Friday, July 3, 2015

5 Cool Ways to Customize Your Cubicle!

We all know some offices can get a little... repetitive. But that's no reason to go with the crowd! If you're craving a little change of pace in your work life, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we're highlighting some clever cubicle hacks to turn your workspace into an office oasis!

Wrap it Up

When it comes to cubicles, you don't need to wait for the holidays to deck the halls! Instead of staring at boring solid colors all day, head to the craft store and get some sturdy printed paper. Before you go, take the dimensions of your cubicle's barricades, measuring from the desktop up. Then go ask the craft supplier to cut a sheet of paper that matches those dimensions. Whether its a pattern, a picture, or a print of a scenic vista, as long as it speaks to you, you can't go wrong. Finally, head back to work and put up the prints around your desk. You'll never be without a room with a view!

* Bonus Tip: Wallpaper, fabric, and even wrapping paper can make budget-friendly decor for cubicle walls. If the fabric is a little extra fluffy, go ahead and spring for some velcro - it's a great way to tack up photos and other office supplies to keep your desk clean!

The Power of Paper

You know that trick with the cubicle walls? Well, here's a little extra tip for any extra paper you may have lying around: instead of throwing it out, make use of it! Cut out decorative shapes, make origami animals, dress up your mousepad, decorate your file pedestals, redecorate photo frames - do anything that strikes your fancy. Not only will your cubicle walls look great, but you'll also get some matching accessories out of the deal too!

Work that Washi Tape

Colorful printed tape is good for more than just sticking things together; it's also a stylish way to decorate your office tools without breaking the bank. Washi tape makes excellent decor for small things like the keys on keyboard platforms or electronics chargers. Go crazy decorating coasters, car keys, envelopes, desk organizers, clipboards, and anything else you've got lying around the desk.

* Bonus Tip: Coworkers scarfing your stuff? Washi tape is a great calling card. Tape the ends of your pencils, pens, and scissors so the whole office knows what's yours.


Getting a little lonely at your office desk? Hit up the prank store and buy a box of googly eyes. Adding them to ergonomic computer monitor arms, picture frames, and pencil cups is an excellent way to give your cubicle some character. If you want to be the friend among your office-mates, add a pair of googly eyes to something in the office every once in a while. Your coworkers will get a kick out of the coffee maker staring back at them like it's had a little too much caffeine!

Go Green

Going green at work is not just eco-friendly. Pick out a pretty plant and you'll also get some health benefits out of the deal too! Plants like aloe, spider plants, gerber daisies, golden pothos, and red-edged dracaena are all excellent air purifiers, helping to gobble up all the nasty VOCs hanging around office cubicles and other tight spaces. The splash of color will also give your desk a spark of vibrance. While you're at it, go ahead and upgrade your seating experience to one of the many eco friendly computer chairs the world has to offer. Brands like Global Total Office strive to create high quality green furniture at everyday prices!

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