Monday, March 2, 2015

How To Control Your Office Comfort 2015

Comfort at Work
Having the best ergonomic office products in the world is great. However, if you don't take the time to master these products and their benefits you won't gain much by adding them to your workspace. In today's post we'll share how to better learn your ergo items to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Control your comfort in 2015 to become more productive and effective!

Here at, we believe that office comfort starts with the chair. To operate at your best, a quality ergonomic chair is a must. If your chair is unsupportive and you are experiencing back pain regularly, it's time for an upgrade. As budget is likely a primary concern, you'll be happy to know that industry leading brands like Cherryman Industries, Eurotech Seating, and Offices To Go are offering excellent seating solutions available for less than $500. The chairs available from these top notch seating manufacturers are sure to help you combat back pain and achieve higher levels of efficiency in the workplace.

iDesk Oroblanco ChairOnce you add your new office chair, it's time to master it! Don't just settle for the factory settings and expect to be at your best. Take the time to review the manual and test the different settings of your new chair. In 2015, most ergonomic chairs are outfitted with standard features that include adjustable arms, tilt tension, tilt lock, pneumatic seat height adjustment and much more. When combined, these attributes will help you compute with better posture and take control of your office comfort.

Here's a 5 basic office chair tips to help reach peak comfort levels:

  • Keep your back in contact with the chair at all times when sitting.
  • Adjust seat height regularly to stay at eye level with the computer screen.
  • Don't slouch. Adjust the tilt angle of the chair as you lean forward to avoid back pain.
  • Adjust your chair arm height, weight, and depth to maintain correct posture.
  • Maintenance your chair regularly to ensure its adjustment features work properly for years to come.

Retractable Keyboard Tray
Office comfort does not stop at the office chair! Brands like Symmetry Office and ESI specialize in versatile workplace tools designed to further enhance productivity. When accessorizing your space with ergonomic items, start with an articulating keyboard tray. As these helpful items have become industry standards for professional work environments, they are a must have to avoid wrist pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. All articulating keyboard trays will also help you save valuable desk space. Just think about how much room that keyboard tray takes up sitting on your work surface!

Dual Monitor ArmIn addition to the keyboard tray, you'll want to add a monitor arm to your space. Another great tool for increasing your amount of usable desk space, the monitor arm is incredibly versatile and a must have for workers looking to maximize productivity. Dual screen monitor arms are even better! No more flipping between tabs throughout the day. Use two screen at once and step into the modern age of ergonomics. While adding a monitor arm will come at the expense of purchasing an additional computer screen, the time saved computing will no doubt make this investment pay for itself in no time.

CPU Holder
They say the little details make the biggest difference in the workplace and we tend to agree! That being said, easy to use ergonomic products like CPU holders and foot rests will help you take control of your office comfort in 2015. CPU holders will help you create additional leg space and prevent those pesky trips under the desk to plug in devices. Foot rests take the pressure of your knees while sitting while simultaneously boosting blood flow and improving posture. For less than $300, you can add two helpful tools that may not seem like much, but provide benefits to your body that will no doubt help you to achieve superior comfort behind the desk.

Office HutchCan you reach optimal comfort in an overly crowded and messy work environment? We think not! To  put it simply, organization plays a major role in office comfort. To conquer the dreaded messy office monster, create an organizing plan for your week. Devote a few minutes at the end of each day to put away files, throw away snack wrappers, and maintain your workspace. Organizing at the end of each day ensure you arrive to work the following morning to a space that's ready to function properly. Get organized in 2015 to avoid common frustrations and stress. A clean workspace is happy, and a happy work space is far better suited for comfort! If your space is limited on size and lacking storage, consider adding space saving solutions like wall mount hutch units and mobilized desk pedestals that fit nicely under work surfaces!

In the long run, you have to be committed to obtain long term comfort in the workplace. Start with a plan, list your goals, and start to execute. A staggering percentage of office workers report pain in the workplace that could likely be solved with the proper integration and use of ergonomic tools. Find an office chair that meets your specific needs, incorporate ergonomic accessories designed to improve efficiency, practice good posture, and get organized. 2015 can be your foundation for comfort in the workplace, but only if you strive for it!

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