Thursday, June 4, 2015

Think Outside The Cubicle With Princeton Desking

Princeton Series Open Desking
It's time to leave the cubicle behind! Open desking configurations are the way to go. If your business thrives on collaboration and group interaction, collections like Princeton from Global Total Office are a must consider for your office interiors. In today's post we'll highlight the features and benefits of the Princeton furniture collection. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Princeton Furniture ReviewWith more components, finish options, layouts, and cutting edge features than nearly any furniture line on the market, Princeton furniture has rapidly become a preferred choice of interior design teams and consumers alike. The Princeton lineup includes over one thousand individual pieces. This makes creating work environments to meet your specific business needs a breeze! Design your office your way, and without the headache. Princeton makes things easy, functional, and downright versatile.

Princeton Along The Wall WorkstationWhile cubicles promote privacy, Princeton promotes collaboration. This trending office furniture collection is sure to boost team interaction and get the creative juices flowing. Princeton's modern industrial feel is complimented by metal desk legs, sleek curves, and unmatched attention to detail. Even at first glance you'll be captivated by all the unique features Princeton has to offer.

No office can function properly without the right combination of storage components needed for proper organization. While cubicles are commonly available with desk pedestals and smaller overhead storage hutch units, the Princeton lineup offers a seemingly unlimited array of additional options. Sure Princeton has pedestals and hutch units, but this line also has padded storage benches, credenza cabinets, work surface organizers, file cabinets and much more. Princeton is ready to organize your important documents, wardrobe, and personal belongings with ease.

Princeton Furnished WorkspaceSo what makes Princeton so special from all the other open desking lines on the market? Princeton is affordable, easy to spec, and easy to upgrade. Want to grow your configuration? No problem! Simply add on the pieces needed. The modular design characteristics of Princeton make it a great investment in the future growth of your business. Want to power up your workstation? No problem! Princeton can be equipped with surface level power modules that allow you to plug in devices without those troublesome trips under the desk in search of a power strip. Princeton office desks and modular workstations can be customized with a variety of handle pulls, finish options, edge options, and glass options to let your individual personality shine. Needless to say, this furniture collection is in the Ivy League!

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