Friday, May 1, 2015

Beware The Chair: 5 Common Problems Caused From Sitting Incorrectly

Beware The Chair: Common Problems Caused by Sitting
Office comfort starts with the chair. And if you're not sitting correctly, the odds are you're not working at peak performance levels. Sitting incorrectly can cause major health problems that are no joke! That being said, in today's post we'll share 5 of the most common health issues and problems caused by using the wrong chair for your body.

1.) Neck Stiffness

Ever get a crick in your neck while working at your desk? Sitting incorrectly is the likely culprit! If you're hunching over your desk surface and not keeping your back in constant contact with your chair, your neck is over working. Using a chair with a headrest can be a big help! For taller individuals, high back office chairs are recommended and help to take strain off the upper back as well as the neck. 

2.) Back Pain

There's not much worse than back pain while working. Severe back pain affects hundreds of workers every year, and could be greatly alleviated by practicing good sitting habits. Factors like slouching, hunching, and over reaching all work cohesively to fight against the integrity of your back. So how do we fight it? By finding a good ergonomic office chair with user friendly features. If you've accepted office discomfort and back pain, it's time for a change. Research popular office chairs, consult with industry professionals, and talk with your physician about computer and task chairs that can help solve a majority of your back pain in the office.

3.) Fatigue

While you may not consider fatigue to be a health problem, it's still a major productivity killer. If you're sitting incorrectly and practicing poor posture, the odds are you'll become tired far quicker when working. By using an office chair with the adjustable features needed to minimize your movements around the workplace you'll be able to combat fatigue effectively.

4.) Cramps

If you're sitting too high or too low in your office chair, cramps can be a common problem. Over straining to operate at your desk, or sitting with poor body positioning can quickly result in productivity killing cramps. It's nearly impossible to work in pain of any kind, much less cramps. To solve this problem, properly synchronize your chair and desk. Operate at a comfortable angle and keep your back in contact with the chair. 

5.) Leg Pain

Sitting incorrectly for long periods of time will reduce blood flow and put added pressure on your knees. If you're looking to operate with leg pain, this is a great way to do it! That being said, if you want to work comfortably, make sure you are operating with your feet flat on your floor. Keep your legs at a 90 degree angle over the edge of your chair seat. Your things should be flat across the surface of your seat and not angled. Most ergonomic chairs manufactured after 1990 come standard with pneumatic cylinders that will allow you to adjust the height of your chair to eliminate this problem.

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