Monday, July 20, 2015

Workplace Showcase: Ergonomic Interiors

Here at the Office Anything Blog, we love to give our visitors design inspiration, ergonomic tips, and space planning advice. In today's post, we get to provide you with all three! The ergonomic interiors showcased here offer cutting edge features designed specifically to improve productivity, comfort, and efficiency. Let's a take an in-depth look at what makes these spaces the best in the business and share with you the products needed to make a well rounded ergonomic interior for your personal needs.

Mayline VariTask WorkstationFirst up, a modern privacy station from our friends at Mayline! This one user space is outfitted with a height adjustable VariTask workstation that goes up and down at the push of a button. Desks like these promote continuous movement throughout the work day. An adjustable height desk will help reduce fatigue and improve blood flow when working. In addition, this ergo interior boasts a multi functional mesh back office chair that's sure to keep any user sitting pretty. When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, Mayline has you covered. Electronic VariTask stations like this one start at around $1300.00 while Mayline's top new mesh chairs are available in 2015 for around three hundred bucks. Now that's value!

Ergonomic Concepts DeskWhile once thought of as a major task, creating ergonomic executive interiors is now easier than ever. Top furniture manufacturers like Ergonomic Concepts have introduced electronic executive desk solutions that offer high end appeal, cutting edge features, and plenty of storage.

Adjustable Height Executive DeskOur second interior showcases an Ergonomic Concepts desk with L shaped design. At first glance you may be thinking, this is just a good looking office desk. What makes it ergonomic? Then in a flash, this executive workstation raises to standing height in seconds. Shoppers will love the variety of attractive finish options and accessories available for Ergonomic Concepts adjustable height executive desks. Base units are available for as little as $1699.99 in 2015.

Systematix Workstation
Simple yet sophisticated! That's the name of the game for the ergo committed team and Systematix. While the third interior showcased in today's post may lack the room accents commonly seen in modern work environments, this space is all about business! The high tech ergonomic configuration shown here includes a sit to stand workstation and plenty of user friendly accessories from Systematix. The rail mounted monitor ensures users operate at eye level with their computer screen. The locking CPU holder is mounted directly underneath the desk surface for convenience and security. Last but not least, a rail mounted lamp is positioned directly to the right of the computer screen to shed some extra light on those important tasks you'll no doubt encounter throughout the workday.

Ergonomic Accessories
If a sit to stand desk isn't for you, there are still plenty of great ways to go ergo. Our fourth space has them all! This modern interior from Global Total Office is outfitted with an Alero series high back office chair with mesh back and headrest. If you're looking for the ultimate sitting experience, these chairs are hard to beat! In addition, this space is outfitted with a clamp mount single screen monitor arm designed to increase usable desk space and improve operational versatility. The adjustable footrest seen below the desk surface is great for taking pressure of the knees while the articulating keyboard tray makes computing at the proper angle a breeze. A laptop stand and CPU holders can be seen on both sides of this office space to provide additional ergonomic benefits. This interior single handedly shows the 5 most popular ergonomic office accessories on the market in 2015. The monitor arm, keyboard tray, footrest, CPU holder, and laptop holder should all be considered for professional work environments! Most are available for $150.00 and under!

Last but certainly not least, a super cool benching configuration! As collaborative work environments have become more popular than ever, industry leading brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions are steadily in search of innovative ways to improve comfort and productivity in these trendy work atmospheres. In this interior, we are immediately drawn to the modern appeal provided by the bright green ergonomic task chairs. Looking a bit further you'll quickly notice the multi screen monitor mounts from ESI. These adjustable units help users save time when computing and greatly improve the operating experience. Wether you're looking to create a single or multi user benching stations like this one, look no further than ESI for your ergonomic accessories!

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