Monday, April 27, 2015

Office Chair Assembly 101

Office Chair Assembly
Office chair assembly is nothing to be afraid of! All too often, shoppers purchase a new chair and find themselves stressed about this simple process. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight the tips and tricks you'll need to handle basic office chair assembly effectively. Enjoy!

Tools For The Job:

Before you start assembling your office chair, you'll want to have a few basic tools on hand. While it's likely your chair will come with a small wrench, having your own set of sockets and allen wrenches on hand is definitely recommended. If you're assembling multiple office chairs, an electric drill will really come in handy and speed up the process! You'll also want to have a first aid kit on hand. Even though chair assembly accidents are rare, it's better to be safe than sorry. Instructions are also a must. If your chair did not come with instructions, most can be quickly found online. You may also consider checking out an instructional assembly video if you can't find the instructions for your specific chair.

Attach The Casters:

Office Chair BaseOnce you've got your needed tools and instructions on hand, it's time to start assembly. Most office chairs will ship to you in a box with the casters separated from the base. Locate your chairs wheels and 5 star base in the packaging materials. Simply plug in or screw in the casters to avoid misplacing them during the assembly process. Once complete, sit the base aside and move ahead.

Office Chair Pneumatic CylinderAttach The Pneumatic Cylinder:

The pneumatic cylinder is the piece that connects your chair base to the seat and mechanism. As most all ergonomic computer chairs manufactured after 1990 come standard with a pneumatic cylinder, this is one step you're sure to encounter. Simply locate the pneumatic cylinder and plug the larger end into the opening in the 5 star base you just used in the previous step. Once attached, give the cylinder a good push to ensure it's secure. The silver end of the cylinder should be facing up if done correctly.

Attach The Mechanism:

Office Chair MechanismNext you'll want to attach the ergonomic mechanism to the chair seat. The mechanism is your chair's brain and controls most of the adjustment functions you'll be using to get comfortable. In the hardware package included with your chair, locate the appropriate screws and attach the mechanism to the seat using an allen wrench or socket. Be sure to look for pre-drilled holes in the base of your office chair. These will help you attach the mechanism correctly and facing in the right direction.

How To Attach Office Chair Back to SeatAttach The Back:

Once the mechanism is attached securely to the base of your chair, it's time to connect the back. In some cases the back will connect directly to the mechanism. In others, the back will connect directly to pre-drilled holes in the chair seat. Your instructions should identify which method is preferred for your chair. Use the screws or bolts included with your chair and attach the back accordingly.

*Bonus Tip: If you're having trouble lining up the holes on the seat and back, don't stress! This is a common issue. Grabbing a coworker or family member to help is preferred. However, if you're by yourself, using your desk surface or the box your chair shipped in can really help provide you with much needed stability during this essential step.

T Shaped Office Chair ArmsAttach Arms:

If you're going ergo, it's likely your chair features adjustable arms. Attaching chair arms is pretty straight forward and can be handled in less than 10 minutes. In most cases, office chairs feature T shaped arms that will attach directly to the outer edges of the chair seat. Some high end office chairs require you to attach the chair arms directly to the mechanism to provide you with enhanced functionality when working. Typically, arms will attach with a few bolts that should be included with chair hardware. Attach them accordingly and move on to the final step!

Attach Chair Frame to Pneumatic Cylinder:

At the end of the assembly process you'll be left with two main components. The 5 star base with the pneumatic cylinder and the main frame of your office chair will need to be connected effectively before you can start using your chair correctly. In the center of you chair mechanism you'll notice an empty hole. This is designed to receive the silver end of your pneumatic cylinder. Simply lift the chair by the arms, line up the cylinder and receiver port, and plug in accordingly. Once plugged in, give your chair a firm push to ensure the cylinder is properly seated. With assembly complete,  it's time to start testing your chair's adjustable features and getting comfortable!

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