Monday, March 9, 2015

These Awesome Ergonomic Office Products Reduce Fatigue In The Workplace!

Looking to boost performance in the workplace? If so, you'll need to reduce fatigue! Luckily, with the proper use of a few helpful ergonomic products you can do both. In today's post we'll highlight the 5 best ergonomic products of 2015 for reducing fatigue in the office. Kick your functionality into high gear with these awesome items today!

Spree Mesh Office Chair
Comfort in the workplace starts with the office chair! As you're main operating platform, having the right chair for your specific needs and body type is a must. In fact, the right ergonomic chair will help you compute more effectively, adjust quickly, and reduce fatigue. This year brands like Global Total Office are paving the way with innovative new chairs like Spree. These highly ergonomic seating solutions promote good posture and provide a user friendly sitting experience that's sure to be appreciated. If you're fighting fatigue and discomfort in the workplace, we recommend testing a few new office chairs in 2015. You'll be surprised at just how much the right chair can do for you!

Articulating Keyboard Tray
The articulating keyboard tray is a must for any professional work environment. The ability to set the angle at which you compute while simultaneously increasing the amount of usable desk space is a no brainer. The best ergonomic keyboard trays from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Symmetry Office will help you reduce the risk of pain in the workplace. By computing in posture perfect positions and quickly adjusting when needed, you'll be able to better prepare yourself in the battle against fatigue.

Dual Screen Monitor ArmDoing less and achieving more. Who doesn't like the sound of that?  If you're tired of clicking between tabs repeatedly when surfing the web, then solve the problem with a dual screen monitor arm. These helpful ergonomic tools improve the rate at which you operate behind the desk and will take your computing to a whole new level. The standard monitor bases that accompany your computer at purchase just won't cut it anymore. Integrating a dual screen monitor arm into your space will help you reduce fatigue by reducing the amount of motions necessary to get through your day. The dual screen mount easily adjusts to help you maintain eye-level operating positions and also increases desk space when compared to that hefty base that came with your computer. Do less and achieve more with a dual screen monitor arm in your workspace!

Adjustable CPU Holder
Stop fighting through a sea of crumbs and candy wrappers to route wires and plug in devices under your desk. Incorporate an adjustable CPU holder into your workplace today and protect your computer power source against water damage and theft while simultaneously reducing fatigue. Let's be honest, if you've ever made the dreaded trip under the desk, you've resurfaced tired! By mounting your CPU directly underneath the work surface, you'll have far easier access when needed. It's also exhausting to bang you knee into the side of your CPU! Most of the best CPU holders feature track mounting systems that allow you to move the CPU out of the way when not in use. You can pick up one of these trending ergo devices for under $150 in 2015. The Symmetry Office locking CPU holder pictured on the right is just $120. Once you add a CPU holder to your space, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Sit To Stand WorkstationSit to stand office desks are the latest craze. The ability to quickly adapt to any situation, improve blood flow, and eliminate body stressors make sit to stand ergonomic workstations a smart decision for any business. These fatigue reducing tools will boost energy levels by promoting continuous body movement in the workplace. Sit to stand desks and tables like the Foli from Global Total Office and RGE from Mayline are easy to operate. While sit to stand desks were once only available in hand crank models, these technologically advanced solutions quickly go up and down at the touch of a button! As cutting edge sit to stand workstations are still a bit new to the industry, they definitely come at a cost. We recommend visiting a Global Total Office factory showroom and giving a sit to stand station a try before purchasing.

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