Friday, August 21, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Circuit by Ergo Contract Furniture

Not all office chairs are created equal! The new Cirucit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture is in a league of it's own. These high end mesh chairs offer unmatched form and functionality. In today's post we'll review the new Circuit chair and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!


Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair Review

At first glance the CET 1 Circuit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture will wow you with it's modern design characteristics. These super stylish seating solutions offer a unique look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. Plug the Circuit into your work space and you'll be instantly turning heads and earning your interior the compliments it deserves. With it's white frame and charcoal mesh seating surfaces, the Circuit boasts a contemporary look that's backed up by great ergonomic features.


Office Chair Review

The CET 1 Circuit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture features a high tensile mesh back that adjust in height to provide users with the ultimate sitting experience. The adjustable lumbar provides excellent support for the back while the height adjustable arms make finding the posture perfect computing position a breeze. Circuit chair backs go up and down to provide users with the support they need, when the need it. A padded waterfall style seat is also standard and helps relieve knee pressure and increase blood flow when sitting. Unique button less arm adjustments, tilt tension and tilt lock controls combine to make the CET 1 Circuit task chair one of the most user friendly seating solutions on the market.


Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair - Front View

This awesome new office chair can be used nearly anywhere! The Circuit was designed specifically for computing and tasking applications. These intensive use chairs are built to keep you comfortable and at peak performance levels even during those long days at the office. If you're creating a modern executive office or conference room, the Circuit is a great option. With it's high back design and ample dimensions, the Circuit is great for most any body type. There's really no limit to what you can do with these chairs.


Modern Office Chair

At just $415.99, the Circuit task and computer chair is an absolute bargain. Many of today's top office chairs offer half the adjustable features and cost nearly twice as much. The Circuit is sure to end 2015 on our "best buys" list and should be highly considered by any shoppers looking to upgrade to an excellent chair that won't break the bank. To make a long story short, the CET 1 Circuit chair provides a lot of bang for the buck!

Final Thoughts:

Circuit Chair - Rear View 

We give the Circuit chair 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ergo Contract Furniture has made a huge impact on the ergonomic seating world with this cutting edge chair. The Circuit is affordably priced and packs a major comfort punch that's sure to appreciated by any user. We gave a half star deduction based on the fact that there is really only one color option currently available. We'd like to see the folks at ECF expand the Circuit collection to include cool mesh back and frame color combinations for shoppers looking to showcase a little personality in the workplace. That being said, these are still awesome chairs and we highly recommend them!

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