Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ergo Life: Dissecting The Modern Office Chair

The modern office chair has many parts that work cohesively with each other to create a comfortable sitting experience for the end user. By dissecting the parts utilized in a modern office chair, users will better understand how to improve functionality and ergonomics in the workplace.

1.) Mechanism

The mechanism is the brain of your office chair. This essential part controls the majority of your chair's functionality. Most ergonomic seating manufactured in 2015 features syncro tilt and multi functional mechanisms outfitted with tilt lock, weight sensing, and tilt tension attributes designed to allow users to customize their sitting experience. While mechanisms vary from chair to chair, it's important to understand the functions of yours to achieve optimal comfort.

2.) Pneumatic Cylinder

Any quality office chair manufactured this year will come standard with a pneumatic cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder connects the chair base and mechanism. This cylinder should plug into your chair mechanism during assembly and controls the height of your office chair. As you'll no doubt want to work in synchronization with your workstation, it's important to raise and lower your chair height to ensure you are operating at eye level with your monitor arm. Avoid looking down at your screen at all costs!

3.) Base

Most modern office chairs are equipped with 5 star bases to provide stability and support for users. When your chair arrives, the base will be connected to the pneumatic cylinder and casters will need to be plugged in for mobility. Polished bases, chrome bases, and nylon bases are all quite common in 2015. While top of the line chairs will feature polished and chrome models, nylon bases offer excellent durability and show minimal wear over the long term.

4.) Seat

Modern office chair seats are typically constructed of molded foam, and in some cases memory foam. As this is the main point of contact between you and your office chair, selecting a good seat is very important. Popular styles include waterfall and tractor seats that offer the contours needed to improve blood flow and take pressure of the users knees while working.

5.) Arms

Any high quality modern office chair will be equipped with multi functional arms. While loop arms are still the most common choice for professional meeting area applications, if you want to go ergo, adjustable arms are a must. The best office chairs of 2015 come standard with arms that adjust up and down, as well as side to side. Chair arms should be used to comfortably support your wrists when typing and minimize stress. They should be adjusted regularly throughout the day when computing and when handwriting on your work surface to obtain the most benefits.

6.) Back

To sit ergonomically correct, it's important to keep your back in contact with the chair at all times. This provides support to both the lower and upper sections of your spine. This year mesh and leather backs are the most common. Mesh backs provide a springy feel and breathe well to keep users from over heating. Leather chair backs are the preferred choice for executive applications and provide more high end appeal. When selecting your new office chair, be sure to select a chair back that's correct for your body height and weight. It will play an essential role in the level of office comfort you can achieve!

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