Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Training Room 101: Design Tips for Success

Training Room Design Tips
A functional training room is a must for any growing business. The ability to host presentations and strategy sessions effectively in a well designed training room will boost corporate productivity and efficiency with a quickness. In today's post we'll share training room design tips to help you create a well rounded space built for the needs of your modern business.

1.) Space Planning Comes First

Any interior design team will tell you that accurate space planning is the first essential step of any professional makeover project. Kick off your training room design by obtaining accurate dimensions of your space. Take note of power outlets, entry ways, and windows that will affect your layout. With dimensions in hand, sketch out your area on paper and make some copies. Next, sketch out a few configuration ideas to determine what will work best for your specific business needs. With your space planned, it's time to get some inspiration!

2.) Get Inspired

It never hurts to get a little inspiration for your project! Browse the web for training room ideas and pics of interiors that will get your creative juices flowing. Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram can also be a big help. You can take your inspiration quest a step further by visiting surrounding businesses. Be sure to compliment your neighbors on their design prowess and don't be afraid to ask what types of furniture they use. Most businesses low to show off their interiors when time permits!

3.) Modular Tables Are The Way To Go

When selecting training room tables for your business, you'll definitely want to go modular! Flip top nesting tables are the premier option. These versatile training room solutions will save you space and provide a ton of flexibility. The ability to create a variety of different configurations and functional layouts will help you and your coworkers quickly adapt to any situation. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline offer the best modular training tables on the market.

4.) Use Nesting Chairs

While certain training room gatherings will no doubt be larger than others, nesting chairs are the way to go. These space saving chairs can be nested along walls when not in use. They can be quickly rolled out and integrated into your configuration as needed on a daily basis. They also make training rooms easier to clean! Nesting chairs are also less bulky than traditional office chairs and will help you maximize the seating potential of your space. Consider nestable training room seating like the Flip from Eurotech Seating for your project.

5.) Add Storage

As your primary focus will no doubt be placed on the tables and chairs used for your space, it's easy to forget about storage. To make your training room the best it can be, adding storage for stationary and presentation materials is a must. A simple wall cabinet will do the trick and should be added accordingly.

6.) Power Up

If you want to take your training room performance to the next level, you'll want to power up your space. Today's best training tables can be outfitted with daisy-chained power modules that will allow your training room guests to quickly plug in devices and work more effectively. If powered training room tables are a bit too pricey for your budget, consider a portable power module like the Isle from Symmetry Office. These handy power stations work great in training environments and can be quickly moved to other work spaces when needed.

7.) Provide Visual Aids

Adding visual aids to your training room will help your guests better retain info during important meetings and strategy sessions. Consider mounting a smart TV to your front wall to virtual presentations. You can also add a folding white board cabinet to write down important meeting points and ideas.

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