Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Functionality 101: Ergo Products For Improved Effectiveness

Tired of the same old work day? Feeling Unproductive? Looking to improve functionality? If so, this post is for you! Today we'll be showcasing awesome ergonomic products designed to improve your daily efficiency and effectiveness. From portable power modules to adjustable monitor arms, these workplace tools are a must try for any worker looking to boost performance!

Juice Power ModulePortable power modules are the latest craze. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries have all made their mark with powered conference tables in 2015, but ergo brands like Symmetry Office have made powering up workspaces even easier! With awesome power module options like the ISLE, Juice, and Drifter, you'll be able to take the power where you need it, when you need it! Whether you're looking to improve the waiting experience of your office guests, or looking to improve your personal workstation, power modules are a must have for modern businesses.

Articulating Keyboard TrayIt used to be considered highly ergonomic to have your keyboard tray positioned underneath the work surface on a simple retractable slide. These days, you'll need to up the anti with an articulating model to achieve optimum functionality. Articulating keyboard trays still retract out of the way when not in use and provide increased usable desk space. In addition, they offer a wide range of advanced adjustment features that will allow you to improve the rate at which you compute, and your comfort while doing so!

CPU HolderCPU holders are helping workers prevent those pesky trips underneath the desk to plug in devices and route wires. Another functional ergonomic product that mounts underneath the work surface, CPU holders will make your computer's power source far more accessible. Tired of banging your knees on your CPU when working in your office chair? A CPU holder that mounts underneath your desk on a retractable slide will get it out of the way. If you're worried about theft or water damage, a locking CPU holder that sits off the ground is a must have. Plenty of benefits, plenty of functionality, and smart upgrade to any workspace!

Sit To Stand DeskEncourage continuous body movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow with a sit to stand ergonomic desk! As one of the hottest ergonomic office furniture trends to hit the industry in 2015, standing height desks are being incorporated into reception areas, private workspaces, training rooms, and classrooms. Brands like Mayline are offering hot new sit to stand workstation lines like RGE and VariTask that are a must consider for shoppers looking to jump on board with this growing movement.

Global Total Office Bungee TablesTaking on a training room makeover project in 2015? You've got to keep it modular! Flip top training table models with mobilized bases are the only way to go. Popular options like the Bungee from Global Total Office are taking the office design world by storm. These user friendly tables make for quick reconfiguring and easy to clean spaces. The days of picking up your tables and moving them around the room are over. Simply release the top, unlock the base, and roll into a position that works. It doesn't bet much better than that! Some of the top training tables available this year are even available with surface level power modules for even greater productivity!

Ascend Charging Station and Desk Lamp
Start rethinking what a desk lamp can be! No longer a cheap gift for the boss or simple office accessory that never gets used, desk lamps are becoming heavily relied upon for more than just lighting! Products like the Ascend lamp from Symmetry and the Solstice from ESI offer LED lighting to save on power costs, as well as USB ports that will allow you charge your smart phone and tablet right by your side. Available for around a hundred bucks, these fancy desk lamps should be considered for both home and professional business applications.

12 Screen Monitor Arm
While a 12 screen monitor arm like the one pictured here may be a bit much for the average workstation, smaller single and dual screen options are becoming staples of ergonomic office interiors. The ability to increase usable desk space, boost functionality, and create more effective spaces is simply too good to pass up. Once considered high priced luxury items, the cost of an adjustable monitor arm has dropped significantly in 2015. These days nearly ever office furniture provider is offering their own clamp or grommet mount monitor arm solutions. That being said, you can't go wrong with a high quality monitor arm from a brand like Global Total Office, Mayline, or Symmetry Office. Our personal preference is the Apex line. These units combine form and function to create some of the most user friendly  monitor mounting solutions on the market. They install quick and are very well built!

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