Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Reasons To Love The New iDesk Muse Chair by Cherryman!

Muse Chair by Cherryman
The all new iDesk series Muse chair from Cherryman Industries is nothing short of impressive. These  trending side chairs offer high end appeal that's sure to impress your office guests. In today's post we'll share 5 reasons to love the new Muse. Enjoy!

1.) Style

Retro ChairAt first glance you'll be blown away by the Muse chair! With the perfect blend of retro and contemporary style characteristics, the Muse chair is the perfect choice for guest waiting areas. The curved back and sleek arm lines work in harmony to form one of the coolest new chairs on the market. If you're looking to earn your office interiors some positive compliments, you can't go wrong with the iDesk Muse!

White Guest Chair2.) Versatility

The Muse works great in a variety of office applications. Use these contemporary side chairs in lounge, lobby, reception, and waiting room areas and create a unique feel that your valued visitors will love. The Muse is also customizable. Shoppers will love the ability to choose between frame and base color combinations to match decor needs. Go with the red on red Muse chair for wow factor, or keep things simple with the white on white. Mix things up by using a red frame with white or wood finished legs. The combinations are nearly endless!

Office Reception Chairs3.) Comfort

A comfortable guest chair goes a long way for your business. When your visitors are comfortable, they enjoy their wait and you create a positive impression that they'll surely remember. While the standard fiberglass frame offers plenty of support, if you're looking to make the Muse a bit more comfortable, consider adding the optional 1.5" seat cushion for just forty bucks!

4.) Price

Muse chairs are priced individually at $150.00. For added value, Cherryman has introduced all of their new iDesk chairs with a free shipping promotion that's sure to save you an extra buck. The Muse is truly one of the great seating buys of 2015. These trendy guest reception chairs will help you create unique office interiors without breaking your budget. Shoppers looking to outfit larger waiting areas with new guest chairs can take advantage of the Muse 4 pack deal to save an extra $50.

Modern Office Design
5.) Durability

With it's shaped body shell of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, the Muse offers flexibility and durability that all business will love. The heavy duty structure is easy to clean making the Muse a perfect option for healthcare environments and intensive use waiting areas. The legs of solid gas injected polypropylene create lightness and rigidity. While many businesses have to worry about the long term life of their seating solutions, the Muse also comes with Cherryman's limited lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? In the long run, the Muse series iDesk visitors chair is an incredibly stylish, versatility, and durable side chair that's definitely worth a look in 2015!

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