Tuesday, August 25, 2015

7 Office Survival Tips You Need To Know!

Office Survival Tips
Life in the office can be tough if you're not prepared. Discomfort and fatigue can greatly hinder your work day if your not ready. Luckily, we're here to help! In today's post we'll share 7 useful office survival tips that are guaranteed to improve your work day and have you operating at peak performance levels. Be safe out there!

1.) Create A Daily Plan

Every good work day starts with a plan, and if you want to survive in the workplace, you'll need one of your own. When you arrive at work, take a moment to sit down at your desk and write out a list of daily goals. Prioritize your goals based on importance and put estimated competition times on them if possible. As the day goes on you'll be able to effectively stay on track. You'll even get a little motivational boost each time you cross a daily goal off your list.

2.) Keep Back In Contact With Chair

If you want to survive life in the office, you'll need to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times when sitting. Hunching over and away from you chair back provides exactly zero ergonomic benefits. Leaning forward to type will leave your back unsupported and susceptible to some really serious health risks over the long term. Adjust the angle of your office chair back to ensure you are sitting upright and posture perfect when working. Trust us! It will make a major difference in your productivity, health, and daily comfort.

3.) Keep Feet Flat On Ground When Working

Do you use the base of your office chair as a foot rest? Do you cross your feet when computing? These are bad habits that directly relate to poor posture, fatigue, and nothing good! To work efficiently over the long term, you'll want to operate with your feet facing forward and flat on the ground. Having trouble getting to this position? Try adjusting your chair height. If that doesn't work, consider using an ergonomic foot rest at your desk. No matter what, avoid bad feet habits in the workplace. You'll be far better prepared for survival if you do.

4.) Avoid Extended Sits

Sitting for long periods of time can actually reduce your life span. Extended sits make you more susceptible to poor posture as the longer you stay seated, the more likely you are to become fatigued. When fatigue strikes, you loose focus. When you loose focus, bad habits tend to take over! Be sure to take short breaks every hour. Stand up from your workstation and stretch. Take a short walk, grab a healthy snack, or have a cold beverage. Anything! Just be sure to get up from your desk once an hour to avoid extended sits.

5.) Reduce Eye Strain

While it sounds minimal, eye strain can be a real productivity killer. If you wear glasses or contacts, you've got to be prepared to fight eye strain every day. Even workers with perfect vision can suffer from eye strain if their not careful. To put it simply, staring at a computer screen for long periods of time is bad for your eyes. To fight back, raise the height of your monitor to ensure you're not looking down when you type. You want to compute looking straight forward with your monitor at eye level. In addition, consider integrating an ergonomic monitor arm into your space. With extensive adjustment capabilities an ergonomic monitor arm will allow you to move your computer screen into the proper position with ease. You'll be able to move your screen closer or further away to meet the needs of any task. Lastly, be sure to look away from your computer screen regularly. This will allow your eyes to properly adjust and relax, thus reducing long term strain.

6.) Stay Organized

The best office survivalists will tell you, staying organized is a must! You simply can't allow your desk surface to become littered with sticky notes, pens, thumb tacks and other fodder. Proper organizing starts with good habits. Make the last ten to fifteen minutes of every day a cleaning period. Take this time to reorganize your file cabinet and clean off your desk before rushing out of the office. This will ensure you start the next day on the right track!

7.) Improve Blood Flow

Another big key to effective office survival is blood flow. Working in improper positions such as those listed above will greatly reduce blood flow. Poor blood flow can lead to cramps and much worse over the long term if you're not careful. The best way to fight back is with continuous body movement and proper working posture. A sit to stand ergonomic desk and or keyboard tray is a great place to start. While these cutting edge products will come at a high cost, they'll have you ready for anything your work day can throw at you. In addition, place a posture reminders chart at your desk. Studies have shown that this simple practice yields amazing results

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