Friday, August 7, 2015

Here's What Zira Can Do For You!

The Global Total Office Zira collection is ready to service your most important interiors. This full service line includes the personal workstations, conference tables, reception stations, open desking layouts, and innovative storage solutions needed to take office environments to the next level. In today's post we'll share just what this incredible line can do for you and your business. Enjoy!

Zira Can Update Your Personal Office Space!

Zira Workstation

The Zira collection includes a wide variety of executive style office desks that will no doubt earn your personal workspace the compliments it deserves. With an extensive lineup of components, creating U shaped desks, corner desks, and L shaped desks to fit your space is easier than ever. Zira desks can be enhanced with unique handle pulls and finish options at no charge.

Zira Can Power Up Your Conference Room!

Zira Conference Table

The powered conference room table solutions available from the Global Total Office Zira collection are the best in the business. Zira conference tables are available in racetrack, rectangular, and boat shaped variations to meet your individual design preferences. Choose from a variety of sizes and customizable power modules equipped with three prong outlets, HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and USB input options. Larger tables can be equipped with multiple daisy chained modules that only require a single plug in to work effectively. While many of the top powered table lines are a bit confusing to spec, Zira makes it easy to take your conference room to the next level. The tables from this best selling line are also incredibly affordable by industry standards!

Zira Can Create Stunning Guest Welcoming Areas!

Zira Reception Desk

The reception desks from the Zira furniture collection are absolutely stunning. These custom stations can be configured in rectangular, L shaped, and U shaped variations. Need to accommodate multiple receptionists? No problem! Two person stations are available to met your needs. All of Global's laminate finish options are available on the Zira reception desk line. If you want to let your individual personality shine and stand apart from the competition, consider going with a unique two tone finish combination at no additional charge. Rest assured, Zira reception desks are high end and incredibly impressive. These welcome stations are no doubt 2015's best.

Zira Can Help You Leave The Cubicle Behind!

Zira Open Desking

Tired of the traditional cubicles taking up space and cluttering up your work floor? You're not alone! Luckily brands like Global Total Office have the perfect solution. Open desking configurations encourage collaboration and team interactions in the workplace. While open desking layouts lack a bit of the privacy found with classic cubicles, they make up for it with high tech benefits like surface level power modules. Zira's open desking components can be utilized to create workstations both small and large. Accommodate two users or fifty, the choice is yours. Need help with space planning? No problem. Provide your dealer with the dimensions of your space and they'll be happy to work with Global's design team to create a functional layout for your specific needs and space requirements.

Zira Can Keep You Organized!

Zira File Cabinets

No workspace is complete without the right combination of office storage products needed to keep you well organized and operating at your best. Global recently upgraded the Zira line with the addition of lateral file cabinets, padded storage benches that double as chairs when needed, desk pedestals, and much more. The overhead hutch units from the Zira collection can be used to provide additional organizing space without sacrificing valuable floor space. In the conference room, Zira wall cabinets can be used to house important stationary and presentation materials. Needless to say, this line does it all.

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