Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Apollo Seating

Looking for a versatile seat to go anywhere in your office? Look no further than Eurotech. This brand has churned out some amazing ergonomic seating solutions over the years, with chairs to fit in every environment, from the executive desk to the training room. In today's article, we'll explore one of their more popular models, the Apollo series. Find out why these stylish mesh chairs may be the best for your office!


Framed in clean-cut, industrial strength plastic and stretched over with a sultry black mesh for breathable comfort, Apollo chairs by Eurotech boast lightweight materials for a lightweight feel. The Apollo line offers seating in a variety of stylings to go all over the office, from the waiting area to the training room. Clad in black, the chairs will blend easily into the backdrop of most offices, so as to not draw attention away from interior design. Modesty, versatility, and comfort are the Apollo line's greatest assets. It's no surprise to find this line of best selling office chairs in every corner of the workplace!


If there's one thing Eurotech has become an expert in, it's ergonomic comfort. Every one of Eurotech's chairs has been designed with years of study on how the human body performs in office-related environments. The Apollo series is no different. Models like the MTHB94 Apollo mesh ergonomic chair, users can enjoy tilt tension, synchro-tilt control, a waterfall seat, and adjustability. When adjusted according to the body's individual needs, these ergonomic controls offer extensive health benefits, including better back health and improved circulation!


Whether you're looking for high back or mid back seating solutions, the Apollo line has got you covered. This series boasts a multitude of shapes, sizes, and seating styles to ensure your office can exude a uniform feel. Although most models in the Apollo series are designed for conventional office use, they also work extremely well around other home office furniture applications. Dress up your office waiting area with the MTG9900 Apollo reception chair for sale. Even drafting experts and artists can benefit from the DFT9800 Apollo drafting chair. With so many uses, the Apollo series can go anywhere. Talk about versatile style!


Perhaps one of the reasons the Apollo series is so popular is because of the line's competitive pricing. Compared to similar seating styles, the Apollo series by Eurotech offers an excellent bargain. Here, users can enjoy the benefits of ergonomic comfort for far less than they could with other brands. Thanks to strong, breathable mesh fabric, rather than expensive leather, Eurotech is able to offer these chairs for an incredible price. The most expensive chair in the lineup, offering a high back design with a headrest and plenty of ergonomic capabilities, is the MFHB9SL-HRAP99 Apollo chair, which is currently priced at just $296.00 - far lower than the competition!

Final Grades

Thanks to a combination of high quality design, smart styling, and versatility, we proudly award the Apollo Series by Eurotech a five star rating! This line of chairs not only makes stiff competition for other brands, but even for other Eurotech seating collections for sale. Affordable quality materials and ergonomic design has helped skyrocket the Apollo series to popularity. With a pocket friendly price tag, this deal could not be sweeter!

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