Monday, July 13, 2015

The 5 Upsides of Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture offers key benefits that will improve your business functionality and effectiveness. And for that reason, going modular is just plain smart! In today's post we'll view the 5 major upsides of modular furniture. From being easy to spec to improving versatility, modular furnishing are the premier choice of all your professional interiors!

1.) Easy To Spec

Two Person Modular Workstation

Choose modular office furniture for your interiors and make the design process a breeze. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries offer cutting edge modular furniture collections that offer the wide range of components needed to fit any area effectively. Don't be limited by minimal sizes and shapes for your work environments! Go modular and find the high quality desks, tables, and accessories needed to keep the headaches out of your office makeover project.

2.) Easy To Expand

Modular Open Desking Configuration

Planning to expand your business in the future? Of course you are! When the time comes, you won't have to purchase all new furniture if you go modular from day one. Best selling modular collections like Zira and Princeton from Global Total Office will allow you to quickly expand your workstations to create multi user configurations and much more. This will no doubt save your business a ton of money during your expansion and business transitions. Modular means more options for your interiors. Don't be limited by the traditional furniture collections of the past. Shop smart. Get modern. Go modular.

3.) Excellent Functionality

Modern Office Furniture

Modular office furniture is incredibly functional. In addition to being easy to spec and expand when needed, modular collections are easy to assemble and reconfigure when needed. This means, you're far less likely to deal with installation hassles when using modular furnishings. When it comes to furniture, functionality is what it's all about! Top modular lines can be upgraded with surface level power modules designed to streamline your work day while preventing those pesky trips underneath desks to plug in devices and route wires. In addition, modular lines offer super cool storage components and filing solutions designed to improve visual appeal as well as organization. That sounds a lot better than those taupe painted metal file cabinets we've all seen a bit too much over the last decade! In the long run, modular furniture will improve business functionality and operational performance in nearly every way imaginable.

4.) Maximize Space

Modular Office Interiors

Using a furniture layout that's too big or too small for your space will limit options and performance! Going modular with your interiors will ensure you're able to select from a wide range of customizable desk configurations that work along walls, in open areas, and in private work environments. Operating in an odd shaped space? Modular furniture is a must! The wide range of work surfaces, returns, and credenzas, will allow you to create they perfect layout for your specific needs.

5.) Improved Versatility

Modular Office Table Configuration

When taking on an office makeover project, you'll no doubt be looking to make your interiors a bit more versatile. In training room and boardroom environments, modular furniture and tables are available on mobilized bases to make room cleaning and reconfiguring a breeze. Simply flip the tops and nest your tables comfortably along walls when not in use. Drop the tops down and connect tables to form group configurations when needed. Now that's making the most of your interior! Modular furniture provides businesses with the ability to turn a single room into a multi purpose environment. Think outside the traditional cubicles, office tables, and furnishings of the past. The office design world is rapidly evolving and modular furniture collections are paving the way!

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