Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interior of the Month: Zira Conference Room by Global Total Office

Global Zira Boardroom
As one of the top names in the industry, one can expect only the best from Global Total Office. Those who encounter their Zira office furniture collection will always get just what they're looking for. The Zira collection offers the epitome of professional style with a unique rustic flair that still manages to blend perfectly into the contemporary business climate. That's why we're featuring a dazzling professional conference space furnished in Global's Zira collection for this installment of "Interior of the Month." Enjoy!

Upon entering this conference room, one is immediately struck by the seamless blend of modern fixtures with classic Western American styling. Highlighted by a stunning 10' rectangular conference table, the geometric motif of this room emphasizes strength and historic power. At the same time, the tabletop appears to float its supports, adding an element of weightlessness that softens the room to a calm atmosphere. The light neutral tones of the stonework walls and carpeting give the room a nice balance of visual texture to compliment the solid finish of the table.

Global is well known for providing extensive styling options to fit every interior, and the Z48120REE 10' Zira conference table featured here is no different. Available in more than fifteen colorful laminate finishes, this table can merge with almost any color scheme. Accentuated by a brushed cobalt base, the table offers extensive appeal to this stylish interior.

Style isn't the only thing that matters in the business world, though. While an attractive boardroom is certainly eye-catching, visual candy is a hollow accomplishment in a room that can do little else. Thankfully, Global Total Office has got us covered. Not only does the Zira line offer plenty of style options, but it also integrates optional power capabilities. Every conference table in the Zira furniture collection can be outfitted with power modules for improved business performance. Incorporating multiple power options including HDMI, AC, USB, phone and audio will add efficiency and versatility to your already stylish workspace. Mounting a few ergonomic monitor arms to the table, like the SY-TH-1 tablet mount by Symmetry, will enable guests to use tablets or computers. As a finishing touch, the "smart" flatscreen TV will allow for sophisticated presentation!

However, this interior isn't all table. Affordable Supra 5331-4-UB fabric chairs add a spark of color and comfort to this otherwise neutral office space. Not only are these chairs friendly to the pocketbook, but they are also equipped to provide comfort during those long business dealings. A tilt tension control and lock, with waterfall armrests, leave users feeling refreshed. The Supra collection is available in multiple stylings, but if this chair isn't for you, don't fret. Global Total Office manufactures a cornucopia of versatile seating options, offering fabric, mesh, and leather seating solutions for offices everywhere.

Only the most discerning of eyes may notice the classy touch in the corner of this meeting room, but never take the simplicity of a beverage cart for granted! Although low tech, beverage carts provide corporate guests with refreshments to see them throughout long meetings. This leaves an impression of hospitality, which they will carry with them to every other company that doesn't offer the same thing. This singles your business out in their mind as one that goes the extra mile. Beverage carts cover all the bases!

All in all, we give this interior an A+. Its elegant blend of classical style and contemporary appeal satisfy visual wonder as well as professional necessities. The powered conference table equips this room for many years of use in a technologically advanced world, and the beverage cart balances the needs of office guests with grace and hospitality. This room is truly an exemplary spectacle of high end conference furniture design. And the room has to thank Zira furniture and Supra seating for its outstanding success!

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