your furniture arrives to add a splash of color. You can also add an area rug under your table or enhanced appeal. Incorporate wall art or business accolades to showcase your boardroom even further. A snack and beverage cart is a nice addition that your guests will surely appreciate. If the budget is tight, consider adding a few minor accents at the time of your project, and then enhance your space further as needed.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Office Design: Trending Colors of 2015

While cherry, maple, and mahogany finish options will always have their place in the furniture world, businesses are looking for cool new color options to set their office interiors apart from the competition. In today's post we'll highlight 2015's hottest furniture and chair color options that will help you keep your work environments on the cutting edge. Enjoy!

Lime Green

Lime Green Office Chair

While it may seem a bit bold, lime green office chairs are in! Those looking to add a splash of color to their office space can't go wrong with lime green in 15'. Brands like Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and Mayline have all made bright green fabric and mesh colors available on their best selling office chairs. Check out the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman and you'll see why this color option has become so popular.


Gray Wood Office Furniture

Wether you're in the market for new office furniture or a new chair,  any designer will tell you that gray tones are in! Mayline's new Medina collection offers a gray steel wood finish option that's sure to make your workspace pop. In terms of gray office chairs, you can't go wrong with the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing. These retro-modern seating solutions are real head turners!


Cherryman Verde Furniture

Dark wood finishes like espresso and black cherry have become incredibly popular in 2015. These darker tones show minimal wear, thus ensuring your furniture looks great for years and years. The hottest furniture collection with espresso as a finish option is the Verde collection from Cherryman Industries. Here you will find espresso finished office desks, storage solutions, and conference room tables that are ready to rock your office space.


Modern White Lounge Chair

While white office chairs aren't the easiest to keep clean, they are still incredibly popular! Design teams and industry professionals are recommending white leather office chairs for professional boardroom makeover projects as they offer an upscale look that's sure to class up your meeting area. Match your white office chairs with dark wood furniture for a cool and cohesive look! In addition to white office chairs, white lounge furniture is also quite popular in 2015. Brands like Flash Furniture and Global Total Office are offering trendy seating collections in white leather options that are definitely worth your consideration!

Two Tone

Going two tone with your lounge chairs is just plain cool! Brands like OFM have cornered the market on the two tone design trend. With hot new chairs from collections like UNO and InterPlay, creating unique guest waiting areas is easier than ever. If you're looking to impress your office visitors in 2015, check out the seating solutions from OFM.


Red Office Chair

Another great way to spice up your office space is with a red office chair! The bold look of a red chair will make your space stand out. Red matches well with dark wood finishes like espresso and black cherry. You can also use white and metal tones to make your red chair pop in the office! Both the Woodstock Ravi and Ergo Contract Furniture Layover chair should be highly considered by any shopper looking to take advantage of this trending color option.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deal of The Week: Woodstock Marketing Office Chairs On Sale!

Woodstock Marketing has taken the seating industry by storm. Their innovative chairs combine retro and modern design influences inspired by the great musicians of the past. This week, OfficeAnything.com is offering Woodstock Marketing chairs on sale with free shipping. Take a look at some of their top rated chairs below!

1.) Hendrix

Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Office Chair

The Hendrix office chair by Woodstock Marketing was named after Jimi himself! These retro leather office chairs feature a segmented cushion design and polished frame accents. Priced at just $315.00, the Hendrix is an excellent buy. Enjoy these popular office chairs in 4 color options and 2 back heights.

2.) Creedence

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair

Woodstock's newest addition! The Creedence chair is sure to be a hit with industry professionals and design teams as it's modern design is hard to top. The Creedence chair is now available for just $329.00 and offer high end ergonomic features like adjustable arms and a multi functional tilt lock mechanism. Choose from 4 cool color combinations to match decor and consider the addition of a cohesive headrest to obtain an executive look!

3.) Ravi

Woodstock Marketing Ravi Chair

Introducing the Ravi! A multi purpose office task chair available in super cool colors. The Ravi combines form and function to create one of the hottest new office chairs on the market. These mesh back chairs feature an adjustable tilt tension control and high density molded foam seats. The Ravi is on sale this week for just $229.00 with free shipping. Bulk discount pricing is also available for additional savings.

4.) Joplin

Joplin Leather Chair by Woodstock Marketing

A stunning option for professional conference and boardroom seating needs! The Joplin chair falls in line with the ribbed back chair craze that's sweeping the seating world. Joplin chairs are available in 4 leather colors and two back heights. The polished frame and base accents make for a nice touch that's sure to take your boardroom decor to the next level. These sleek leather conference chairs are absolutely stunning! Enjoy the Joplin for as low as $269.00 with free shipping.

5.) Sweetwater

Woodstock Marketing Sweetwater Chair

Last but not least, the Sweetwater! Once priced over $300, the Sweetwater chairs by Woodstock Marketing are now available with exclusive closeout pricing at OfficeAnything.com. Now on sale at just $140.00, the Sweetwater is an absolute steel. These versatile chairs work well for executive office, tasking, computing, and professional conference room applications. Get your Sweetwater chairs now before their gone! All 4 color options are still available in limited quantities.

Don't Forget To Contact Us Direct at 800-867-1411 for Bulk Discount Pricing and Woodstock Marketing Chair Coupons!

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What's New? Awesome Office Chairs from Eurotech Seating!

Eurotech Seating is doing big things in 2015! With cool new office chairs available like the Nuvem, iOO, Frasso and more, Eurotech is poised for success. In today's post we'll showcase 5 of the trending new chairs from Eurotech and their benefits. Enjoy!

Nuvem Reclining Executive Chair
First up, the Eurotech Seating Nuvem chair. If you're tired of the same old office chair styles, the Nuvem is a must see. These innovative ergonomic seating solutions are sure to take the seating world by storm. The Nuvem is available in a choice of black and white leather upholstery options. The black leather Nuvem chair features attractive aluminum trim while the white leather Nuvem chair is highlighted by retro-modern teak wood accents. Both of the Nuvem ergonomic executive chairs include a matching ottoman and versatile tablet arm that's sure to have you operating at peak performance levels. We warn you cautiously however, these chairs are so inviting that once you try one out, there's no turning back!

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairWith Eurotech's long time favorite Wau seating collection being discontinued, the ergo gurus have been abuzz wondering what they'd release to replace this best selling office chair line. Eurotech has answered the call with the all new iOO chair. Modern, bold, and incredibly comfortable, iOO task chairs offer a wide range of user friendly adjustment features designed to get users through those long days at the office. If it's a high performance mesh back office chair you're in search of, look no further than the iOO. Available in a choice of all black, or a swanky black and white two tone option, the iOO can be effectively used to boost office decor. Add the optional headrest for a small up charge to further enhance these near perfect office chairs.

Eurotech Seating Frasso ChairFeeling frazzled looking for a new office chair? Have no fear! Check out the Frasso from Eurotech Seating. Falling squarely in line with the ribbed back office chair craze, the Frasso is the perfect choice for professional executive office and boardroom applications. Both the high back and mid back office chairs from the Frasso collection are available with a choice of adjustable or loop arms. Standard in a rich black leather upholstery, adding a touch of luxury to your office interiors has never been easier. At the everyday low price of $345.00, the mid back Frasso chair can be yours. For just sixty bucks more you can upgrade to the high back Frasso chair with loop arms. No matter which model you choose, rest assured these chairs mean business. With contemporary lines and high end ergonomic features, the Frasso is nothing short of impressive.

Eurotech Seating Eduskate ChairIs it a chair? Is it a desk? It's both! The all new Eduskate by Eurotech Seating is an all in one workstation. Perfect for both school and professional training room use, the Eduskate is truly cutting edge. These ultra ergo "chairs" host a mobilized design, mesh seat and back, and sizable tablet work surface. The Eduskate delivers both comfort and support with it's ergonomic features. Both the black and two tone Eduskate come standard with soft padded arms, adjustable lumbar support, easy access book storage space, and handy cup holder. What more could you ask for? Designed to be a personal workspace for learning, the possibilities for the Eduskate are seemingly limitless.

Eurotech Seating Staq ChairLast but certainly not least, the Staq! With all the cool new ergonomic office chairs to choose from for yourself and coworkers, it's time to place some emphasis on guest comfort. The all new Staq chair is available in 7 modern color options and with optional casters to improve mobility. Use these modern office stack chairs in waiting room, lobby, and office reception areas to create limitless seating layouts that can be reconfigured quickly when needed. The stackable design makes for easy to clean office environments that can be reassembled in no time. Need to move the new Eurotech Staq chairs from room to room? No problem! Simply purchase the optional dolly and make your transitions a breeze. The Staq is easy to clean, incredibly durable, and undoubtedly one of the coolest new side chairs on the market.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Your Office Desk Online

There are those who have shopping down to an art form. However, for the rest of us, trying to find a good deal in-store can be a hassle. Between tricky prices and even tricker sales clerks, it's hard to know if you're really getting the most out of your money. That's why, in today's article, we'll explore the benefits of online shopping. Finding a great deal on the internet is easy, especially when you consider these useful tips!

Free Shipping

One aspect of online shopping that's becoming even more prominent in recent years is the addition of Free Shipping! Vendors who go through the trouble of applying a flat shipping rate to all of their products not only save you the depression of finding out what the price of a product plus shipping is, but they could be saving you a lot of money. Shipping rates increase with distance, so buyers who live far away from sellers could be paying far more than they bargained for. Heavier items like large desks and luxury conference tables often get charged extra by in-store vendors who will have to ship you the item anyway. Shopping products online with free shipping is one way to ensure that, no matter where you live, you are getting the best price!

No Sales Tax

Another perk from buying online is the potential for no added sales tax. Nobody likes taxes, but unfortunately all except 5 of the 50 states in America make sales tax a must. That means, if you buy in-store, you will most likely have to pay sales tax. However, most internet retailers aren't tied down to this rule if they don't operate a store in your state! That means shopping from a reliable office furniture vendor online could save you big money. Whether you're buying big or small desks, going the extra mile by calling up the dealer to inquire about bulk discounts or secret deals can save you even more, especially where no sales tax and free shipping are involved!

Wide Selection

On the internet, the limits of inventory are not confined to a back room, so naturally, online vendors often have far more furniture options to choose from. Online vendors may boast a wide selection of office desks from a number popular furniture brands and top office furniture collections so users can find exactly what they're looking for. In fact, online inventories are so huge that vendors usually offer options for users to limit their search. Shopping by price, popularity, manufacturer, size, and even oldest to newest are all common search perimeters to shop by. It definitely beats navigating a labyrinth of stacked boxes at your local furniture store!


Signing up for newsletters from your favorite furniture vendor can become an excellent tactic to save money. Email newsletters are a great way to stay up to date with a vendor's sales, closeout deals, and best of all - coupons! Online coupons typically feature codes for shoppers to enter at checkout, such as "MARCHSALE20" or something similar. Shoppers who enter these codes will receive a free price reduction. On expensive executive desks for sale, they are definitely a money saver!

Product Reviews

Shopping in-store, it's hard to know what the best product is for your needs. Often, shoppers are left only with a list of product features and the sales clerk's word of honor. Online, shoppers can review hundreds of product reviews from a multitude of sites to get the best idea for how the product actually holds up. Often, bad reviews will leave recommendations for better a product, so you're never left in the dark. Reading through the reviews of popular workstations left by actual owners will give you a better idea if the desk you want is a Humpty Dumpty or a golden egg. Doing your research could mean the difference between a successful purchase and a faulty return.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Desks of Today: Cherryman Amber Series

In 2015, office furniture shoppers are looking to save a buck without sacrificing the important features and design characteristics found in today's best selling desk collections. If this describes you, we recommend the Cherryman Industries Amber collection! The stunning executive furniture configurations available from this top casegoods line will improve your decor, functionality, and style without breaking the budget. Let's check out 5 of the hottest desk layouts from this trending collection!

Modern U Shaped Desk
First up, the AM-369 modern U shaped executive desk layout. This popular furniture set includes a 71" wide peninsula shaped front desk section with post leg, 35" wide bridge, and matching rear wall storage credenza. The AM-369 also includes a versatile overhead hutch, two drawer lateral file cabinet and bookcase hutch. Priced at $1659.00, this 8 piece office furniture set is truly an excellent value.

Cherryman Amber Desk
Looking to outfit a smaller office space with a quality desk that doesn't lack in storage? Check out the AM-316N! This corner desk configuration features 60" wide front desk with complimenting 42" wide return. The two suspended file pedestals each offer a one drawer for organizing and another for file storage. At just $660.00, you'll be hard pressed to find a better solution for your home or business.

Cherryman AM-406N Desk
How about a luxury office furniture configuration for modern executives looking to maximize the budget? No problem! The AM-406N fits the bill and then some. Priced at just $2520.00,  this 10 piece package is one of the best buys on the market in 2015. The front desk is 71" wide, the same width as the rear wall credenza. The dual bookcases accent the sides of the credenza and the overhead hutch with glass doors provides an enhanced modern appeal that's sure to elevate your interior. While the black cherry finish is the most popular, the AM-406N looks great in other available finish options that include walnut, cherry, and maple.

Home Office U DeskThe modular office desks from the Cherryman Amber collection also make welcoming additions to the home. With professional grade construction and high quality finishes, Amber desks like the AM-366 offer just what you need to take your home office to the next level. The AM-366 offers a versatile U shaped design that provides plenty of work surface space to operate. Desks like the AM-366 work well along the wall or placed in corners. As your home office floor space is likely limited, Amber desks like the AM-366 will help you maximize your square footage. At the budget friendly price of $1010.00, the AM-366 is an excellent buy!

Amber Reception Desk by Cherryman
Last but certainly not least, you'll want to create a stylish welcoming environment for your office guests. That being said, the Cherryman Amber collection includes awesome reception desks that are sure to help you do just that. Whether you're looking to outfit guest waiting areas small or large, Amber reception desks are here to help in 2015. The AM-400N is the most popular model on the market. This L shaped unit features a glass transaction counter and two storage pedestals for organizing. Need more space? No problem! The Amber desking collection by Cherryman Industries also includes a larger AM-404N station that's ready to accommodate two receptionists comfortably. There's not too much this line can't do!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ergo Advice: 7 Tips for A Better Sit

Proper Posture at Work
If you're striving to reach peak performance levels in the workplace, sitting correctly is a must! In today's post we'll share 7 tips and tricks that are sure to improve the way you operate from your chair.  The advice in today's post will help you become more comfortable, more efficient, and more productive. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Use A Headset

Pinching the phone between your neck and shoulder to talk while typing is disastrous! This bad habit will cause you to overwork the muscles on one side of your body, thus causing unnecessary strain while operating. As holding the phone to your ear will have you more effective, you'll still be down a hand to type with! Consider using a headset to solve this problem. You'll be working with better posture while reducing fatigue and neck pain.

Tip 2:  Adjust Your Chair Height

When working at your desk, your arms should bend at about 90 degrees. This will allow the muscles around the elbows and forearms to relax. To achieve this proper working position, adjust the height of your office chairs. As most all modern ergonomic chairs manufactured after 1990 offer adjustable height bases, you shouldn't have any problem making this simple correction. Keep your arms level with the keyboard tray to avoid over reaching and straining. Don't be afraid to test out multiple chair heights to achieve the most optimal working position.

3.) Get Off The Edge Of Your Seat

All too often we find ourselves hunched over the front of our seats to lean into our work. This is another bad habit that promotes poor posture! To avoid this common issue, scoot all the way into your chair to help you sit up straight. This will allow you to relax the muscles in your back. If you need to move forward, simple scoot your whole chair forward. Avoid the temptation to creep up to the edge of your seat as much as possible. If you need to lean forward regularly, don't be afraid to adjust your task chairs tilt angle. Remember, you always want to have your back in contact with your chair to remain ergonomically correct.

4.) Use A Foot Rest

You want your knees at right angles or out in front of you while working in your office chair. If your feet won't reach the ground while at this position, consider adding a foot rest to your office area. As lowering your chair height will put you at a disadvantage described in tip 1, a foot rest will help you maintain proper posture while helping to take the pressure off your knees. in 2015, foot rests and other helpful ergonomic office products are widely available from reputable brands like ESI and Symmetry Office for less than a hundred bucks.

5.) Adjust Your Computer Monitor

If you want to sit pretty, you'll need to adjust your computer monitor. The premier option for this task is an adjustable monitor arm. Adjustable ergonomic monitor arms mount directly onto your work surface, or through a grommet hole on your desk. A monitor arm will provide you with unlimited adjustment capabilities to help you maintain perfect posture at all times. Rest assured, you don't want to be looking up or down at your computer screen. You'll want to position your monitor on a horizontal line with your eyes to maintain the perfect sitting position. If you don't want to add a monitor arm to your workstation, consider propping up your computer with a stack of books. It will do the trick in the mean time!

6.) Get Your Keyboard Off The Desk

If you're still operating with your keyboard tray atop your desk surface, you're missing out to say the least! An articulating keyboard tray will provide you with a ton of ergonomic benefits specifically intended to help you sit more effectively. In addition to the increased desk space you'll save by getting your keyboard off the desk top, you'll be able to adjust quickly to a comfortable typing angle that will help you avoid common wrist pains found when typing on the surface of your desk. Want to take things a step further? Consider a sit to stand keyboard tray. These handy little devices promote continuous body movement that will boost your energy levels while working. As sitting for extended period of time is no bueno, a sit to stand keyboard tray will allow you to keep working even once you've gotten up from your chair.

7.) Practice Proper Feet Positioning

It's important to keep your feet flat on the floor or foot rest when computing at your desk. All to often we find ourselves with legs stretched out in front or behind us, and this is no good! Avoid crossing angles or tucking your feet behind the seat as much as possible. Conducting these hipster moves will will force you to arch your back, thus causing hip flexors that can otherwise be avoided.

Here's helpful rundown of tips to keep you operating comfortably in your chair!
  • Keep Your Back In Contact With The Chair Back At All Times
  • Keep Your Feet Flat On The Ground When Working At Your Desk
  • Raise Your Computer Monitor To Avoid Looking Up or Down When Computing
  • Keep Your Arms at A 90 Degree Typing Angle When Sitting
  • Add Ergonomic Accessories To Help Promote Good Posture In The Workplace
  • Post Reminders Around Your Workstation To Keep Good Posture Habits On The Brain

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Office Chair Sale at OfficeAnything.com!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from OfficeAnything.com! To celebrate, we've decided to provide some of our best selling office chairs on sale with free shipping. The deals showcased here are good through Friday! In addition, please find our list of active coupons highlighted at the bottom of today's post. Call us direct at 800-867-1411 for quotations and bulk discount pricing.

1.) Ergo Contract Furniture Layover Chair - $267.99 + Free Shipping! (7 Colors Available)

Ergo Contract Furniture Layover Mesh Chair

2.) Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair - $415.99 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair

3.) Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair - $329.00 + Free Shipping! (4 Colors Available)

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair

4.) Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair - $299.00 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Office Chair Sale

5.) Cherryman iDesk Oroblanco Chair - $321.50 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Cherryman iDesk Oroblanco Chair

6.) Cherryman iDesk Ambarella Chair - $214.00 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Office Chairs On Sale

7.) Eurotech Wau Chair - $464.00 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Eurotech Wau Chair On Sale

8.) Eurotech Concept 2.0 Chair - $525.00 + Free Shipping! (Call for Special Sale Price!)

Eurotech Concept 2.0 Chair

9.) Offices To Go 11648B Segmented Cushion Chair - $223.95 + Free Shipping!

Offices To Go Chairs On Sale

10.) Offices To Go 11730B Ribbed Back Conference Chair - $201.95 + Free Shipping!

Leather Office Chairs On Sale

Active St. Patrick's Day Office Chair Coupons: 

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: CHERRYMAN (10% Off All Cherryman Industries Furniture + FREE Shipping)

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Ergonomics 101: Sit To Stand Desks

Ergonomic Furniture
Sit to stand office desks are the latest ergonomic craze. These versatile tools help workers become more productive, more efficient, and more comfortable. In today's post we'll highlight the benefits of sit to stand desks, where to find them, and much more. Enjoy!

What Are They?

Take a traditional office desk or table and make it height adjustable. Voila! You now have a sit to stand desk. The need for improved functionality in the workplace made ergonomic furniture manufacturers introduce these cool new stations. Sit to stand desks operate via hand cranks or electronic assist legs. The hottest new models on the market in 2015 go up and down with the push of a button to provide users the ability to quickly change from sitting to standing applications.

Electronic DeskWhat Do They Do?

Sit to stand desks do more than go up and down. They provide helpful ergonomic benefits that will have you and your fellow workers operating more effectively on a daily basis. By encouraging continuous body movement while working, sit to stand desks revitalize blood flow, boost energy levels, and reduce the common body stressors that cause fatigue.

Where Do They Work Best?

Sit to stand desks work great in a variety of work environments. Whether you're an architect, artist, or  regular old office joe, sit to stand desks can help you operate more comfortably. Businesses are turning to sit to stand desks regularly to promote ergonomics in the workplace. Open floor desking configurations can no be configured with sit to stand desking sections to provide workers with the ability to quickly adapt to any situation. Sit to stand desks and similar ergonomic workstation configurations are also being utilized in classrooms and training facilities. As sitting for hours on end can actually do harm to your body, sit to stand desks really make nice additions to any intensive work space.

Adjustable Ergonomic Desk
Who Makes Them?

Specialty ergonomic brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Ergonomic Concepts, and Symmetry Office helped to push the sit to stand desking movement into the main stream. Now that these versatile ergonomic desks have become so popular, the big name furniture brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have gotten involved to further boost the craze. In 2015, nearly every furniture brand worth their salt is manufacturing some form of sit to stand workstation. If you're considering a sit to stand desk for your space, take the time to read reviews of models you're interested in. In the long run, not all models are created equal. We recommend going with a speciality ergo brand or name brand manufacturer like those listed above.

How Much Do They Cost?

Once considered speciality items that were incredibly expensive, the popularity of sit to stand desks has brought the price point down significantly. New executive style sit to stand desks like the 6048-L3 from Ergonomic Concepts can be purchased for $1699.00 and can be accessorized with a ton of cool products to further boost productivity. These unique stations are available in a variety of sizes and finish options to meet your space requirements and decor. In addition, smaller sit to stand desks like VariTask models from Mayline can be purchased for well under a thousand dollars. While hand crank adjust models are far less expensive, an electronic sit to stand desk will be far more user friendly. Units like the HE4824MSC are super easy to use and work great in corner applications. The HE4824MSC features a separate keyboard shelf, variety of finish options, and heavy duty construction. Priced at $1963.99, this is one of the best new sit to stand stations on the market.

Sit To Stand Workstations
Is A Sit To Stand Desk For Me?

Do you suffer from aches and pains directly related to sitting for long periods of time? If so, a sit to stand desk will definitely help. If neck and back aches commonly slow you down, try incorporating a sit to stand desk into your workspace. Continuously switch from sitting to standing positions when working to maintain productivity levels in optimal comfort. Take the time to research sit to stand desks and their benefits, speak to your physician about your areas of discomfort, and assess your personal ergonomic needs. Sit to stand desks have become incredibly popular for a reason. They work! That being said, if you'd like to try a sit to stand desk, try contacting a manufacturer like Global Total Office. They'll will be more than happy to let you test one of their new sit to stand desks at a factory showroom. As this industry leading brand doesn't sell direct to consumer, you'll be able to test a sit to stand desk without the pressure to buy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

All New Zira Reception Desks Available Now!

Zira Reception DeskGlobal has expanded their Zira furniture collection to include some super cool new reception desks! These versatile L shaped and U shaped configurations offer high end modern appeal and versatile storage solutions that will take your guest welcoming area to the next level.

At first glance you'll notice the luxurious look showcased by Global's new Zira reception desks. These custom configurations feature two tone finish options that really pop in the workplace. With Global's offering of 23 laminate finishes, creating a custom welcome desk to match your decor just got easy!

Need a reception desk to accommodate multiple workers? No problem! While most of the top furniture manufacturers provide single user reception desks in abundance, Global understands the needs of your modern business! With high end U shaped reception desk solutions for two and three users, Global has truly raised the bar. No need have your receptionists crammed into a station with minimal workspace. Global's Zira stations provide plenty of room to operate efficiently.

Modern Reception Desks
No office welcoming area can operate effectively without the proper storage components. While lateral files and desk pedestals will typically do the trick, Global has kicked the Zira collection up a notch by including document organizer options, custom wardrobe cabinets, and trend setting storage solutions unlike anything on the market. These modern reception desks are truly the coolest on the market!

The modular capabilities of the Zira collection make it one of the most user friendly options available. Whether you're outfitting office reception areas small or large, Global is ready to help you design a station to meet your specific business needs. Planning on expanding as the needs of your business grow? Of course you are! With Zira, you can simply add components as needed to expand your reception station. That means there's no need to buy an all new desk and break the bank.

Custom Reception DeskWith all the great features and benefits of the Zira reception furniture collection you're probably thinking "these must be expensive". And while the larger U shaped configurations can definitely be a bit pricey, they are competitively priced when compared to other custom lines on the market. Basic Zira reception desks with storage can be configured for less than $1500. You can then add the storage options and upgrades you feel are necessary to take your space over the top. Designed to accommodate any budget, the new Zira reception collection is here to change the way we look at reception furnishings!

These new stations have become an instant hit with interior design teams and industry professionals alike. With their versatility, style, functionality, finish options, and affordable price point, there's not much to criticize about these user friendly workstations. Check one out today. You'll be glad you did!