Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Simple Guide for Proper Conference Table Selection

Zira Series Conference Room Table
The conference room is where most of your major group decisions and presentations will be made. That being said, it's important to create a versatile space designed around functionality and efficiency. In today's post we'll provide shoppers with an easy to follow guide to help them select the perfect conference room table for their individual business needs. Enjoy!

All professional office makeover projects kick off with proper space planning, and to select the perfect conference table for your space you'll need to know your rooms dimensions. Obtain the perimeter measurements of your conference room with a tape measurer and don't rely on old blue prints! Be sure to take note of important features like entry ways and windows. Also identify your areas power outlets. With dimensions in hand, sketch out a few layout ideas on scratch paper to get an idea of what style of conference furniture configuration will work best for your space.

Before your conference table search begins, you'll need to set a budget. Work closely with your staff to determine what you can afford. To estimate cost, consider how large of a table you'll need and how many guests you'll be looking to accommodate at any given time. Do some research online and compare a few tables. This will give you a good idea on what a new conference room table will cost.

Now it's time to get a little inspiration. Browse the web for modern and traditional conference room interiors. Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great for ideas. You may also consider visiting local furniture showrooms for a bit more product knowledge and design inspiration. Researching the latest industry trends will also help you keep your space on the cutting edge!

Once you've measured space, set a realistic budget, and found some inspiration, it's time to shop! These days, comparison shopping engines are the way to go. While many of today's comparison shopping engines are great for clothes and home goods, Google Shopping offers an excellent selection of professional business furnishings that will greatly aid you in your search. Google shopping will allow you to quickly sort through hundreds of conference tables effectively. You'll be able to search by price, brand, and style in no time.

Once you've narrowed your search down to a few tables, do your homework on the associated vendors. Check out online reviews from other shoppers and take the time to give them a call. Don't be afraid to inquire about current specials and bargain buys that may help you extend your budget.

Top Conference Table Manufacturers:

  • Global Total Office
  • Mayline 
  • Cherryman Industries

Top Conference Table Shapes:

  • Boat Shaped
  • Elliptical
  • Rectangular
  • Oval

Before purchasing your conference table, be sure to inquire about a few important factors. First, is the  table power ready? In 2015, powered conference room tables and boardroom tables have become the industry standard. If you want to make your space the best it can be, you'll need your table to be outfitted with power modules that include helpful input options like three prong outlets, phone, and USB ports.

In addition to power options, you'll want to make sure your table is large enough to accommodate your guests. On average, you'll want to provide about three feet of space for each visitor. This will provide them with plenty of elbow room to operate. That being said, a 12' conference table will accommodate 4 guests comfortably on each side. These measurements can vary slightly based on the conference room chairs you choose for your space.

Popular Conference Tables:

  • Global Total Office Zira Table
  • Mayline Medina Table
  • Cherryman Industries Verde Table

Lastly, you'll want to take in to account how long your conference table will take to ship. Brands like Mayline and Cherryman Industries provide quick shipping conference tables that can be to your business in about a week. If you're going for a custom conference table that's made to order, you'll be looking at about a 3 to 4 week lead time. As most office makeover projects are up against tight deadlines, this is one step you won't want to skip!

With the information above you should be ready and able to select the correct conference table for your space. Start by obtaining your room dimensions, setting your budget, and getting inspired. Then utilize comparison shopping engines to narrow down your search. Lastly, analyze the conference tables you're interested in to select the best model for your business. Follow this helpful guide and your conference room will be up and running in no time!

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