Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Performance Matters: The Importance of Organization in the Workplace

As they say, "you never really know what you have... until you clean your room." And the same is true for the workplace! Cleaning the office not only does wonders for productivity and efficiency, it also contributes a valuable sense of accomplishment. Performance in all aspects of the office definitely matters, and in today's article, we explore all the ways you can improve performance with a clean sweep!

Clean Up

Life behind the desk can get messy. What with spill stains on paperwork, food trapped in keyboards, and grimy computer mice - sometimes the best way to get a fresh start is to make one yourself. Organization in the office begins with cleaning up. Taking a few hours on the end of a Friday to declutter and cleanse does wonders for the overall health and outlook of office employees.

Begin by sorting through paperwork and tossing all the old stuff you'll never need again. Adding desk pedestals for storage can allow you to file away anything too important to toss out. Investing in a scanner can help you by uploading files to the computer, where they'll take up less space. Once you've taken care of the mess, break out the gloves, the cleaners, and the tool box for some routine maintenance. A deep cleaning like this once a month will keep the office healthier and furniture ship shape!


When you hear the word "organization," the layout of a room probably doesn't come to mind. Most of us today think of organization as cleaning and neatness, but the ancient Chinese knew a thing or two about the way furniture layouts affect lifestyle - and they called this revolutionary practice "feng shui." But you don't have to be a Chinese nobleman to create an effective layout. Simple measurements and consideration can work just fine. Instead of knocking out a wall, just consider what can fit in the space you've got to work with. Sometimes shopping new office furniture or getting the opinion of a professional designer is all you need. Even something as simple as a paint job can make a room appear ten times bigger!

Scale the Walls

Part of being a good warrior is making clever use of your terrain - and it's no different for warriors of the workplace. If your office is tight on square footage, one of the best ways to maximize space is by implementing wall organization. Wall storage can come in many forms, with bookshelves and filing cabinets as some of the most popular storage solutions for the office. Of course, shelving and wall boxes also provide useful alternatives. Scaling the walls is without a doubt one of the best ways to save space and enhance the appeal of any room. DIY that storage yourself, and you'll be a organizational ninja!


Going paperless may leave office desks physically immaculate, but that doesn't mean everything is organized. Even the neatest of neat freaks sometimes forget to cybersweep. Unfortunately, computers are often neglected as tools requiring routine maintenance, and this can negatively impact work performance. Scanners detecting malware and viruses may keep the computer's immunity up, but they do nothing about all the old, useless files eating up gigabytes of space. Regular maintenance your computer's hard drive, deleting old files and crummy photos, wiping history, and defragmenting are all great ways to stay productive. While you're at it, go ahead and clean out retractable keyboard trays (as they're some of the germiest things in the office). Make this a habit, and your computer will work faster, cooler, and more efficiently - and so will you!

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to organization, thinking outside the box can reap some worthwhile rewards. Rather than shopping for expensive desk organizers, tools, and hangers, try working with a little creativity. A quick sweep of the house can turn up everything you need keep modular workstations organized. Painted up egg cartons are great for sorting small items like paperclips and pushpins. Every office has binder clips for organizing cables and wires (bread tags make the perfect labels for them). Magnets can help keep papers from cluttering up the desk. And a sassy mug always makes the perfect pencil holder. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a paint set to turn your cubicle into a cool personal paradise!

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