Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Workspace in 2015!

Traditional color options like black will always have their place in the office. That being said, if you want to kick things up a notch, adding a splash of color is the perfect way to do it! In today's post we'll highlight super cool furniture and seating that's sure to help you showcase your workplace
personality. Enjoy!

Modern Office Furniture
This year cherry, maple, and mahogany finish options of the past have seen a major drop off in popularity. In 2015, design teams and consumers alike are on the hunt for something new and different. Luckily, brands like Cherryman Industries are here to help! This highly respected office furniture and seating manufacturer offers unique collections like the verde that combine white glass accents and trending finish options like espresso and latte. If you're going for that ultra modern look in 2015, you'll love the modern office desks showcased in this extensive line. Verde also offers reception desks, storage solutions, and conference room tables to match. Adding a splash of color to your office interiors has never been easier. This full service line offers cutting edge features, unique finish options, stunning glass accents, and much more. You simply can't go wrong with Verde!

Gray Leather Office ChairWhile gray might not be the most stand out color you can use in your office space, it's certainly the trendiest. This year gray office chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing offer high end appeal that works great in professional boardroom and private office settings. These popular gray chairs avoid the traditional black and blue tones we typically see in work environments, without going to over the top. Go with a gray office chair and earn you office space the compliments it deserves. In 2015, gray office chairs are easy to find, easy to match with, and guaranteed to earn your office interiors the respect they deserve.

Purple Lounge ChairWant to set your interiors apart from the competition? Of course you do! And lounge seating solutions like the Recoil from OFM are available to help you do it! These swanky modern lounge chairs feature a modern look that's sure to wow your office visitors. Recoil chairs are available in far out color options including red, purple, yellow, green, and two tone variations that really rock. No really, these chairs chairs rock! The Recoil will allow your office guests to kick back and relax while waiting and provide an unmatched visiting experience. Recoil chairs are available for just $377.95 in 2015 in the color option of your choice!

OFM Contour ChairAs one of OFM's newsiest seating options of the year, the Contour is already enjoying high praise and industry success. These barrel style loungers feature lower level storage compartments that are sure to help you maximize space in waiting room, lobby, and reception areas. Available in stunning color options like Aqua and Leaf Green, Contour chairs are far from ordinary. These mobilized reception chairs offer excellent comfort and a unique look that's sure to take your corporate appeal to the next level. Any office design team will tell you, if you want cool and colorful seating, check out the hot products from OFM!

Zira Boardroom Furniture
It never hurts to have a wide range of color options at your disposal when designing a new office space. And if it's options you want, you'll find more than enough from Global Total Office. This custom furniture and seating manufacturer takes pride in creating cutting edge office chairs, conference tables, and modular workstations that are a cut above the competition. While Global's standard 3 to 4 week manufacturing time may be a bit lengthy for those in need of new furniture in a hurry, those that can afford to wait will be highly rewarded with the superior craftsmanship and style that Global products offer. This year, no Global line is hotter than Zira. The all new conference tables and reception stations added to this collection has sent it's popularity into the stratosphere. With fancy new color options like Winter Cherry, White Chocolate, Absolute Acajou and more, finding a color combination that expresses your personality is a breeze. Global's Zira furniture can be custom designed to feature unique two tone finish combinations that don't cost a penny extra. If you want to add a splash of color and keep your interiors on the cutting edge, go with Zira!

Red BarstoolsLooking to add a splash of color to your home office? Check out the chairs from Flash Furniture! This affordable chairs from Flash are perfect for the home. Cool models like the WA-3074 from Flash are just $79.99. Available in orange, white, yellow and other cool tones, these comfy little chairs even make the perfect gift. In addition to office chairs, Flash Furniture also provides super cool and colorful bar stools that work great in home settings. With most of their models available for under $100, you can add the touch of color needed to boost your home decor without spending a small fortune! Still need more? No problem! Flash Furniture expanded their already enormous product offering in 2015 to include modular lounge seating including sofas, lounge chairs, and love seats. Available in swanky upholstery options like white leather, Flash lounge and reception furniture is hard to top. If you're looking to save a bundle without sacrificing quality, you simply can't go wrong with the colorful office chairs, bar stools and lounge seating from our friends at Flash!

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