Saturday, July 11, 2015

7 Ways to Revive a Boring Boardroom

Have you ever walked into a room that was so dull and lifeless you thought to yourself, "Wow, who decorated this?" Well, chances are if you're wondering it, other people are too. And in the business world, the last people you want questioning your fashion sense are visitors, customers, and colleagues. In the office, boardrooms are havens for idea sharing. If your company's boardroom lacks creativity, here's some excellent ways to give it life again!


Nothing changes the attitude of a room quite like paint. Sometimes, all it takes is a little splash of color to turn a room from drab to fab, and believe it or not, some colors have pretty amazing psychological benefits! For example, blue has been proven by many studies to improve productivity by helping to evoke a sense of calmness, and remains the most popular color for business environments (it also helps smaller rooms to appear bigger). By contrast, purple has long been thought to inspire creativity. So if your boardroom could use a facelift, don't be afraid to grab a paintbrush and apply the makeup - it just may give your business an edge!

Visual Aids

If the boardroom is a place to share ideas, it helps to give the mind a physical canvas. Adding visual aids, such as projectors or presentation boards, gives employees the tools they need to share their thoughts with others. Projectors act as multi-purpose display screens for videos, powerpoints, and almost anything else a computer can create! Meanwhile, presentation boards provide a discreet place to leave business cards, media, and even whiteboard notes. By adding both high and low tech, your boardroom will be a hit on all sixes!

Portable Power Modules

As the business world becomes more tech savvy, power stations are becoming a hot commodity. Adding a mobile power module, such as the Symmetry Isle portable power tower, not only increases the number of outlets a room has to offer, but it also improves convenience tenfold! With these nifty devices, extra power is available at any time, in any room, so the whole office can benefit!

New Chairs

Chairs are a critical element to all offices, not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of health. Adding supportive ergonomic chairs to the boardroom ensures that users will have comfortable places to sit without risking back or neck pain. These days, designers may choose from hundreds of styles and materials for their chairs. Shopping in bulk from a reliable office furniture retailer will keep the purchases from breaking your bank.

Area Rugs

Whether you're looking for a snazzy pattern or a solid color, area rugs are always a great go-to for interior designers. However, they're more than just stylish. Area rugs serve a wide variety of purposes. In office buildings, rugs act as sound barriers between floors. On hardwood floors, they also keep furniture from leaving scuffs and abrasions. By adding area rugs to your existing boardroom furniture set, style, versatility, and convenience will all be at your fingertips - or rather, your toes!

Lighting Fixtures

Those who follow the trends of interior design may have some awareness of the importance of lighting. In every room, lighting fulfills a variety of roles. Not only do office lamps and lights ensure workers will be able to see, but it also adds a sense of style and attitude to a room. Because boardrooms often feature electronic projectors, dimmers are popular fixtures to include. Adding ambient lamps for decoration also helps give stoic offices a homier feel.


When one hears the phrase, "interior design," plants are hardly something that springs to mind. However, in the workplace, a little greenery goes a long way! Many plants have been proven to reduce harmful qualities in the air called VOCs, or "volatile organic compounds." By adding a few simple greens, such as air plants, snake plants, lemon balms, or philodendron, you can rest assured that your office air is cleaned and freshened daily, thanks to the symbiotic relationship between you and your leafy desk neighbor!

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