Monday, July 27, 2015

Ergo Advice: Taking The Next Step

So you've got a great office chair, what's next? Adding user friendly accessories! Integrating versatile ergo products into your workspace will further enhance your office comfort and productivity. In today's post we'll cover the monitor arms, keyboard trays, CPU holders, adjustable height workstations, and portable power modules you'll need to take the next step in your ergonomic quest. Enjoy!

Dual Monitor Arm
The most popular ergonomic accessory of 2015 is the dual screen monitor arm. These handy tools allow users to operate with two screens to limit the time spent flipping between tabs and thus becoming more efficient. The adjustable nature of a dual screen monitor arm will also help to reduce eye strain. Do you currently look down at your computer screen when typing? This is a major no no! A dual screen monitor arm will allow you to adjust your screens to eye level and keep them even with your head to encourage good posture when computing. Last but certainly not least, getting your monitors up off your work surface will create more usable desk space. Needless, to say an ergonomic monitor arm is a must for any modern office!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayWhile most of our workstations are already outfitted with traditional keyboard trays that retract, the world of workplace ergonomics has come a long way since your keyboard tray was likely purchased and installed! This year, it's all about taking the next step with a sit to stand model. These new and improved keyboard trays allow users to quickly go from sitting to standing while computing. What's the benefit you ask? As sitting for long periods of time can cause major health risks, integrating a sit to stand keyboard tray will help to improve blood flow and promote continuous body movement in the workplace. If you're still operating with your keyboard situated on your desk surface, it's time for an upgrade. Go with a sit to stand model to make your space the best it can be!

If you're computer's power source is sitting on the ground, its susceptible to water damage and theft! For this reason, mounting your CPU underneath the desk surface just makes sense! Brands like ESI and Symmetry Office offer awesome CPU mounting devices that retract when not in use to provide additional leg room. Many of these holders lock to ensure your important digital files are nice and safe. In the long run, it's a real pain to bend over and strain your back trying to turn your computer on each morning. A CPU holder will put the power button at your finger tips. These user friendly ergonomic tools install in minutes and will last a lifetime. This is one upgrade every workspace needs!

Sit To Stand Desk
If you really want to kick your workplace ergonomics into high gear, a height adjustable desk is the only way to go! Adjustable height workstations and tables from brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and ESI provide a wide range of ergonomic benefits that will no doubt improve your effectiveness, comfort, and efficiency. In 2015, the best adjustable workstations on the market go up and down with the push of a button. These electronic desks are truly cutting edge! Like with a sit to stand keyboard tray, adjustable height desks promote continuous body movement and improve blood flow. Don't get stuck sitting for 8 hours a day. Enhance your office abilities with a sit to stand desk. Adjustable sit to stand desks are also great for training, reception, and classroom applications.

Isle Power ModulePortable power modules are the latest ergonomic craze. With many of the industries top furniture brands releasing cutting edge powered conference tables designed to streamline the meeting process, businesses on a budget won't be able to take advantage of this trend. Thankfully, portable power modules like the Isle and Juice from Symmetry office are ready to help take your interiors to the next level. These portable power stations offer USB and three prong inputs that will surely be appreciated in guest waiting areas, training rooms, executive office environments, and more. Going ergo is just as much about improving functionality as it is comfort. These portable power stations will add that extra element of effectiveness to any interior.

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