Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chair Compare: Lume vs. Astra

Lume Office ChairEurotech is known for innovative office chairs and their commitment to ergonomics. In 2015, Eurotech has brought a variety of cool new seating solutions to the market that include both the Lume and Astra office chairs. In today's post we'll compare these two versatile chairs and their unique benefits. Enjoy!

Round 1: Style

Both the Lume and Astra office chairs from Eurotech Seating offers distinctive modern design characteristics. The Lume's name is derived from the checkered mesh back pattern that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. If you're going for wow factor, the Lume's got you covered! The Astra is no slouch in the style department either. With a contoured back engineered to limit body restrictions when operating and a sharp contemporary curves, the Astra has earned high marks with seating professionals. That being said, the Lume's unique back pattern makes it a bit more innovative in our opinion, and for that reason, the Lume wins round 1.

Astra Chair
Round 2: Ergonomics

The right combination of ergonomic chair features will help keep you operating a peak performance levels in the workplace. Both the Lume and Astra chairs from Eurotech come standard with adjustable arms, thick padded seats, and multi functional mechanisms. With virtually the same list of ergonomic features on both models, this round came down to the sit test! While both chairs were comfortable, we give a slight edge to the Lume. We felt the chair back was a bit more supportive.

Round 3: Applications

The Lume chair is perfect for office computing and tasking applications. The higher back makes it ideal for taller users, while the modern design is sure to make any interior stand out from the competition. The well rounded look of the Astra chair makes it a great choice for both home and professional business applications. The Astra's wide range of features and versatile characteristics give it a slight advantage in round three.

Round 4: Price

Lume Chair Side ViewThe Astra chair is available in 2015 for $203.50. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around office chair for the money. The Lume is slightly more expensive at $279.00. While a bit more comfortable and appealing than the Astra in our opinion, the seventy plus dollar price increase gives the Astra the edge. It's definitely one of the best chair buys of the year.

Final Thoughts

With the matchup tied at two round apiece, the final deciding factor is of course comfort. As we felt the Lume was superior, we're giving this awesome chair the win. That being said, if you're shopping for a high quality ergonomic chair on a budget, the Astra is the way to go. The visual appeal, user friendly ergonomic features, and versatility make the Astra an absolute winner. You really can't go wrong with either of these seating solutions from Eurotech.

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