Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7 Ways To Enhance Lobby Appeal in 2015

Looking to enhance the look of your lobby this year? Look no further! In today's article, we'll be highlighting some of the top trends and gadgets to launch your workplace into the future. Find out all you ever wanted to know about some of the latest technology for office environments. Enjoy!

Tablet Mounts

You've heard of monitor arms for computer screens. In the modern workplace, they've proved their invaluable status as pieces of equipment that go above and beyond to ensure user health by keeping people from bending unnaturally to view computer screens. However, with the popularity of portable tablets, it seems many traveling businesspeople are relying less and less on the advantages of adjustable monitor arms - and the proof is in the pain. Without monitor arms to focus the user's gaze into a healthy position, necks everywhere are bending to the whims of improper posture without anything to support their tablets.
Thankfully, with the addition of tablet mounts, like the Orion-Combo by ESI, the long wait times of lobbies and waiting rooms appear to fly by! Not only can visitors occupy themselves with entertainment or business, but the articulating mounts will help encourage healthier posture and greater stability when using tablets. After all, they're already the biggest trend in conference furniture - why not include them in the lobby?

Powered Lounge Chairs

For offices that impose long wait times, complaints about poor time management from customers can be a hassle - especially when long wait times are just the nature of things. However, every office receptionist will tell you the importance of entertainment in making time pass faster. Sure, you could include the usual, but magazines and fish tanks are so 2014. This year, up the ante of your lobby with powered lounge chairs. That's right! Seating solutions like the OFM Serenity powered lounge chair actually come equipped with USB and AC outlets so users can plug in their devices and pass the time in style! Its an excellent way to impress guests, and an even more impressive way to earn the praise of business associates who are used to fighting over corner seats to plug in a laptop.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

2015 is all about the lighting! The interior design world is buzzing with bright filaments and sweeping LEDS to enhance workplace appeal. The design of an office really says a lot about a company's mission, and lighting definitely plays a part in the way the office is perceived. Industrial lighting fixtures help set the atmosphere for guests to infer the goals and mission of a company. Low-key lamps set on end tables help develop a homier feel, while bright overhead office lights and adjustable lamps give an impression of businesslike professionalism.

Versatile Storage

Finding enough storage can be a major problem for offices with tight quarters. Building up instead of out, staying organized, and tossing any unused paperwork or materials are great habits to have, but sometimes thinking outside the box reaps even better rewards. Having versatile storage solutions, like bookshelves, file pedestals, and mobile carts can massively improve workplace efficiency. Today, some users are turning to lounge chairs like the 3372LM Sirena reception chair with storage box. The smart design incorporates storage space for magazines, purses, laptops, or anything else your guests may need.

Cool Area Rugs

Need a splash of color in your reception area? Area rugs are the answer! Not only can area rugs add a bit of liveliness and artistic flair to your space, but for offices that share a building with other tenants, the extra carpeting acts as a sound barrier. For rooms that could use a some extra visual texture, rugs with patterns or elaborate designs can help fill the void. Offices with artsy walls and fancy tile may choose to soften the visual effects of the room with solid-colored area rugs. Either way, your lobby will win for style!

Trending Colors

Last year, solid whites, grays, and greens were the "it" colors of 2014. However, this season, textures have taken over. 2015 has shown us that neutral tones like grays, soft-whites, and browns are the new favorite. For those looking to keep up with the trends in their office, outfitting your lobby with gray leather lounge chairs and distressed wood furniture could be the key to winning visitors' praises. The Medina collection by Mayline offers plenty of textured desks and reception stations to outfit businesses in contemporary colors. Don't miss out!

Cool Welcome Desks 

Finally, we leave you with the cornerstone of lobby design, the addition of cool new reception desks. Any designer will tell you every room needs a focal point, and in a lobby, the welcome desk is almost always it. Not only does a welcome desk give the room a visual grounding, but it also serves a very significant purpose as the place where guests can go to find assistance and direction. The Global Zira collection meets all of these needs, providing stylish desks with modern appeal to stay attractive in 2015. Useful, powerful, and very versatile, cool reception desks are always a must in professional lobby design!

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