Monday, April 6, 2015

Office All Stars: Top Ergonomic Furniture and Seating Brands of 2015

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. The ability to improve comfort, functionality, and performance has made ergonomic chairs, desks, tables, and various accessories incredibly popular in 2015! In today's post we'll highlight the all star brands of the ergonomic furniture and seating world. Enjoy!

1.) ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI's commitment to workplace functionality is simply unmatched. This industry leading ergo brand takes pride in creating state of the art monitor arms, height adjustable tables, and top of the line office solutions designed to to keep you operating at peak performance levels.

2.) Symmetry Office

Symmetry Office

Symmetry office products work well in both home and professional work capacities. This best selling ergonomic brand offers budget friendly workplace products that are incredibly user friendly. The monitor arms, power modules, and adjustable ergonomic workstations from Symmetry Office are amongst the best in the business.

3.) Ergo Contract Furniture

Ergo Contract Furniture

With hot new ergonomic chairs like the Circuit and Layover, Ergo Contract Furniture was a must for today's blog post. This west coast manufacturer has incorporated state of the art ergonomic features into their new chairs that will have you sitting pretty in no time. In addition to their awesome new chairs, ECF provides ergonomic desks, tables, and workplace accessories designed to meet your personal ergo needs!

4.) Global Total Office

Global Total Office

Known for their cutting edge ergonomic office chairs like the Arti, G20, and Vion, and Spree, Global Total Office has become the premier seating provider of 2015. In addition to their best selling office chairs, Global is now providing office productivity solutions and height adjustable tables like the Foli that are a must consider for any business looking to promote ergonomics in the workplace.

5.) Mayline


Mayline has taken their quality craftsmanship and reputable name into the world of ergonomics! With cool new ergonomic task chairs like the Valore, Commute, and Gist, finding an adjustable seating solution to meet your personal comfort needs is easier than ever. Mayline has also made major waves with their new RGE height adjustable table line. These user friendly workstations promote continuous body movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow.

6.) Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating

High end ergonomic office chairs you can rely on! Eurotech Seating has some cutting edge products that you have to see to believe. The all new Eduskate chair is like a workstation on wheels. The iOO task chair offers state of the art ergonomic features and provides an incredible sitting experience. The Nuvem executive lounge chair is simply incredible! This tablet arm seating solution includes a comfy ottoman and ergonomic features you'll truly admire.

7.) Systematix

Systematix Ergonomic Products

Systematix is an ergonomic brand that does it all! With the implementation of their new logo can the release of awesome new products. Systematix is now offering adjustable monitor arms for up to 8 screens as well as versatile lighting and articulating keyboard trays.

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