Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Modern Office Must Be Versatile!

If you're looking to reach peak performance levels in the workplace, you'll need to focus on versatility. This year, the top furniture and seating brands are introducing cool new products designed to help you do just that. The modern office is always evolving, and with the user friendly products highlighted in today's post, you can be too!

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairOffice comfort starts with the chair! If you're still operating from a fixed base office chair with minimal ergonomic features, it's time for an upgrade. Brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating have taken the office chair world by storm this year. With cool chairs like the G20 from Global Total Office and iOO from Eurotech Seating, sitting correctly just got easy! These innovative new chairs offer cutting edge features designed to improve your posture while simultaneously reducing fatigue. A versatile office chair is worth it's weight in gold. Don't settle for discomfort and pain at work. Sit in style and boost your functionality today.

Dual Screen Monitor Arm
Every modern office needs an ergonomic monitor arm! Whether you're going for a cutting edge multi screen or single screen approach to your computing needs, a monitor arm will instantly help you boost versatility levels. These handy tools offer a wide range of adjustment features designed to specifically improve your personal functionality. No more flipping between tabs and closing windows out ever ten seconds! Dual screen mounts allow users to simply click and drag one screen to the open monitor and view two pages at once. This feature alone will greatly improve the rate at which you compute.

Height Adjustable Table
Height adjustable tables and workstations are the latest ergonomic craze. Designed to promote continuous body movement and reduce fatigue, height adjustable furniture is becoming an industry standard. New products like RGE height adjustable tables from Mayline and the Foli workstations from Global Total Office are raising the bar in 2015. These electronic stations go up and down with the push of a button. As sitting for long periods of time can cause serious problems, the versatility achieved with an adjustable height desk is too good to pass up. While these stations are still a bit new to the market, we expect them to eventually become as standard as the HD TV.

Adjustable FootrestYou don't have to spend a fortune to improve versatility in your modern office space. Simple tools like ergonomic foot rests provide a ton of great benefits for less than a hundred bucks. Brands like Symmetry Office offer adjustable foot rests designed to take the pressure off your knees, improve blood flow, and enhance posture. If you find yourself computing with your legs crossed, consider breaking this bad habit by adding a foot rest. Improving performance and comfort on a budget isn't always easy, but with an ergonomic foot rest it's definitely doable! You can even create a foot rest with a stack of books or boxes for free. Don't less the benefits of kicking your feet up pass you by!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayA sit to stand keyboard tray is yet another staple of the modern ergonomic workplace. Much like adjustable height desks, these ergonomic typing tools encourage continuous body movement and prevent those long sitting periods that can really do our bodies harm. Sit to stand keyboard trays have become surprisingly affordable and are rapidly replacing the classic retractable keyboard trays that were so popular in years passed. Consider a brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions for a quality sit to stand keyboard tray today. You're versatility and functionality will be on the upswing in no time!

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