Friday, May 22, 2015

Interior of The Month: Medina Executive Office by Mayline

Mayline Medina Series Executive Office
Looking to create a stunning private office space to conduct your daily business from? You don't want to miss this months top interior! This high end workspace by Mayline features stunning new Medina furniture and the high end modern appeal needed to impress even the harshest critics. Let's take a closer look at this outstanding space in today's blog post!

When we started our 'Interior of The Month' series, these where just the type of spaces we had in mind! Trend setting, modern, and down right cool, this executive interior offers cutting edge design characteristics that are sure to wow you even at first glance. The swanky gray steel finish combines perfectly with glass and silver metal accents. This furniture configuration really does it all! Plenty of work surface space, lots of organizing space, and out of this world visual appeal.

Let's take a look at the components utilized in this office furniture configuration:

(1) MNT5 Medina Typical

- MND72 - 72"W x 36"D x 29 1/2"H Desk
- MNEXTR - 47"W x 28"D x 29 1/2"H Curved Desk Extension
- MNRTPL - 63"W x 24"D x 29 1/2"H Curved Desk Return with Pencil/Box/File Storage Pedestal
- ACD - Center Drawer for Desk

(1) MVLC Medina Low Wall Cabinet

72"W x 20"D x 39 1/4"H

(2) MSC 36" Storage Cabinets

36"W x 20"D x 29 1/2"H

(2) MGDG 36" Glass Display Cabinets

36"W x 20"D x 39 1/4"H

The main MNT5 desk features a 3 piece design that's complimented with a center drawer. This command center offers plenty of work surface space to operate and a super cool silver modesty panel. The MVLC low wall cabinet locks and features a blend of glass and laminate doors. This piece can be see between the two taller cabinets located on the outside of the configuration. The taller cabinets are each composed of a lower level storage cabinet and upper level display cabinet with glass doors. The modular design characteristics of the Medina Furniture Collection allow users to create a variety of configurations using these exact same components!

This space offers far more than attractive office furniture! A blend of wood floors, exposed brick, and natural lighting make for a really welcoming feel. The simple area rug looks great and prevents the main desk from sliding and scratching the floor while making office chair mobility far more efficient. The space is rounded out with a cool piece of wall art that can be seen directly between the taller display cabinets.

Like what you see? This furniture configuration can be yours in a choice of 3 attractive finish options for $2930.00. The Gist task chair utilized is also available in a variety of color options starting at $243.99. If you're limited on space, there's no need to worry! All of the components from this package are sold individually, along with a wide variety of matching Medina products designed to help you create an office space that works for you. As one of the newest and most popular collections on the market, Mayline is steadily adding new products to the Medina line that are priced perfectly for shoppers on a tight budget!

We give this space 5 stars! There's just not too much to criticize. Sure we could nitpick and suggest the addition of a lamp or overhead lighting fixtures. Maybe a monitor arm could be integrated to boost ergonomic functionality, but for the most part, this space rocks! Mayline has truly outdone themselves with this executive office interior outfitted with Medina furnishings.

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