Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Should Schools Use Standing Desks?

"Don't smoke, and stay in school!" Sounds a lot like the advice every superhero that's ever existed has given to kids at some point or another. So why then, if "sitting is the new smoking," are schoolchildren all over America compelled to sit for up to 8 hours a day? In today's article, we explore this question and more, offering potential solutions to keep kids fit and focused in school by letting them stand up for their health - literally!

Health Versus Habit

According to data gathered by, the American Cancer Society has found that 48% of men and 94% of women who sat for more than 6 hours a day have a greater premature mortality rate than people who chronically stand. Mayo Clinic has also found that between 50-70% of Americans spend exactly that amount of time sitting on average, what with the amount of time driving, eating, and watching TV take up. Add in all this data to the lifestyle of a student, who must sit for virtually the entire day, except for the 5-minute walk between classes, and it's no wonder childhood obesity and poor health are skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, the benefits to be gained from standing are great! Not only is the human body better designed for standing up than sitting, but standing also promotes better health benefits. Smithsonian magazine has reported reduced risk of cancer, premature death, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes as the benefits of simply standing rather than sitting.

The Proposition

Given this information, one could easily see the benefits standing desks have to offer schools. Of course, with the funding schools receive, the prospect of displacing the traditional seated desk may seem daunting. However, there are plenty of small adjustable student desks out there to meet the demand. Office furniture brands like Mayline have already produced a number of viable alternatives to seated student desks, such as the affordable 945 Eastwinds mobile computer desk for sale. Many online furniture dealers offer bulk discounts in addition to the low prices, to help offset the expense of providing enough desks for a growing student body.


Of course, changing the landscape of a classroom from seated to standing will undoubtedly bring with it some unforeseen consequences. For teachers, there is much to be gained! In elementary classrooms, ergonomic standing desks provide young children the opportunity to unleash some of their pent-up energy, as the act of standing burns more calories than sitting down. Anxious kindergartners might be allowed to do a few quick jumping jacks or stamp their feet when feeling restless, and because everyone is standing anyway, a little extra movement won't be nearly as distracting.

In upper grades, lethargic teenagers will benefit from an energy boost. Rather than feeling inclined to nap on a desktop, as hours and hours of continuous sitting often encourages, the energy and awareness required by standing encourages better focus. Plus, it's harder to hide texting and falling asleep from a standing position...


Unfortunately, too much standing can be just as tiring as never standing at all. And there are a few downsides to a standing lifestyle - the first and foremost being that too much standing can contribute other health problems. Even though experts agree standing reduces the risk for metabolic issues and improves digestion, standing all day can cause physical strain. Too many hours of standing causes soreness in the feet and legs. It has also been known to contribute to circulatory problems, since blood flowing down to the legs has to pump harder to get back to the heart. And on a financial note, schools offering height adjustable desks would also have to offer additional student seating, so kids could take seated breaks to prevent these negative health conditions.


However, the downsides caused from the prospect of too much standing are easily overcome by well-planned, seated breaks. Offering students the opportunity to sit down for 15-30 minutes or so can take the risk of tiring out of the mix. In the end, standing desks have so much more to contribute on the good side of things than the bad. By offering sit to stand desks and workstations for students, schools could make a critical impact on the health of their student body. Not only would kids experience better metabolic health, better digestion, and excess weight loss as a result of standing, but they could also experience improved focus and energy. Talk about a good lesson learned!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Office Chair Assembly 101

Office Chair Assembly
Office chair assembly is nothing to be afraid of! All too often, shoppers purchase a new chair and find themselves stressed about this simple process. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight the tips and tricks you'll need to handle basic office chair assembly effectively. Enjoy!

Tools For The Job:

Before you start assembling your office chair, you'll want to have a few basic tools on hand. While it's likely your chair will come with a small wrench, having your own set of sockets and allen wrenches on hand is definitely recommended. If you're assembling multiple office chairs, an electric drill will really come in handy and speed up the process! You'll also want to have a first aid kit on hand. Even though chair assembly accidents are rare, it's better to be safe than sorry. Instructions are also a must. If your chair did not come with instructions, most can be quickly found online. You may also consider checking out an instructional assembly video if you can't find the instructions for your specific chair.

Attach The Casters:

Office Chair BaseOnce you've got your needed tools and instructions on hand, it's time to start assembly. Most office chairs will ship to you in a box with the casters separated from the base. Locate your chairs wheels and 5 star base in the packaging materials. Simply plug in or screw in the casters to avoid misplacing them during the assembly process. Once complete, sit the base aside and move ahead.

Office Chair Pneumatic CylinderAttach The Pneumatic Cylinder:

The pneumatic cylinder is the piece that connects your chair base to the seat and mechanism. As most all ergonomic computer chairs manufactured after 1990 come standard with a pneumatic cylinder, this is one step you're sure to encounter. Simply locate the pneumatic cylinder and plug the larger end into the opening in the 5 star base you just used in the previous step. Once attached, give the cylinder a good push to ensure it's secure. The silver end of the cylinder should be facing up if done correctly.

Attach The Mechanism:

Office Chair MechanismNext you'll want to attach the ergonomic mechanism to the chair seat. The mechanism is your chair's brain and controls most of the adjustment functions you'll be using to get comfortable. In the hardware package included with your chair, locate the appropriate screws and attach the mechanism to the seat using an allen wrench or socket. Be sure to look for pre-drilled holes in the base of your office chair. These will help you attach the mechanism correctly and facing in the right direction.

How To Attach Office Chair Back to SeatAttach The Back:

Once the mechanism is attached securely to the base of your chair, it's time to connect the back. In some cases the back will connect directly to the mechanism. In others, the back will connect directly to pre-drilled holes in the chair seat. Your instructions should identify which method is preferred for your chair. Use the screws or bolts included with your chair and attach the back accordingly.

*Bonus Tip: If you're having trouble lining up the holes on the seat and back, don't stress! This is a common issue. Grabbing a coworker or family member to help is preferred. However, if you're by yourself, using your desk surface or the box your chair shipped in can really help provide you with much needed stability during this essential step.

T Shaped Office Chair ArmsAttach Arms:

If you're going ergo, it's likely your chair features adjustable arms. Attaching chair arms is pretty straight forward and can be handled in less than 10 minutes. In most cases, office chairs feature T shaped arms that will attach directly to the outer edges of the chair seat. Some high end office chairs require you to attach the chair arms directly to the mechanism to provide you with enhanced functionality when working. Typically, arms will attach with a few bolts that should be included with chair hardware. Attach them accordingly and move on to the final step!

Attach Chair Frame to Pneumatic Cylinder:

At the end of the assembly process you'll be left with two main components. The 5 star base with the pneumatic cylinder and the main frame of your office chair will need to be connected effectively before you can start using your chair correctly. In the center of you chair mechanism you'll notice an empty hole. This is designed to receive the silver end of your pneumatic cylinder. Simply lift the chair by the arms, line up the cylinder and receiver port, and plug in accordingly. Once plugged in, give your chair a firm push to ensure the cylinder is properly seated. With assembly complete,  it's time to start testing your chair's adjustable features and getting comfortable!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Deal of The Week: Alba Conference Tables On Sale!

This weeks hot deal is on Global Total Office Alba series conference tables! If you're considering a meeting area makeover project, this is one sale you don't want to miss. In today's post we'll highlight 5 of Global's best selling Alba tables and their unique style characteristics. In addition to the deals listed below, all of the conference tables at are available with free shipping for added value. Happy shopping!

8' Conference Table On Sale
First up, the GRT8WL model 8' conference table with metal legs and racetrack top. This modern table  offers high end appeal at a price point any shopper will appreciate. This week the GRT8WL is available this week at for just $549.99. Choose from a variety of cool leg and surface finish options to meet your decor needs. Save an extra $25 with coupon code FP3400 today!

10' Elliptical Conference Table
Elliptical conference tables are in! As businesses are always looking to keep things fresh in the conference room, elliptical tables have become one of the years hottest trends. Models like the GEL10WSTM from the Alba collection are amongst the most popular and most affordable on the market. Priced at $781.99, this 10' elliptical conference table features a metal leg design and modern appeal that's sure to earn your meeting area the compliments it deserves. Choose from more than ten laminate surface finish options, including quick shipping finishes for shoppers in need of their new conference table in a hurry.

Conference Tables On Sale in AprilRectangular conference tables are the practical choice for businesses looking to maximize seating without sacrificing valuable appeal. That being said the GR6LTM is an excellent option that's ready to help you do just that! This small boardroom table from the Alba collection features a 6' top and sleek metal legs. Available this week for just $480.99 with free shipping, the GR6LTM is an excellent buy that will leave you with budget to spare for new conference chairs to match.

Round Meeting TableLimited on floor space? No problem! The Alba conference and meeting table collection has you covered. With products like the GC36CF model 36" round top table, meeting your space requirements and budget just got easy. Available in all of the same popular finish options as it's larger counterparts from the Alba collection, the GC36CF is incredibly versatile. Use these round meeting tables in private office environments, break rooms, and even training spaces with ease. Rest assured, there's not much the Alba collection can't do! The GC36CF is on sale this week for just $299.99 at Bulk discount pricing available for additional savings. SaleIn addition to the best selling Alba tables listed above, is offering additional models like the GR8WSTM, GEL12WSTM, and GR6STM on sale this week with free shipping. Need to power up your conference room in 2015? Don't forget to inquire about the factory installed modules now available for the Alba line. These power modules offer versatile input options that will streamline your meetings while improving efficiency and functionality.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April's Coolest Office Desks

With all the new life and rebirths happening, few times are better for decorating than springtime, and this month's stylish furniture is sure to knock your socks off! Desks are often the largest feature of an office, so it's crucial that they look sophisticated and professional. Here, we've compiled a few of our favorite desk models for the home and workplace. Add them to your office today to give your tired old office a makeover that shows spring has sprung!

Mayline Medina Desk

Nothing catches the light quite like a gray steel finish, and that's exactly what you'll find on the furniture series by Mayline! The Medina Series 6 piece furniture set is perfect for both homes and public offices. The setup includes a stunning steel gray desk, a curved desk extension and return, center drawer, low wall cabinet, and wall mount hutch for space-saving storage. However, the Mayline Medina furniture series doesn't limit itself to just one setup. Actually, the brand offers numerous furniture pieces in two other finish options as well. Add it to your office today for a price that won't break your bank!

Zira Reception Desk

When it comes to welcoming, few things make a better statement than a gorgeous reception desk at the head of the office. And when it comes to gorgeous reception desks, few brands offer a better choice than Global Total Office. The Zira line from Global offers one of the most amazing selections of office reception desks. But for springtime, we've selected the contemporary U shaped desk for the most refreshing look. This stunning reception desk offers numerous features that make it a hit with office professionals and interior design teams. With the Zira-Reception-13 in your lobby, guests will rest assured they're in the right place!

Ergonomic Concepts Workstation

For those seeking to live a more healthful office life, this next desk might be the answer you're looking for. Not only does the ECI-6048-L3 workstation by Ergonomic Concepts make the perfect addition to an office makeover, but it also provides an electric height adjustment. This way, users have the option of sitting or standing at the desk to promote a more well-rounded work style. Reinvent your office and yourself with the height adjustable ergonomic desk offered at an affordable price.

Cherryman Industries Desk

Sleek and shiny are the staples of Cherryman Industries style, so it's no surprise that the VL-742-V633 table desk by Cherryman offers both! This pretty table desk makes the perfect addition to a home or business office. The white modesty panel offers the perfect contrast to the dark wood finish of the tabletop. Offered in either an espresso or latte finish, users have the option of choosing whichever color best fits their existing office decor. The discount price makes this simple wood office desk the perfect thing to dress up your workplace in April!

Mayline Aberdeen Desk Layout

And finally, we leave you with the brightest of the bunch to dazzle your coworkers this spring. The Mayline Aberdeen Desk Layout offers more than just good looks. It also boasts all the furniture you need to make a full office setup for an amazing bargain. The deal includes a bowfront desk, credenza, box pedestal, file cabinet, hutch, and two management systems. Of course, the bowfront desk may be purchased individually for those seeking a simple upgrade. Showcased here in a bright maple finish, this affordable office furniture set is also offered in a cherrywood and mocha finish!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech FX2 Seating

The all new Eurotech FX2 seating collection is super cool! These trendy new task chairs offer excellent ergonomic benefits, modern appeal, and a whole lot more at a price point any shopper will appreciate. In today's post we'll review the new FX2 chairs in all their glory. Enjoy!


Eurotech FX2 Open Back Chair in Black

At first glance you'll notice the contemporary vibes the FX2 putts off. These sleek task chairs make a distinctive visual statement with their design characteristics. The chair back features a unique opening between the spine and upholstered surface that allows the FX2 to flex and move effectively when operating at work. If you're looking to purchase an office chair that earns your office space a few compliments, the FX2 is definitely worth a look!


FX2 Ergonomic Task Chair

FX2 ergonomic task chairs from Eurotech offer far more than just good looks! The innovative, multi-tiered seat back flexes with the user for a more contoured fit, providing comfort and correct support in whichever direction you choose to go. Standard ergonomic features like automatic tilt tension, tilt lock, syncro tilt, adjustable arms, and a weight actives mechanism take the FX2 over the top. These awesome new chairs will keep you comfortable and productive during those long days at the office!


FX2 Task Chair - Rear View

Eurotech introduced the new FX2 seating collection with two distinctive variations. The open back FX2 chair is our favorite. The modern look and sleek curves offer unmatched wow factor and appeal. In addition, the full back FX2 chair is a bit more suited for the general public. If you're not looking to go overly modern, or make a statement with your office chair, the full back FX2 is the way to go. Both the open back and full back models are available in a choice of black and gray upholstery options.


Gray FX2 Task Chair by Eurotech

The FX2 chair can be used effectively in both home and business environments. The adjustability of the FX2 makes it a great option for intensive use applications where sitting for long periods of time is unavoidable. The modern appeal of the open back FX2 has us seeing these swanky taskers accenting boardrooms, conference rooms, and professional meeting areas. Rest assured, there's not much these versatile task and computer chairs can't do!


Eurotech Seating FX2 in Black

Both the open back and full back FX2 chairs are available in 2015 for just $280.00. Eurotech has introduced these chairs with free shipping to provide shoppes with additional savings. At under three hundred bucks you'll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable office chair for even twice the price. The FX2 is a great buy that should be considered by any shopper looking to get comfortable on a budget!

Final Thoughts:

Eurotech Seating FX2 Open Back Chair - Rear View

We give the FX2 4 out of 5 stars. Eurotech hasn't given us much to criticize about these new chairs. The FX2 ergonomic computer chair is stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. That's the full package! They ship quick, making them an awesome option for shoppers in need of new chairs in a hurry. We'd like to see a polished frame and base option for the executives, but other than that, the FX2 is pretty much the perfect task chair!

Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Reasons To Love The New iDesk Muse Chair by Cherryman!

Muse Chair by Cherryman
The all new iDesk series Muse chair from Cherryman Industries is nothing short of impressive. These  trending side chairs offer high end appeal that's sure to impress your office guests. In today's post we'll share 5 reasons to love the new Muse. Enjoy!

1.) Style

Retro ChairAt first glance you'll be blown away by the Muse chair! With the perfect blend of retro and contemporary style characteristics, the Muse chair is the perfect choice for guest waiting areas. The curved back and sleek arm lines work in harmony to form one of the coolest new chairs on the market. If you're looking to earn your office interiors some positive compliments, you can't go wrong with the iDesk Muse!

White Guest Chair2.) Versatility

The Muse works great in a variety of office applications. Use these contemporary side chairs in lounge, lobby, reception, and waiting room areas and create a unique feel that your valued visitors will love. The Muse is also customizable. Shoppers will love the ability to choose between frame and base color combinations to match decor needs. Go with the red on red Muse chair for wow factor, or keep things simple with the white on white. Mix things up by using a red frame with white or wood finished legs. The combinations are nearly endless!

Office Reception Chairs3.) Comfort

A comfortable guest chair goes a long way for your business. When your visitors are comfortable, they enjoy their wait and you create a positive impression that they'll surely remember. While the standard fiberglass frame offers plenty of support, if you're looking to make the Muse a bit more comfortable, consider adding the optional 1.5" seat cushion for just forty bucks!

4.) Price

Muse chairs are priced individually at $150.00. For added value, Cherryman has introduced all of their new iDesk chairs with a free shipping promotion that's sure to save you an extra buck. The Muse is truly one of the great seating buys of 2015. These trendy guest reception chairs will help you create unique office interiors without breaking your budget. Shoppers looking to outfit larger waiting areas with new guest chairs can take advantage of the Muse 4 pack deal to save an extra $50.

Modern Office Design
5.) Durability

With it's shaped body shell of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, the Muse offers flexibility and durability that all business will love. The heavy duty structure is easy to clean making the Muse a perfect option for healthcare environments and intensive use waiting areas. The legs of solid gas injected polypropylene create lightness and rigidity. While many businesses have to worry about the long term life of their seating solutions, the Muse also comes with Cherryman's limited lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? In the long run, the Muse series iDesk visitors chair is an incredibly stylish, versatility, and durable side chair that's definitely worth a look in 2015!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Performance Matters: The Importance of Organization in the Workplace

As they say, "you never really know what you have... until you clean your room." And the same is true for the workplace! Cleaning the office not only does wonders for productivity and efficiency, it also contributes a valuable sense of accomplishment. Performance in all aspects of the office definitely matters, and in today's article, we explore all the ways you can improve performance with a clean sweep!

Clean Up

Life behind the desk can get messy. What with spill stains on paperwork, food trapped in keyboards, and grimy computer mice - sometimes the best way to get a fresh start is to make one yourself. Organization in the office begins with cleaning up. Taking a few hours on the end of a Friday to declutter and cleanse does wonders for the overall health and outlook of office employees.

Begin by sorting through paperwork and tossing all the old stuff you'll never need again. Adding desk pedestals for storage can allow you to file away anything too important to toss out. Investing in a scanner can help you by uploading files to the computer, where they'll take up less space. Once you've taken care of the mess, break out the gloves, the cleaners, and the tool box for some routine maintenance. A deep cleaning like this once a month will keep the office healthier and furniture ship shape!


When you hear the word "organization," the layout of a room probably doesn't come to mind. Most of us today think of organization as cleaning and neatness, but the ancient Chinese knew a thing or two about the way furniture layouts affect lifestyle - and they called this revolutionary practice "feng shui." But you don't have to be a Chinese nobleman to create an effective layout. Simple measurements and consideration can work just fine. Instead of knocking out a wall, just consider what can fit in the space you've got to work with. Sometimes shopping new office furniture or getting the opinion of a professional designer is all you need. Even something as simple as a paint job can make a room appear ten times bigger!

Scale the Walls

Part of being a good warrior is making clever use of your terrain - and it's no different for warriors of the workplace. If your office is tight on square footage, one of the best ways to maximize space is by implementing wall organization. Wall storage can come in many forms, with bookshelves and filing cabinets as some of the most popular storage solutions for the office. Of course, shelving and wall boxes also provide useful alternatives. Scaling the walls is without a doubt one of the best ways to save space and enhance the appeal of any room. DIY that storage yourself, and you'll be a organizational ninja!


Going paperless may leave office desks physically immaculate, but that doesn't mean everything is organized. Even the neatest of neat freaks sometimes forget to cybersweep. Unfortunately, computers are often neglected as tools requiring routine maintenance, and this can negatively impact work performance. Scanners detecting malware and viruses may keep the computer's immunity up, but they do nothing about all the old, useless files eating up gigabytes of space. Regular maintenance your computer's hard drive, deleting old files and crummy photos, wiping history, and defragmenting are all great ways to stay productive. While you're at it, go ahead and clean out retractable keyboard trays (as they're some of the germiest things in the office). Make this a habit, and your computer will work faster, cooler, and more efficiently - and so will you!

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to organization, thinking outside the box can reap some worthwhile rewards. Rather than shopping for expensive desk organizers, tools, and hangers, try working with a little creativity. A quick sweep of the house can turn up everything you need keep modular workstations organized. Painted up egg cartons are great for sorting small items like paperclips and pushpins. Every office has binder clips for organizing cables and wires (bread tags make the perfect labels for them). Magnets can help keep papers from cluttering up the desk. And a sassy mug always makes the perfect pencil holder. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a paint set to turn your cubicle into a cool personal paradise!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shop Smart: Discount Office Desks of 2015

Finding a good deal just feels good! In today's post we'll be highlighting the years best desk buys from brands like Cherryman Industries, Mayline, and more. The executive, home, and computer desks highlighted here are sure to enhance your office appeal without breaking your office makeover budget. Enjoy!

AM-338 Cherryman Amber Series Corner Desk
First up, the AM-338 L shaped peninsula desk from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection. Priced at just $605.00, the AM-338 features a 71" wide P shaped front work surface with 35" wide return and suspended box file pedestal. With plenty of work surface space, storage, and a choice of 5 quick shipping finish options, these corner desks from Cherryman are an excellent value. In addition to the AM-338 desk, the Amber collection includes a wide range of matching tables, file cabinets, and reception furniture solutions to compliment your other key office areas.

Mayline Eastwinds Vision Desk
The master of all things office furniture, Mayline has desks for every space and budget! This world renowned manufacturer offers 10 best selling casegoods collections that are sure to make any office interior pop. Their newest line, the Medina collection, has become an instant hit with design teams and consumers alike. With design characteristics similar to those seen in Mayline's Napoli collection, Medina offers a modern look at a more consumer friendly price point. In addition to the Medina collection, shoppers looking to outfit smaller home office areas will love Mayline's Eastwinds desks. These small computer desks save space, look great, and provide a lot of bang for the buck.

Discount Computer Desk
When it comes to affordable office desks, Flash Furniture is hard to beat! This well respected furniture brand takes pride in providing budget friendly computer desks and ergonomic office chairs for both home and professional business needs. Take one look at a Flash Furniture desk like the NAN-JN-2940-GG and you'll see why Flash has become one of the hottest furniture providers of 2015! With it's combination of glass, metal, and wood laminate accents, the NAN-JN-2940-GG desk puts off contemporary vibes that are sure to impress. Available for just $108.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better desk for the money. Metal Desk

With all their innovative new lounge and lobby seating collections released in 2015, you might have missed OFM's awesome desks! Those going for the trendy industrial look can't go wrong with a desk like the 66366L. This L shaped office desk features a laminate work surface and heavy duty metal frame for long lasting durability. These popular desks are great for school and classroom applications as well as professional business interiors. If you're looking for a great desk that will last for years, check out models like the 66366L from the OFM Mesa collection. You'll be glad you did!
Glass Executive Desk
Another great option for desk shoppers in search of modern furniture is the Calico Designs OL2 glass office desk configuration. Priced at $659.99, these glass computer desks feature 4 components that work in harmony to form a really cool configuration with wow factor to spare. The main desk features a 48" wide work surface while the side desk features a smaller 42" work surface. That's 7.5' of work surface space for under seven hundred bucks! The OL2 also includes a retractable keyboard tray to keep your station looking nice and neat. It doesn't get much better than this!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Here's 5 Reasons Why A U-Shaped Office Desk Is Right For You!

U Shaped Office Desk
U shaped office desks are great for both home and professional workplace applications. Brands like Cherryman Industries, Mayline, and Global Total Office have all made their mark in the furniture world with U desks that offer a ton of benefits for any space. In today's post we'll highlight the top 5 reasons to choose a U shaped desk for your office.

1.) Plenty of Workspace

U shaped office desks provide ample workspace that's sure to come in handy. In most cases, the front section of the U desk will be a 72" wide surface designed to accommodate your computer. In addition, U shaped desks feature a return and matching 72" wide credenza for additional space. As working at a crowded, crammed, and cluttered desk is sure to reduce performance, a U shaped office desk ensures you are equipped with the work surface area needed to operate effectively.

2.) Executive Appeal

If you're going for that high end executive look, a U shaped executive office workstation will certainly help your cause! U desks offer upscale appeal that's sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Plenty of CEO's and office managers have chosen U desks for this specific reason. While the versatility of this popular desk style is certainly appreciated, the decor boost given by U shaped executive desks never hurts!

3.) Storage 

U shaped office desks offer plenty of storage space to help keep you organized and working at peak performance levels. Your average U shaped desk will be equipped with at least two desk pedestals. These helpful storage tools typically feature a combination of filing and stationary drawers to house important documents, as well as your pens, pencils, and paper clips. Higher end U shaped desks often come with overhead hutch units for even more storage space!

4.) Maximize Square Footage

The U shaped design is sure to help any user maximize their office square footage. As office space is always at a premium, U shaped desks can be used along walls and even in corners to save valuable floor space. While plenty of today's executive office furniture configurations feature a stand alone desk with a separated wall cabinet configuration, U shaped desks offer the additional space provided by the return, making them the ideal option for smaller office interiors.

5.) Modular Design Characteristics

These days it's all about going modular! The ability to quickly adapt your furniture configuration to your office needs is a real luxury. Modular U shaped desks offer users the ability to change between right and left handed configurations with ease. No need to buy all new furniture if you move to a new office. Simply adjust your current configuration and add on to it as needed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Check Out These 5 New Task Chairs from Eurotech Seating!

Eurotech Seating is doing big things in 15'. This industry leading office chair manufacturer takes pride in creating some of the most advanced ergonomic task chairs on the market. And this year is no different! In today's post we'll showcase 5 of Eurotech's coolest new chairs that you've got to see to believe. Enjoy!

1.) Tetra

Eurotech Seating Tetra Task Chair

Affordable, stylish, and comfortable! The all new Eurotech Tetra task chair is perfect for any workplace. Priced at just $177.50, you'll be hard pressed to find a more comfy office chair at even twice the price. The Tetra offers tilt tension control, swivel tilt, and tilt lock mechanism features that allow users to quickly adjust to their desired operating position. The Tetra's adjustable arms also come in handy during those long days at the office.

2.) Curv

Eurotech Curv Chair

The Eurotech Curv chair is available in both mesh and fabric variations. These adjustable task chairs are user friendly and downright comfortable. Available in 2015 for under two hundred and fifty bucks, the Curv is perfect for both home and professional workplace seating needs. Clean lines and balanced proportions are dramatically punctuated by the curved seat and back from which the Curv chair has earned it's name. The pronounced lumbar area provides excellent support that's sure to lengthen the time at which users can operate from their chair comfortably. These chairs mean business!

3.) Lume

Eurotech Lume Chair

Make some room for the lume, Eurotech's best selling office task chair of 2015! These modern mesh back chairs feature a cutting edge back design that provides excellent support. The Lume's elegant checkerboard mesh pattern makes it an obvious choice for any workspace in need of a style boost! With standard ergonomic features like adjustable arms and a syncro tilt mechanism, the Lume is ready to rock your workplace for just $279.00.

4.) Big And Tall

Eurotech Seating Big and Tall Chair

How about a little something for the big and tall chair operators? You ask and Eurotech answers the call! The all new BT350 model big and tall mesh back task chair supports users up to 350 pounds. These heavy duty office chairs feature a breathable mesh back design, thick padded seats, and adjustable arms. Eurotech's new Big and Tall chair is priced at just $282.00. At this price point, it's easily one of the best big and tall chair buys available in 2015.

5.) FX2

Eurotech FX2 Open Back Chair

If you're looking for wow factor, the new Eurotech FX2 chair has you covered! At first glance you'll be blown away by the super cool open back design and sleek curves of the FX2. These versatile task chairs look great in both home and business environments. That being said, the FX2 ergonomic computer chair offers far more than good looks. The standard ergonomic features these chairs will no doubt help users reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Not feeling the open back look? No problem! Eurotech has also introduced a full back FX2 chair available in gray and black fabric upholstery options.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Office All Stars: Top Ergonomic Furniture and Seating Brands of 2015

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. The ability to improve comfort, functionality, and performance has made ergonomic chairs, desks, tables, and various accessories incredibly popular in 2015! In today's post we'll highlight the all star brands of the ergonomic furniture and seating world. Enjoy!

1.) ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI's commitment to workplace functionality is simply unmatched. This industry leading ergo brand takes pride in creating state of the art monitor arms, height adjustable tables, and top of the line office solutions designed to to keep you operating at peak performance levels.

2.) Symmetry Office

Symmetry Office

Symmetry office products work well in both home and professional work capacities. This best selling ergonomic brand offers budget friendly workplace products that are incredibly user friendly. The monitor arms, power modules, and adjustable ergonomic workstations from Symmetry Office are amongst the best in the business.

3.) Ergo Contract Furniture

Ergo Contract Furniture

With hot new ergonomic chairs like the Circuit and Layover, Ergo Contract Furniture was a must for today's blog post. This west coast manufacturer has incorporated state of the art ergonomic features into their new chairs that will have you sitting pretty in no time. In addition to their awesome new chairs, ECF provides ergonomic desks, tables, and workplace accessories designed to meet your personal ergo needs!

4.) Global Total Office

Global Total Office

Known for their cutting edge ergonomic office chairs like the Arti, G20, and Vion, and Spree, Global Total Office has become the premier seating provider of 2015. In addition to their best selling office chairs, Global is now providing office productivity solutions and height adjustable tables like the Foli that are a must consider for any business looking to promote ergonomics in the workplace.

5.) Mayline


Mayline has taken their quality craftsmanship and reputable name into the world of ergonomics! With cool new ergonomic task chairs like the Valore, Commute, and Gist, finding an adjustable seating solution to meet your personal comfort needs is easier than ever. Mayline has also made major waves with their new RGE height adjustable table line. These user friendly workstations promote continuous body movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow.

6.) Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating

High end ergonomic office chairs you can rely on! Eurotech Seating has some cutting edge products that you have to see to believe. The all new Eduskate chair is like a workstation on wheels. The iOO task chair offers state of the art ergonomic features and provides an incredible sitting experience. The Nuvem executive lounge chair is simply incredible! This tablet arm seating solution includes a comfy ottoman and ergonomic features you'll truly admire.

7.) Systematix

Systematix Ergonomic Products

Systematix is an ergonomic brand that does it all! With the implementation of their new logo can the release of awesome new products. Systematix is now offering adjustable monitor arms for up to 8 screens as well as versatile lighting and articulating keyboard trays.