Monday, June 15, 2015

Design 101: Analyzing The Complete Office Space

Office Design Tips
There are many key elements that work together to create complete office interiors. During the design process, you'll want to focus on factors like modularity, storage, visual appeal, and much more. In today's post we'll analyze the complete office space and it's must have features to help you create the work environment of your dreams. Enjoy!

The complete office space starts with proper space planning. If you don't take the time to properly measure and analyze your interior, problems are sure to arise. Take note of important factors like windows, entry ways, and power outlets that will affect the way your furniture fits. Obtain accurate measurements of your space to ensure a smooth project.

All complete office interiors place a major emphasis on modularity. Modular furniture collections like  the Zira from Global Total Office and e5 From Mayline offer the ability to create unique layouts designed for functionality and efficiency. As you certainly won't want to purchase new furniture every few years, complete office interiors utilize modular products that provide the ability to grow as needed.

Storage is another key element of the complete office space. As no work environment can operate at it's best without being well organized, incorporating storage components into your space is a must. If you're limited by square footage, consider wall mount hutch units and display cabinets that make use of wall space, instead of floor space! Desk pedestals, work surface organizers, and filing cabinets are all common elements of complete office interiors.

Any interior designer will tell you that visual appeal is a must have for any professional work environment. As you'll want to be proud of your design work and makeover project, add the little touches that make the biggest difference. Area rugs, wall art, plants, and lighting fixtures will all help you in your quest to obtain visual appeal.

Complete office interiors also put a primary emphasis on ergonomics. As you'll no doubt want to operate at peak performance levels, ergonomic tools like monitor arms and articulating keyboard trays are ready to help. These affordable products have become staples of the workplace. Us folks in the industry wonder how we ever lived without them! Revolutionize your work day and create a complete interior by adding useful ergonomic products.

Last but certainly not least, all complete office interiors are equipped with a quality chair! While we could have lumped this important piece into the ergonomics section, it deserves far better. As workplace comfort starts with the chair, you'll want to take your time when selecting the perfect model for your space. Read reviews, check out product demo videos, and test out popular ergonomic chairs as much as possible. If you're currently settling for discomfort in the workplace, your interior is far from complete! Make the switch and improve your efficieny today!

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