Monday, July 6, 2015

What Are Your Office Makeover Goals?

Office Makeover Goals
Every office makeover should start with smart space planning and a detailed list of goals. To create a well rounded interior, goals like versatility, functionality, visual appeal, comfort, and modularity should all be at the top of the list! Let's take a look at these goals in detail in today's blog post.

1.) Versatility

Creating versatile interiors is just plain smart. That being said, making versatility a goal of your project is an absolute must. Versatile interiors provide well rounded looks and are ready to serve a variety of key purposes. Take the training room for example, using flip top tables on wheels will allow you to clean your space easily when needed while simultaneously creating unique layouts designed for a variety of specific purposes. In office lounge and waiting room areas, versatility can be achieved by using stackable guest chairs and beam seating. Save space, think outside the box, and look for innovative ways to be versatile with your project. You'll be glad you did!

2.) Functionality

Improved functionality is another goal that should be placed right at the top of your list. It's as simple as this, functional interiors make work life easier. If your taking on a boardroom makeover project, consider selecting a powered conference room table to take your meeting performance to the next level. Tablet arm chairs will kick functionality into high gear in lobby and reception areas. Last but not least, you can integrate adjustable ergonomic products like monitor arms, articulating keyboard trays, and CPU holders into your work environments to help check functionality off your list of office makeover goals.

3.) Visual Appeal

A well designed and attractive interior will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your business guests, and for that reason, visual appeal is another key goal that should be tackled during any office makeover project. When planning your project, research the latest design trends and visit surrounding businesses for design inspiration. Put a major emphasis on the little details like room aesthetics and accessories. This year office design teams are using modern furniture from collections like Medina, Zira, Verde, and many others to provide top notch appeal. These full service lines from Mayline, Global Total Office and Cherryman Industries, offer excellent private office solutions as well as reception and boardroom products you'll no doubt love!

4.) Comfort

Your space make look great, but if it's uncomfortable, it will likely fall short of a key goal that should be a primary focus of your project. As office comfort starts with the chair, research best selling ergonomic office chairs from brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and even the new iDesk seating collection from Cherryman Industries. In addition to selecting a quality office chair for your space, you'll no doubt want to incorporate helpful ergonomic products to keep you operating at peak performance levels. In the long run, comfort is what it's all about! If you're uncomfortable, fatigue, back pain, and other major health problems can certainly become unwanted guests in your workspace. Start tackling this goal the minute you start your makeover!

5.) Modularity

Modular office furniture is the only way to go! Modular table configurations from lines like the Bungee collection from Global Total Office can be connected to form conference tables as well as separated to form awesome training table layouts. Modular office desks and workstations can be easily added-on to and will help you avoid the cost of purchasing all new furniture when your business needs to expand. Any workplace makeover specialist will tell you that using Modular furniture will save your business time, space, and money over the long term.

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