Friday, June 5, 2015

3 Must Have Ergonomic Solutions for Students

Ergonomic Classroom and StudentsPerhaps the most important place for critical ergonomic comfort is in the classroom. Just like office workers, modern day students often spend eight hours per day or more working at school, and then they have homework! Making sure young people stay fit and healthy is a growing concern in America, and thankfully, there are plenty of top notch ergonomics companies ready to help. Whether you're a principal, teacher, or student yourself, here's three must-have tools for the ergonomic student!

For hundreds of years, students have been sitting down at desks to learn. But it's only with the recent national health trends that desks have come under scruitiny. Unfortunately, many schools are stocked with outdated, uncomfortable desks that promote unhealthy sitting habits. This makes poorly designed desks a major culprit for many student-related health conditions, such as back pain and even obesity. For most, the solution is standing desks!
Office workers all over the country have been making use of sit-to-stand desks for years. Due to the fact that many scientists now agree, "sitting is the new smoking," companies like Global Total Office and Ergonomic Concepts have produced a number of height adjustable student desks to meet demand. Best of all, these desks are available at budget prices so schools and concerned teachers can afford them. With such desks, students can easily alternate between sitting and standing. For younger children, the act of standing helps to release pent-up energy. Standing also helps older kids to stay awake (even during the boring lessons), and allows them to get in a little extra exercise since most older students have no recess. Office workers who stand on a regular basis often report higher levels of focus and alertness, and science shows that standing also contributes to better health by toning the leg and core muscles, and also promoting better digestive and metabolic health!

Of course, standing for eight hours a day is highly unadvisable. Despite all the health benefits associated with standing work, taking the time for a few brief, seated breaks is the best practice (hence the term "sit to stand" desks). But for those considering a standing desk to work from at school or at home, quality made seats are a necessity. That's why we're highlighting discount ergo task chairs as our second must-have ergonomic tool for schoolkids!
By adding affordable, high quality student seating to a classroom or workstation, users can drastically reduce their risk for some of the most common student health risks. Poorly made chairs often promotes slouching. This in turn promotes poor back health, muscular health, unnecessary weight gain, and in the case of many students - apathy. Alternating students between standing work sessions at their desk, and seated breaks in an ergonomic chair that encourages good posture, is the ideal solution. This way, students get to reap the many health benefits of standing, without the added risk leg and foot pain. The alternation keeps kids both active and comfortable!

Finally, the last item every student must have to stay fit, healthy, and productive is ergonomic computer accessories. If there's one thing young people know how to do, it's the internet. Not only do do today's students spend eight hours per day at school, and then even more hours online doing homework, but the majority of them also spend their free time still sitting in front of a computer. With all this time at the desk, it's imperative that students have plenty of ergonomic computer accessories to keep them in their best health while they work.

Things like single and dual screen monitor arms, and sliding keyboard trays, go a long way to protecting a user's physical health as they surf the internet. Even something as small as properly adjusting a workstation to one's personal needs can save students from serious back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, or even leg pain. With ergonomic tools like these, students will no longer spend hours bending and contorting to meet the needs of their workstation. Instead, the workstation adjusts to them. Add in frequent "deskercises," and opportunities to stretch and relieve stress, and students are much more likely to lead healthier, happier lives - without sacrificing their grades!

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