Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Office X Factor: Products That Make A Difference!

The world of office furniture is a rapidly changing landscape. Hotshot new chairs, ergonomic innovations, and rising star office accessories are sweeping the stage. But do these workplace tools really have what it takes to hold their own against thousands of competing products? It's time to face the music in this office-themed X Factor!

First up is one of the office furniture world's quickest rising stars. Coming from high class origins with Ergo Contract Furniture as the parent manufacturer, this chair has a lot of expectations to live up to, but the CET-1 Circuit Mesh Task chair definitely does the job! Equipped with adjustable lumbar support, back height, tilt tension control, adjusting arms, and a state of the art pivoting system, this chair definitely offers the adaptability it takes to be successful in the modern market. This top rated ergo chair even boasts high tensile mesh for breathable comfort. As for the price, the Circuit outdoes all competition, as chairs with similar figures can't offer half so many features. Well done!

Our next show stopper is a monitor arm with a sleek look to match its quality design. Priced affordably for the average consumer, the EZKE1 ergonomic computer tool makes a humble, yet powerful addition to any office. Capable of fitting itself to any desk edge up to 3 1/2" thick, this device is adaptable to a multitude of offices. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees, 26" of reach, and a weight capacity of 2-14 lbs, this versatile monitor arm by Mayline definitely holds its own!

Speaking of computer tools, lets move to our next contestant, the Harmony-CPU-4 by Symmetry! Don't let the low tech looks fool you, this affordable CPU holder is one of the best on the market. The Harmony allows computer users easy access to IT, with it's swiveling pivot that also creates maximum leg room. Users can easily move the holder in and out from under the work surface as needed, and variable size constrictions also make this CPU holder adaptable to a wide variety of devices. Finally, a key-lock helps to ensure workplace security!

Next up, we give you the chair that has it all! The Eduskate from Eurotech Seating is pretty much an office all by itself. With a built in seat and tablet setup, this modular chair with tablet offers a convenient seated workspace that consumes only a fraction of the space taken up by the conventional office desk and chair. Equipped with wheel casters, the Eduskate is capable of moving just about anywhere. And the space below the seat also provides convenient storage for books, laptops, or file folders. Add it to your office or classroom today to save a bundle on bulky office equipment!

With all the rumors rolling around nowadays about how "sitting is the new smoking" it's no suprise to see this popular adjustable standing desk in the running! The 6048-Ls Workstation by Ergonomic Concepts has long been a favorite of in-the-know standing office workers all over the country. Capable of shifting between a seated position to a standing position at the touch of a button, this highly adaptable desk meets the health needs of the average consumer, allowing users to take seated breaks from standing while still remaining productive. Add in a fabulous modern design and this desk definitely shines!

Keyboard trays are vital to the health and wellness of office users. Not only do retractable keyboard platforms cut down on the spread of filth and germs by moving out of the way when not in use, but they also offer ergonomic benefits. The 810-REF keyboard tray by Ergonomic Concepts certainly brings plenty to the office party. This Boomerang Board provides keyboard and mouse support for a convenient, no-nonsense appeal. A tilting capability lets users adjust the board to their specific needs, for a more healthful, personalized experience. Clearly, the Boomerang Board resonates with everyone!

And finally, we leave you with this amazing desk set to amp up your workplace. This dual person modular workstation is a favorite of bosses and employees alike. The dual person design allows multiple users to occupy a shared space, reducing square footage consumption. A modular layout keeps everything within arm's reach of the user, offering efficiency. And finally, the two-for-one design is very budget friendly. The BT24 Brighton Desk by Mayline certainly delivers what consumers are looking for!

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